Elias - PART 6 (English subtitles)

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Guess who I just saw! Your son.
Haha, that's very funny.
There he is!
No, your other son, Elias.
Did you talk with him?
About me?
He said you're very nice.
Did you tell him?
Of course I didn't.
But why to keep it as a secret anymore?
He obviously likes you. And same movies than you, like As Good as It Gets.
Why did you talk about it?
He was probably just watched it since he was returning it to the shop.
Have I met my son twice without knowing it?
We got along very well.
Well, I told you that you shouldn't worry about that.
Now just you have to go and get to know him better.
I can't go and mess up his life.
He already likes you. I think he'd be happy.
It was so nice that the whole family lived under the same roof.
Well, I think we'll manage. Especially cos the boys are moving only one floor away.
And we still have our lovely Ida. And Tale.
Ida, are you sure that this arrangement is fine?
You are like a daughter to me. I don't want you --
You've asked about that like hundred times!
Besides, I don't wanna move all the time. And I love to live here.
Yes yes, and I can visit every day.
Hi Cindy! Going for a morning walk?
Mum and her handsome son.
I met my other son too, yesterday. Why didn't you say anything?
When you saw me and Elias together at Amanda, why didn't you say anything?
I... I thought you already knew each other.
I had no idea who he was.
I didn't wanna come ask you questions.
I tried to be discreet.
Thank you about that.
I met Elias earlier in the shop and we noticed we have quite a lot in common.
Yes you do.
Is he asked anything about me? I mean, about his biological mother?
Not a word. But I promise to keep an eye on him about it.
Hi Aleksander, it's your mum.
Your real mum.
I'm sorry we didn't have the time to get to know each other.
There was nothing I could've done to change that.
Please forgive me and be happy, where ever you are now.
I have another son now, who needs love and caring.
OJ is my child, no matter what.
I'm never going to forget you.
My little boy.
What are you doing on my brother's grave?