Peppercorn Sauce Recipe - The Perfect Steak Sauce -

Uploaded by dannynewnun on 21.11.2010

Hey guys, welcome back to Tonight, I’m going to do a couple steaks,
absolutely delicious, I love doing steaks. One of the things I like to do to change it
up, because frankly filet, New York strips, they do get a bit repetitive, but you can
be pretty creative, you can change up the sauce, with what you’re going to do. I’m
going to show you how to do a cream peppercorn sauce today, pretty classic pretty simple
to do. So to make our peppercorn sauce, I just cooked
off a couple steaks in this pan. I’ve got a fair amount of oil and butter left in the
pan, I’m going to dump this out, and then ummm…to remove the excess oil. And then
we’ll come back, the steaks are resting, and we’ll come back and make our sauce.
Alright guys, we’re going to make a peppercorn sauce, cream peppercorn sauce for our steaks.
I just cooked off some steaks in this pan, I’ve got the fond on the bottom you can
see. I’m going to deglaze the pan with a little cognac or brandy works as well. I’m
going to go ahead, now watch out for the flame, like that. It’s perfectly fine, perfectly
normal. You just have to stand back a little bit so you don’t get caught off guard. And
once it flames out like that you want to give it a little scrape to get off all the little
yummy bits off the bottom of the pan. And then let the alcohol reduce I’m going to
let that get down, I probably put in 2 maybe 3 or 4 tablespoons in there. I’m going to
go ahead and add, we’ve got a peppercorn sauce right, so I’m going to go ahead and
add a good amount of fresh ground black pepper in there. And then I’ve also got some stock.
I’ve got some beef stock that I’ve homemade, but there’s no reason you can’t use a
store bought brand, or even chicken stock if that’s all you have here from the store.
I’m going to add that to my brandy as well and let that reduce down a little bit to a
bit thicker syrup. This is probably a 1/3 to a 1/2 cup. Turn the heat up and let these
get down to a thick consistency. We’ll add some cream, add some final seasoning, then
we’ll have our peppercorn sauce. So for our peppercorn sauce we’ve got that
cognac and beef stock mixture reduced at least by half. You can see its thicker now. I don’t
know if you can pick up essentially the line that we started reducing was about here, we’re
down to about here. And you see, it’s just got a much thicker, syrupy, more syrupy texture
to it. You should be able to see the pieces of peppercorn floating around in there. If
not you can absolutely go ahead and add a little bit more. Now, the sauce like that
is a little bit intense. So what we do, classically, is thin it out a little bit with some cream.
So I’m going to go ahead and add almost half, almost, half to do 2/3s the liquid that
is in there, and then we’re going to reduce it again by about ½. And as that reduces
it’s going to thicken up and form the…form the consistency we want for our steak.
So as you’re reducing down your cream sauce here, the peppercorn cream sauce, you going
to get all these bubbles. Totally normal. It’s pretty hard to tell the thickness while
it’s bubbling like that. So just go ahead and pull it off the flame, give it a little
stir and the bubbles will subside, and you can get a truer measure of what the thickness
looks like. I also like to scrape down the sides a little bit and incorporate that into
the sauce. This looks just about done. Alright, so I’ve got my peppercorn cream
sauce finished. You want to get a nice consistency. You know something that holds its texture
like that when you run your finger across it like that. You want to make sure it tastes
good and is well seasoned. I happened to cook a New York Strip with it. You can go ahead
and serve that pepper corn sauce right over the top. Do a little drizzle, get a little
on the plate. Serve this with obviously normal steaks sides and fixings, or right on it’s
own. It’s all delicious and I’ll see you next time on