Gundarr - A-Shuckin' and A-Hivin' (Ep #8)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 17.04.2012

[Toddy:] Nyuh-hu-hu-hu! Greggers! Are you paying attention?
I'm not casting evil spells out here for my friggin' health!
[Greggers:] I sure am, Mr.Todd sir.
I've got my "How to be an Evil Wizard" checklist right here.
All right then, stupid.
Try and keep up, huh?
[Greggers:] Evil.
[Toddy:] Bazam! [Greggers:] Evil.
[Toddy:] Bzap! [Greggers:] Evil.
[Toddy:] Nyuh-hu-hu- Ooh-hoo-hoo!
Greggers, you are in for a treat today!
Friggin' BEES.
Teamwork and honey make me puke.
(Furious buzzing)
(Loud bang)
[Toddy:] That was totally awesome!
[Greggers:] I guess that's kinda evil.
[Toddy:] I will slit your throat with a rusty turtle
if you don't - WHOA!
[Bee:] Hey, you greasy green maniacs!
Do you have any idea how much spit and paper it takes to make a beehive?
[Toddy:] Well, well, well. What do we have here?
A little hoverin' hottie, Greggers!
[Bee:] Show a little respect!
You are addressing a Queen!
Now put my hive back the way you found it, wizard!
[Greggers:] That doesn't sound it'd be very evil at all.
[Toddy:] Shut it, Greg!
Sometimes you gotta let your OTHER magic wand do the thinking.
[Greggers:] Evil boners? Check.
[Toddy:] So, your majesty. That is a lovely thorax you got there.
It really sets of your proboscis.
[Bee:] I don't have time for your games!
Put. My. Hive. Back!
[Toddy:] Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeah.
But first, how about a little
*kiss kiss*
[Bee:] That's IT!
[Gundarr:] Ha-HA!
Beware Gundarr! The Bee-barian!
(Toddy laughs)
[Toddy:] What the hell are you wearing, Gundarr?
[Gundarr:] Huh? What you mean?
[Bee:] That is the uniform of a General in the Bee Army!
How dare you mock my new boyfriend!
[Gundarr:] You said this half-shirt and puffy leg-warmers
make Gundarr look like a killer bee!
(Toddy and Greggers laugh)
[Toddy:] Oh, it's just us, Gundarr. You look like a real tough-guy.
(More laughing)
[Gundarr:] Stop laughing at Gundarr!
(Toddy laughs harder)
[Gundarr:] Oh, that IT!
Gundarr and bee lady are broken up!
Gundarr looks so fruity in stupid bee costume... [Bee:]Gundarr wait, you do look good!
Come back!
[Greggers:] Hoho, that was SUPER evil.
[Bee:] Say there, you sexy *gulp* disgusting, horrible wizard.
Maybe I was wrong about you.
You catch more flies with honey, after all.
[Toddy:] Oh yeah, sweet thing. I'm as fly as they come.
[Bee:] But before we get to *Ugh!* make out,
I need one teeny, tiny little favor.
[Toddy:] Anything! Anything! Anything you want!
I'm honey in your hands!
[Greggers:] So, is this evil, Mr. Todd?
[Toddy:] No, Greg, it just sucks.
Now spit in my hand!
[Gundarr outtro]