How to Edit HTML | Treehouse Quick Tip

Uploaded by gotreehouse on 25.09.2012

Hi, I'm Nick. In this Treehouse quick tip we're going to learn how to edit HTML.
Before i tell you what we should do,
let's go ahead and go over what we shouldn't do.
Make sure that you don't edit your HTML
in a word processing application like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages
or Google Docs.
These programs add special formatting that's invisible to you and me, but will
not play nice with a web browser.
These days, most web designers and developers use what's called a
"text editor"
This is a type of program that allows you to edit documents in plain text, just
as they are.
Let's look at a few popular ones.
if you're using a PC
and you're on Windows, you can actually get started with notepad - which is
included with your operating system.
If you're on a Mac,
you can use TextEdit.
If you do use TextEdit, be sure that you go up to the format menu,
and then you click on a
"Make Plain Text" before you actually go to save your document.
This will ensure that there is no rich formatting included with your plain text.
a really great text editor for beginners
and advanced users alike
is Sublime Text 2.
It's available for Windows, Mac,
and Linux.
you can go to
and then download the installer
that's appropriate for your operating system.
Once you've installed Sublime Text 2
it will look something like this.
If you try sublime and you like it, then you can go ahead and pay for a license.
By default, most text editors will want to save the file as a text file, or a
.txt file
However, when you save your files with the intention of creating an HTML
webpage, you want to save them with the .html file extension.
If you'd like to see more advanced videos and tutorials like this one,
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