How to Make Playdoh, Silly Putty & Colored Noodles : Kneading Finished Playdoh

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

Hi this is Stacey for Expert Village, in this video clip I will show you how to knead the
playdoh. Before you knead the playdoh together you need to make sure to put your gloves on
because the playdoh will be very hot.
Next you need to dump out all the playdoh onto a counter and start kneading it, it will
take a while to knead it to get it the way it needs to, its really hot so be careful.
After 3, 4 minutes of kneading the playdoh it should start to come together and feel
like playdoh, if it isn't like that 3, to 4 minutes then start kneading it for a few