Dracula (9/10) Movie CLIP - Dracula and Van Helsing (1931) HD

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[ Dracula ] Van Helsing.
Now thatyou have learned whatyou have learned,
it would be well foryou to return to your own county.
l prefer to remain...
and protect those whom you would destroy.
You are too late.
My blood now flows through herveins.
She will live through the centuries to come,
as l have lived.
Should you escape us, Dracula,
we know how to save Miss Mina's soul, ifnot her life.
lfshe dies by day.
But l shall see that she dies by night.
And l will have Carfax Abbey torn down stone by stone,
excavated a mile around.
l will find your earth box and drive that stake through your heart.
Come here.
Yourwill... is strong,
Van Helsing.
More... wolfsbane?
More effective than wolfsbane, Count.
[ Snarls ]