[ENG SUB] M.I.B (엠아이비) MUST Interview

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Hello we are M.I.B
Their names are very clever
5zic, Kangnam, Sims, and Cream
How did you get these names?
The three of us are rappers and we had these names from before
Kangnam's name was chosen by our President
oh, the president
Did you liked the name Kangnam?
At fist I was like what's wrong with president?
but then, What was it?
My real name is Yasuo. It is a Japanese name.
That is why its Kangnam
Kangnam came from Japan
How long has it been since you arrive from Japan?
One year
ah...one year
I'm good (speaking Korean)
[His laught :-D]
yes, it good. What did you use to do in Japan?
I was in a band.
You were in a band.
I think I met you in Japan
yes, hello hyung-nim
I'm right?
Yes, in 2008 hyung was in Japan
We greeted each other and everyone ate together
but at that time I had debuted in Japan
Hyung told me work hard and come to Korea
So now I'm here
oh..I'm glad
What have you been learning?
the 응/은 (sound similar). I'm studying alot.
Kangnam hyung is doing well but he has trouble
Its Kangnam but it sounds like Kanainida
[MC: Japanese have problems with 은 sound . I have a friend who's wife is the same etc.]
You are studying alot
yes, I'm studying alot
What do you find diffucult?
[Tongue twister]
I wil do my best
I will study Korean alot
[ajussi's talking..]
Tiger JK produce the group
Did you feel any preasure?
At first no
we have been working really hard
Eventhoug you are Tiger JK first group
There's no preassure.We just continue to work hard to make the hyung's proud
oh..very cool
[Today is music you want to hear in Winter]
Their is a hip hop singer, Lil' Wayne. I went to watch his concert.
Cream, what part of the U.S are you from?
I'm from Daejun
I thought he was from the states
[Because he was talking about a watching a U.S rapper he thought Cream was from the States, but no he's from Daejun ^^]
What song are you going to sing?
We are singing "Turn Off the TV" In Busan Lessang was having an event and we were the opening act
[The had free time so, they learned the song]
M.I.B will be performing 'Turn off the TV'. This is the first time on TV