Rob Riches - Cooking LA Steamed Fish Cookout

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Hi guys and welcome back to Fit Foods with me Rob Riches filmed exclusively for Prozis TV
here in front of the LA downtown skyline.
With summer just coming up around the corner,
what better way to kick off summer than to get cooking with the BBQ,
todays dish is all about quick, easy and nutritious food using only the BBQ.
Lets get started.
What I am going to be making today is basically barbequed fish,
With some good complex carbohydrates, I have got some baby potatoes here
and a selection of vegetables.
Mainly the shitake mushrooms and the asparagus.
We are going to cook all of this on the BBQ
And the way we are going to do this is to,
Pretty much bake and steam it together.
So I am going to start out with some bako foil, or aluminum foil.
And here I have 2 filets of Icelandic haddock
Now you can really switch up the fish and use whatever you want.
If you want to use some cod, haddock even go with some of the fattier fishes such as salmon,
Or mackerel, or trout they all work well and they all cook amazing this way
The good thing about this is they cook using
steam and heat from the BBQ, we don’t need to use any butter, oil or spreads on the pan.
I am going to take a knife,
Slice down the center and now they each have their own foil packet.
So separate these
Now we have got the basic fish there but I am going to use a lemon…
Add a bit of lemon juice onto it
Really enhance it with some natural flavor there without any of these additives
that so many foods now are beginning to use
A little bit of cracked pepper.
And an orange, actually we are going to use the zest from an orange.
So I have a cheese grater and I am going to use the smallest grating side.
Just grate some of that orange.
This is one of those combinations that you may not think
works, but actually if you give it a try it turns out beautifully.
I am going to do about half the skin of this medium sized orange.
Look at the colors of that too.
If you are anything like me and you like your food to be well presented,
this a sure fire way
To turn what is basically, quite a,
well I don’t want to call it a cheap food but
its certainly something you can pick up in any good grocery store,
its certainly not a specialty food
You can buy these frozen like I did or buy them fresh from the fish monger
and really, really transform the flavor.
But still keep all of that nutritious protein and very low in fat
and very low in carbohydrates, zero carbohydrates.
So we have got the orange peel on there. Black pepper and the lemon
I am going to add a little bit more flavor with,
these 2 ingredients, we have some fresh basil and some parsley.
Kind of pick out a couple of the big leaves
and we can always remove these once cooked, but they really
add some flavor to the fish so I am just going to tear them out
and just lay them down
and the same with the parsley.
Now while I am doing this let me tell you a little bit about fish and the nutrition benefits of eating fish.
And they really are, it’s a very high protein, low fat food.
Getting about 20/25g depending on the fish of protein, complete protein.
Which means it contains the full array of,
essential amino acids, that our bodies and especially the muscles need
to be able to renew and regenerate and recover after those strenuous workouts.
Low in cholesterol and zero carbohydrates so pretty filling with that protein.
And we are keeping our calories down low. So if you are on a fat loss diet
and of course with summer coming up who isn’t going to be?! This is going to be a perfect dish.
Nearly done, we have got the orange there.
Take some of this thyme and add that as our final herb
Alright, before we wrap that up…
I am going to take a few stalks of these asparagus
Slice off the ends.
Which are usually the tougher, more fibrous parts of the vegetable.
I am going to lay these down 2 or 3 each side,
we are actually going to steam these either side of the fish
Just a few more.
This is such a great dish to cook, very quick, very nutritious
and what better way than to celebrate the scenery here in Los Angeles than to cook outside
Now one more thing I am going to add
I am going to take the orange and I am going to cut several slices out from it.
Again I am going to use this to pretty much marinade the fish
therefore we really are recycling and making the use of all of our ingredients.
Cut that in half, place half there and half there.
You know another great herb that we could use? Mint
Play around with different spices, herbs
you know we can use some cayenne pepper in there, increasing that Thermogenic effect
We can add some mint on top
you can even add some pear, it doesn’t always have to be a citrus fruit.
Now comes the easy part, I am going to create a pocket
So we are going to fold over there,
hopefully I have used enough if I fold it… yes, look at that. Just covers it.
Then with the ends we fold it like on an envelope,
so corner there, corner there and then roll it up. That locks it in tightly
Same this end.Fold this in, fold. Fold all over and then wrap
That’s our first packet,
lets see if I have done it right for the second packet so… scrunch it together, fold over.
How about that?
And then wrap and roll.
So we fold, wrap and roll.
2 neatly packed, protein dishes there.
I have got the BBQ over here so lets get them on the grill.
Now the BBQ I am using here is a charcoal free one,
this way it just comes from a propane canister
I am not getting any of the kind of toxins coming out from the charcoal
If you do have charcoal,
try adding some wood kind of chipping’s in there to really enhance the flavor as well.
But this way we get all the flavors and the aromatic
kind of senses coming up from the fish
and with orange and herbs in there, we are not going to get any of the direct heat, touching the food.
So this is set at about 450 degrees Fahrenheit and we are going to leave that cooking
for about 10 minutes, no need to turn it over because it steams within that packet.
Meanwhile we will move onto the next portion of the dish
I am going to start off with our greens here, kale.
This is a massively under rated food in my eyes,
Very nutritious, rich in iron.
A lot of essential minerals, in there. I am going to use half a bag
You are probably going to see a lot more of this in use both in our show on Fit Foods
and just generally out and about. People are starting to bake with this now,
use it as a real super green food.
Add that in there as our bed.
Extra virgin olive oil, about 2 tablespoons over
just so it doesn’t get too dry and absorbs some of the healthy fats we have there with olive oil.
Next up, baby potatoes.
Now I thought about this, we could always exchange this for rice or couscous
But every now and again I just want a change and these,
regardless of what people think, not a bad food.
It’s a natural, it’s a root vegetable, we get some good fiber in there too.
And then some mushrooms here
plenty of antioxidants and health benefits associated with these, but
I just like mushrooms.
And the texture as well is really going to help…
Kind of mix in and combine with that of the potatoes
and the kale which is going to basically steam in the BBQ with everything else
Finish off with a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar just over the mushrooms there.
And a couple more shakes of the black pepper
Now we need to create a lid for this to be able to seal in all of those flavors.
I am going to take our foil again
And then just scrunch it around the edges.
try and create as much as an air tight seal as I can
Now of course to cook this on the BBQ you can use
basically a steel or aluminum tray,
but these which you can get from most kind of party places
You know to bring out treats or cook cakes in it is going to work out perfectly.
Then I am going to make 2 incisions
Because although we want to keep that steam it needs to have somewhere
to come out otherwise it’s going to blow up like a big balloon
this goes back under the BBQ and I am going to keep this in there for about 15 minutes
so the fish will come out just a little bit earlier.
I am going make room right there.
Lid goes down
and now all we have to do is wait about 10 minutes,
I am going to check on the fish after a further 5 minutes, just to make sure that it is cooked all the way through.
Which gives me just enough time to clear up
the table here and enjoy the view here in Los Angeles.
The only way to really tell is to take a peek.
Oh beautiful.
Carefully lift these onto there.
Hot! Ok, now for the final test.
Open out the fish.
The great thing about cooking them in these foil packets is
there really is hardly any mess.
Once we are done we just remove the fish and veg and then wrap up
And dispose of the foil. Take the orange off
I don’t know if you can see there, but you can just tell how soft and how tender
the asparagus is. It just breaks apart like that.
So soft and tender. And the fish…
I break it out
Cooked all the way through?!
Lets try it for flavor.
Wow those nuances of the orange peel
and that lemon and the orange flavor from the actual fruit itself…
Really do transform the taste of what basically is just a plain white fish.
Put that to one side. Lets have a look at our kale, mushrooms and potatoes.
Steamed to perfection. I am going to take the fork again.
Mushrooms smell great, lets taste them
You know what really makes a difference? This, balsamic vinegar
When you start using that or the apple cider vinegar here
on many of your dressings, on salads, on meats, on potatoes and mushrooms…
You will no longer need any of these ketchups, or mustards or mayonnaise.
All of these with high additives , with sugar in, with tons of fat.
This right here is calorie free and full of flavor.
That’s fantastic.
There we have it. This is my start to summer, what have you got?
Post your recipes on Prozis Facebook wall,
I will take a peek and if you are one of the lucky ones
who inspire me you might see your recipe up here
with downtown Los Angeles in the background, on later Fit Foods.
I am Rob Riches, you are watching Prozis TV
join me next time when we will look at more quick and easy, great tasting meals
To help you transform your body and get ripped for summer. See you then