The Illuminati: The Tupac Hologram Conspiracy

Uploaded by diggerad on 22.04.2012

Hello, once again i come before you as a representative
of the Illuminati
you may call me, "The Man".
well we've gotten several questions and I'm sure you're all wondering what's
going on uh...
most of them uh... center around the hologram performance of Tupac Shikur
at the uh... coachella festival
this year and uh... a lot of people think that you know Tupsc is alive and
somehow this is, you know, a big
way of bringing him back in the uh... i want to set the record straight.
for all basic purposes Tupac Shikur is dead.
he died some time ago
and uh... you will not be seeing him again
on the other hand he still gets the urge to perform. Ah, now just like Elvis, ah
he just can't fight it you know and uh... i had to stand that uh... Elvis, of
course, he has a that great outlet, Las Vegas where he can go and you can't
throw a brick without hitting at least three Elvis impersonators there so uh...
for a long time he was able to perform until of course he got much much much too old to
do so uh... but for Tupac, we actually had to invent some technology
now of course it had to look lifelike but not exactly. Now, I want you to
know that we can make that look
anyway we want to. The whole blue, you know, kinda transparent light thing
that was more showmanship anything else if we put one of those holograms onstage
you wouldn't be able to tell the difference uh... as a matter of fact for one of
those sets snoop dogg himself was a hologram he was actually downstairs
doing other things and uh... then he came back on stage and nobody even knew
that he wasn't uh... he wasn't even there
so uh... yet the blue thing that's kind of cool and stuff but
and uh... i'd like to take the opportunity to thank Johnson for all
the hard work he's done on this particular
matter. Johnson is, without a doubt, my right arm he is uh... he is the best
I tell you, I... I've never had
someone in my organization that works as hard as Johnson that is as creative as
Johnson and I want to thank him publicly because
without his............What's going on here? Johnson?
Oh, sorry...uh, rest well, breathe deeply, chemtrails. Johnson!