Stupid Game Show Answers - Risqué Business (Guest Video)

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 10.09.2008

[SGSA theme music]
[Bob]: 25 point boner. Girls, on what night of the week...
[Audience laughs]
Stop! [Laughs] Stop!
...five answer. The reason a young man would wanna marry Martha Stewart, number five:
[Ding] [John laughs]
[Audience applauds]
He's gay! Woah, OK!
...question. Name a children's story about an animal.
[Audience laughs]
[Buzzer] You rang?
David and Goliath.
[Audience laughs]
[Bill]: Where would you like to go?
I'd like to go to P, Bill.
[Bill]: OK.
Not really.
[Audience laughs]
No comment, Bill.
I don't have a can back here.
[Audience laughs]
[Host]: Got a boyfriend? Oh, I'm sorry!
[Audience laughs and jeers]
I was just trying to get off the subject of schools!
I'm sorry Michael. I... F-f-forgive me.
A girlfriend, have you got a girlfriend?
No, I'm gay.
[Audience laughs and applauds]
I'm a very happy little fella myself, actually!
[Bob]: Gentlemen, what is your favorite amphibian?
[Bob]: Yeah, right, Ron. It's your turn to go first, so we'll try you.
Uh...favorite amphibian?
[Bob]: Yeah, what's your favorite amphibian?
Uh, my wife.
[Audience laughs]
[Jack]: What do you call a female peafowl?
A female who?
[Audience laughs]
What, what, ah...what do you...I don't know, you may call it something. What do you call a female peafowl? P-E-A-F-O-W-L.
[Ding] Peacockus?
[Audience laughs]
[SGSA theme music]
Which is somewhere in New Jersey! Peacockus, New Jersey!