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Hello and welcome! I'd like to begin by congratulating you and your decision to pursue a better quality
of life for you and your family. My name is Caroline and My name’s Larry and we had
the luxury of working from home and being our own boss as Herbalife Independent Distributors.
It's so great to be part of such an incredible company and opportunity. It's our pleasure
to share with you this powerful and dynamic opportunity for discovering financial and
lifestyle freedom. I’m not sure how you got this video today, maybe a family member
or a friend invited you to take a look, maybe he responded to some sort of advertising,
maybe you were surfing the internet, or maybe you already customer on our products and you
simply want to learn more about our company. However you got this video we're glad you're
here, you're about to discover how it's possible to affect two of the most important areas
of your life, your physical health and your financial well-being. And this video is gonna
get you key information about Herbalife's unique products and business opportunity and
the wellness industry in general. You'll also hear from real people who have experienced
results with the products and business opportunity. You maybe looking at this video today because
you're interested in how you can earn a part-time income without disturbing way you're currently
doing or you're looking for a way to lose weight improve your overall health because
you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired or possibly you're looking for a way
to pay down your bills without taking on that second job. Maybe you'd like to generate a
career level income you'll gain control over your financial future and eventually fire
your boss or you might be looking for time freedom many of you are already making enough
money but you're working so hard to make that money you don't have enough time to enjoy
with your family if in any situation sound familiar to you. We have a potential solution
you'll definitely want to pay attention to depending on what you do it this information
this could be the day that can literally changed the course and direction of your life. I say
this because it sure did for us. That’s right Larry. Before I got started as an Herbalife
Independent Distributor, my husband Craig and I were facing bankruptcy due to a failed
jewelry business. I was looking for a way to earn income from home to pay the bills,
to be my own boss, and to have time and financial freedom. A friend shares some information
with me similar to this video you're watching right now and because we paid attention and
did something about it. My husband and I now have the time and the money to do what we
want when we want. Wow! That’s awesome! Before I got started in this industry I had
no prior business background no education and I wondered if this would really be possible
for me. You know I just failed out of college and I was working as a waiter full-time in
fact I was so broke, I didn’t have a car, a computer, or even a bank account. My mom
shared this information with me and now because of this business, my wife and i have created
incredible income and lifestyle working primarily from our home, spending time with their little
girl, and we're just getting started. You see the reason we’re so excited is because
of the industry and company we are with. We're involved in one of the fastest growing industries
in the world and Herbalife international is on the cutting edge in this industry. Herbalifes
provided so many of us with the products and the opportunity that literally changed the
quality of our lives. And what is so amazing to me is that Herbalife was started with one
man's dream and is now a multi-national company. So let’s take a quick look at the strength
and credibility of Herbalife today. Herbalife products are second to none developed by scientists,
doctors, and nutritionist with your personal wellness goals in mind. Products which have
helped millions of people across the globe lose weight, products focused on weight management
and inner and outer nutrition, products that are backed by science. What I like about Herbalife
was that their whole program was really based on scientific background, their whole program
was based on products that worked. Herbalife is right now the number one weight loss and
weight management company in the world and it is also at the same time one of the best
nutrition companies in the world. And with the obesity epidemic spreading to one out
of every two Americans, the opportunity to help his never been greater. I think the marketplace
is really ready for us. We are providing the products that are enabling people to do that
so have a growing marketplace. What’s the buzz right now? It’s wellness. Plain and
simple, it’s wellness. I mean it’s not my pitch, that’s the facts. Everybody needs
these products. People notice the results. As people saw the results that I was getting
based on the products alone, I could not talk about it because everything was going "What
is going on with you?". People take the products, they lose weight. People go “What did you
do?”. I said “I’m doing Herblife, I feel great!” With proven products and a
proven growth industry there has never been a better time to get started. Isn’t that
exciting? Let’s take a look at how all this got started. We like to share with you some
facts about Herbalife and more importantly where we believe it’s headed in the near
future so you can see why there's never been a better time to be an Herbalife Independent
Distributor. In 1980 Mark Hughes founded Herbalife, in 1990 Herbalife in a $138 million dollars
in retail sales, today Herbalife’s a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.
Has millions of satisfied customers taking the products and created billions of dollars
in revenue with business operations in 86 countries around the world. Herbalife’s
now experiencing the fastest growth in the shortest time ever in its history. We believe
its poised for explosive growth because Herbalife has the solution for one of the biggest problems
facing our world today. That’s right Larry! That is why there is a growing need for our
products, the evidence is all around us, people are dragging their feet, complaining about
their energy level, or worrying that their overweight and much of it is due to poor nutrition
and diet. Here's some realities about the overall health of the world's population:
Do you realize that in the US seven out of ten adults and over one billion adult worldwide
are overweight, 70% of doctors visits are due to fatigue, and three hundred thousand
deaths in the US annually are due to poor diet, and inactivity. That is just shocking
to me there is a major epidemic and all of these problems have created one of the fastest
growing industries in the world today. The wellness industry is currently a two hundred
billion dollar industry and that is huge. What's even more exciting is that top economist
predicts that this industry will be a trillion dollars in the next handful of years just
in America this doesn’t even count Europe, Asia, and South America. And good news is
that Herbalife is one of the leaders in this industry and because it's product off a potential
solution to one of the biggest problems in our society and there is such a demand in
the marketplace for these products, there is a tremendous business opportunity for people
who choose to become Herbalife Independent Distributors. Another reason for Herbalife’s
success is because of its incredible management team. We have what we call the dream team,
people with incredible credentials that are ready to take the company further than it’s
ever done in history. To facilitate Herbalife’s rapid growth they needed a top-notch CEO,
one with experience leading a large company to new levels of success. After two years
of interviews and research they finally found the right man for the job, a family man that’s
a sports and nutrition enthusiast, Michael O. Johnson, the former president of Walt Disney
Iinternational is now the CEO of Herbalife. When he made his move over to Herbalife, it
shook Wall Street. Well Larry when I heard that, I thought to myself “If a top-notch
CEO like Michael O. Johnson will be part of Herbalife that must mean I’m with the right
company.” On top of that herbalife scientific and medical advice report is comprised of
some of the top names in medicine, Dr. David Heber, Chairmen of both medical and scientific
advisory at Herbalife International, he is a professor of medicine at David Geffen school
of medicine at UCLA, lecture at UCLA center for human nutrition. There is also world renowned
winner, Dr. Louis Ignarro who was the recipient of 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine. Dr. Mario
Rosemberg, clinical chief of gastrology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Luigi Gratton,
vice president of herbalife medical affairs and education. Dr. Gratton, he's a physician
specialist in family medicine is also a clinical physician at UCLA center for human nutrition.
Now guys when I started this business I was a waiter and a college dropout and I knew
nothing about nutrition what I do know is with these kinds of credentials behind our
products clearly their second to none products that are backed by science develop by doctors,
scientists, and nutritionists. When people use these products, they get results. Caroline,
you know you're a great example this, what happened with you? Well you know Larry before
I started using the Herbalife products I was overweight and tired all the time. I tried
so many things to lose weight like skipping meals and exercising more but the weight just
would not come off and I just felt more miserable. The first day I got on the Herbalife products,
my energy increased dramatically and I didn't need a nap in the afternoon like before. I
lost 20 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size two four, back down to my college figure.
And the best part is that after adding NouriFusion to my daily skin care regimen, people say
I look much younger than I really am, people can't believe I'm over forty! I love it! But
you know what I'm really thankful for is the result that my husband Craig got on the herbalife
products, his nickname was Mr. Sumo, imagine that! I was really concerned with all the
weight he had gained since graduating from college. Craig got on the Herbalife weight
management program 23 pounds in a very short time. We were amazed! Craig went on to lose
a total of 42 pounds! He looks a feels much younger and as a result we're living a much
more active lifestyle all thanks to Herbalife. Well there are several reasons why people
use Herbalife products some use them to lose weight, some use them to gain weight, and
some use them to maintain optimum health. So Larry let’s hear what happened to you
on the products. Sure you know before using these products I was never able to gain weight
no matter what I tried, I tried working out, using different shakes and potions increased
athletic performance in gaining weight but nothing worked. I was amazed when I took the
Herbalife products for the first time because I felt the difference the very first day.
My energy level went through the roof and not only that I gain muscle and lost body
fat. In just six weeks time I gained twelve pounds of muscle, I gained three inches in
my chest, breaches in each arm but I lost two inches from outweighs. I couldn't believe
it! Uh... you know our products fall into three major categories, we have our shape
works weight management programs they could be used for weight loss, weight gain, or just
to maintain a healthy weight next we have our Targeted Health Products which include
products for healthy digestion, bones, cardiovascular health, children, women's and men's solutions,
we also have our amazing anti-aging multivitamins skin-care line, it’s called NouriFusion.
It's unbelievable! One of our premium products is our brand new natural energy drink, Lift-off.
The official energy drink of the association of volleyball professionals.You see the reason
for Herbalife’s successes is because we have products that people want and need. Now
we will like to introduce you to some of our friends and have them share with you the results
they got with Herbalife products. I weighed about 198 pounds, I don’t like to say 200
because it doesn’t sound good. My arms wouldn’t fit into a size 14, 16 shirt so a friend came
over, I threw a party and a friend came over and she looked amazing and we were diet buddies.
Everything she did, I did. I came over and she was in a little vest and I was like “Oh
my god, your arms look amazing, you look great, what did you do?” And she said “You know,
I did Herbalife.” After seeing her results I said “Ok I’m going to try it.” So
I called that Monday and order and got on it and I lost 53 pounds in my first four months.
I just thought it was amazing. Well you know I’m a real doctor and real doctors don’t
do stuff like Herbalife at least that’s what I thought. Uh… boy was that a mistake
and I’m so grateful today that again I had the courage you know to try something I hadn’t
learned about in medical school but something which I knew worked because I'd seen the results
in other people. You know before Herbalife I had a 50 inch waist wore 3 XL shirts. Uh…
I just you know wouldn’t fit in my car and then I got on the products, it was incredible.
I lost 30 pounds in 30 days, I mean I just couldn’t believe it and obviously kept going.
Lost 50 pounds in 3 months and went on to lose 115 pounds. I have a 34 inch waist today,
you know I never dreamed that I could lose the weight and even more importantly keep
it off. You know I still take the Herbalife products, I mean it’s good nutrition why
would I wanna stop taking them because of that I kept the weight off for over 4 years
and I felt great. Well before I got on the products, I was overweight, I was tired all
the time and found myself just sitting on that sofa of watching TV far too often and
when I got on the products I got energy right away and lost seventeen pounds, two dress
sizes, my joints feel fantastic, and I’m 70 years old, I just really feel better than
I did when I was in my 40s. Before I started on the Herbalife products I was an exhausted
mommy, I worked 60 hours a week, I had no energy, and my baby was 2 years old, I still
hadn’t lost all the weight, and so I got on the product, I was able to lose 14 pounds
and a dress size but the best for me was, you know I used to come home from work and
put on a movie so that my kids can watch a movie and I can take a nap and I didn’t
have to do that anymore and then after my at my last pregnancy I lost 37 pounds and
I just feel wonderful. Wow! You can see that Herbalife is a life-changing company these
products could really make a big difference in people's lives because of these great consumable
products that people want and need it that's why we have an incredible financial opportunity.
There's never been a time more right and ready for this company there now though it's done
great in the past we believe it's laid the groundwork for further record growth. Caroline,
share what happened to you with the business. Well Larry, before we found Herbalife, My
husband Craig and I were struggling financially in our wholesale jewelry business, we had
just file for bankruptcy and were being evicted out of our home, we lost our cars, and had
no income whatsoever. I felt like out entire world was falling apart, it was clear that
the plan we were on was not working. When I saw the information about Herbalife, I got
started right away. My first week in the business part-time just learning what to do, I earned
$1,000. I was so excited! I felt like a million bucks then I had the opportunity to attend
a company training, the success training seminar where I learned from successful people in
the business what to do. As a result of the training, getting in position of the marketing
plan so I could maximize my earnings for my time and effort. My first month part-time
I earned over $5,000.Our first calendar year in the business we earned a total income of
$117,000 and the following year our income doubled. It’s so amazing. In just two short
years working our businesses as Herbalife Independent Distributors, we were able to
purchase a brand new home here in California, rebuilding incredible back arrow aces, we
have a swimming, a beach entry, and a waterfall. Now we have 3 cars, the most recent addition
is my beautiful H2 Hummer. My husband recently bought that for me as a Christmas present.
We have been able to travel to so many amazing destinations around the world from pristine
beaches of Hawaii to the grand castles of France we have time and financial freedom
and most importantly with having the time of our lives and you know what is the beauty
of it all? It's not because we're special. Our successes is really due to the incredible
Herbalife products, the company, and the training system that is available we're really just
ordinary people with a short opportunity in which we applied ourselves and as a result
we're now living an incredible quality of life. Larry how about you? What happened to
you in the business? Well before Herbalife I was a waiter, I didn't know if I could make
this work but I was willing to give it a shot, after going to one of our amazing success
training seminars, I was blown away. I earned $420 in my first 10 days. After only four
months I had tripled my waiter income earning over $3,000 working this business part-time.
I was able to fire my boss and I’ve never had a real job since. In the first year of
working this business full time, we earned over $100,000 profit. My wife Heather and
our baby girl, we haven't unbelievable lifestyle that includes working from home, having time
with family, and vacations many people only dream of. We've been on an all expense paid
vacation to Jamaica, Maui, Honolulu, and many places in the Caribbean. In fact our baby
girls probably been the most will travel two year old in history, she had her first trip
to Maui by ten weeks old. And when I started with this business guys, I didn’t even have
a car. I was riding a bicycle to and from my job now we drive a jeep grand cherokee
and a mercedes e-class thats a whole lot better than ride a bike I'll tell you that. We don’t
tell you this to impress you with us but to impress upon you that if a waiter and a college
dropout can achieve this kind of success so can you. And Herbalife has the plan. You may
be wondering how someone like me college dropout, a waiter with no business experience can make
this type of income. How does it work? You’re probably asking. Well lets go ahead and show
you Herbalife’s marketing plan. My name is Meg, it’s my pleasure to show this incredible
marketing plan. When you get registered, you start as an Herbalife Independent Distributor
with a 25% discount or profit on your products. As a distributor when you sell a hundred dollar
program you'll make $25 some folks consider themselves wholesale buyers and are getting
their own products at this discount. That's how we got started. My husband Paul had no
intentions of doing Herbalife. He was an options trader on Wall Street and at the time he owned
two businesses but started on the products, he lost 5 pounds and people wanted products.
Our sponsor told him with four customers as a distributor, you earn enough profit to get
your own product for free and that's the only reason Paul got signed up. He went on to lose
40 pounds. Just to tell you my story i'm trained as a registered pediatric nurse and was totally
skeptical i didn't think i had weight to lose but when i tried the product i felt energy
right away i dropped 5 pounds two full dress sizes and my health conditions improved. At
48 I achieved an eight level gold medal in figure skating and now at 51, I can run 2
and a half miles faster now than as a two sport college athlete. We absolutely love
our results on these products. You may want to be like Paul as a distributor making 25%
discount. Paul covered the cost of his $100 program because he had for other people that
got that hundred dollar program he made $25 on each, it’s easy 4 times 25 is 100. Paul
like Larry also got to the 42% discount known as Success Builder. They got to this level
and both profited $420 when they sold their product going back to that example of the
hundred dollars sale for the same amount of effort in time as a Success Builder, you make
$42 profit. I'd like to spend some time explaining the Supervisor level, it is the highest discount
for profit level in Herbalife’s marketing plan 50%. On that same one hundred dollars
sale as a supervisor you make $50. You double your earning power going from Distributor
to Supervisor. A second benefit at this level is the highest wholesale profit it makes sense
if you're a fifty percent when your distributor at the twenty five percent level makes a hundred
dollars they profit twenty five dollars and because you're at the 50% level, you get the
difference twenty five dollars as wholesale profit for us. Still in our first moth in
business Paul needed more products for people we got so that fifty percent supervisor level
and profited just under two thousand dollars. A third advantage and most exciting benefit
of the supervisor position is royalty overrides. Like a recording artist or group, every time
their album, cd, or song is sold, they make royalties in Herbalife Supervisions become
eligible for royalties too. At the Supervisor level, Paul and I made an extra $20,000 our
first year which grew to $30,000 our second year in business. Actually our part-time Herbalife
business was the only thing going right for us financially. Paul’s other businesses
had failed, we had lost everything we had worked for for 30 years. Wiped out savings
and our retirement accounts. There was a lien on the house, huge debts, and financial ruin.
Looking back i can honestly say that bankruptcy was the best thing that happened to us because
it had us focused on Herbalife. We understood how we could change our financial situation
we saw the power of royally overrides let me show you. You’re at the 50% Supervisor
level and you sponsor Jen who becomes a supervisor she's on your first level and lets say Jen
does 10,000 in business in a month, Herbalife will pay you five percent on jenn's business
a royalty override for five hundred dollars. If Jen a supervisor sponsors Dan on your second
level lets say Dan does 5,000 in business, Herbalife will pay you five percent of two
hundred and fifty dollars to both Jen and to you and if Dan sponsors a supervisor John
on your third level who does ten thousand dollars Herbalife will pay five percent or
$500 to Dan, to Jen, and to you. In this example herbalife we'll send you a statement 23:14and
a royalty override check for one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars and you don’t
even know Dan or John they may be a different countries it doesn't matter Herbalife will
track all of that and send you the check. Herbalife pays five percent royalty overrides
on your first three levels of Supervisors and you can have as many supervisors as you
want. The marketing plan doesn't stop there the fourth area and income is production bonuses
an additional two four six percent respectively. It's truly unbelievable. Here's an example
of how with this marketing plan and the power of duplication you can create wealth. When
you sell products your sales are measured in volume points. When you serve about twenty
customers your business does approximately twenty five hundred volume points monthly.
You find three people to do the same and you teach them to find twenty customers who do
twenty five hundred volume points. You teach those people in your first level to each fight
three people that's 2nine on your second level and you teach your second level to do the
same that would be twenty seven people on your third level and here are the numbers.
Your first level three people at twenty five hundred is seven thousand five hundred your
second level nine people at twenty five hundred is twenty two thousand five hundred and your
third level twenty seven people at twenty five hundred is sixty seven thousand five
hundred totaling ninety seven thousand five hundred volume points in business on your
first three levels and Herbalife will pay you five percent of wealthy overwrite plus
four percent production bonus add retail and wholesale business you could be making approximately
a hundred thousand dollars a year and you only found three people. Paul and I went to
work finding and teaching people how to duplicate what we were doing and this is exactly what
happened for us. Because of this marketing plan that first year out of bankruptcy we
were able to make eighty thousand dollars. We never look back. We were able to pay off
our debts and three years later our monthly income 25:09rose to twenty seven thousand
dollars. We live the life of our dreams around our family it saved our home, we vacation
with our family in Rhode Island, we were able to purchase investment property, and vacation
around the world, sailing in the Caribbean, Hawaii countless times, and dream come true
three weeks in Athens for the Olympics. Remember your level of success using the marketing
plan determines your income. I worked really hard before in laboring type of positions
and I worked and on Friday I got my paycheck and when started telling me I can make money
outside of what I actually do from other people’s efforts it was a hard thing for me to really
understand and when they started sharing all these other instances I went crazy. I said
this is unbelievable and when I really got it, I just went out and did the deal. It was
J. Paul Getty he said he’d rather have 1% of 100 people instead of 100% of one person.
When i got started my first day actually on four hundred twenty dollars and from there
people started getting results on the products they started sharing it with other people
and people started getting involved in the business with me and that's started to grow
and actually by the end of my first year i turned over a hundred nine thousand dollars
and then that's when i met Maime and I was registered nurses working the night shift
and on as a nurse i was actually bringing home a that eighteen hundred dollars a month.
When i got started on this products I got such great results that I made a thousand
extra dollars in my first month and that really made such a huge different to me because that
was lifestyle money I mean that was extra savings you vacation that type thing so I
kept working my business part-time got my part-time income to about $3,000 a month while
I was still nursing full-time and then that’s when I quit nursing all together and started
working the business with Trey. And then once we started working the business full-time
and with each other, it’s been amazing what’s happened to our income. Last month we were
over $20,000 and we don’t say that to try to impress anybody but to impress upon them,
if we can do that working out of our home here in a small town in Mississippi anybody
can do it. Wow! Those income results are incredible! This is what we know, we are at the right
time, at the right place with the right company. The products are in place, the marketing plan
is in place the only variable here it is you. How much you want to get out of it, is entirely
up to you and the good news is regardless of your background, your education, or the
language you speak. Whether you’re a college student or a college dropout none of that
matters. What does matter is that you have a burning desire to change your life learn
some new skills and as long as you're willing to work, Herbalife has a blueprint for success.
All you need to is to plug into Herbalife’s success proven system and follow a step-by-step
action plan along with your coach and utilized all the tools available to you. Herbalife’s
not looking for everybody. Only for people who want to make a difference in their lives
right now, people who are ready to take control of their lives and get out of the rat race,
people who are ready to improve their quality of life there are basically three types of
people herbalife is looking for what you need to do next is get back to the person who gave
you this video and let them know which one you are. Just tell them A, B, or C. Category
A is someone who might be saying you know on quite happy with my financial situation
right now I have an incredible quality of life so i don't need the extra income but
the product sound great i'd like to feel better, be healthier i want to get started on the
products right away. Category B is someone who might be saying you know the product sound
great and i'd like to start a small business turn an extra five hundred to fifteen hundred
dollars a month part-time without disturbing what i'm currently doing. Category C you might
be saying wow everything sounds great i like the products and would like to start a big
business that can generate a career level income or more twenty five hundred a ten thousand
dollars a month i want to control my financial future I want time and financial freedom.
You make the choice! Are you A, B, or C? Well one final note before we go think about this
think about how your plan is working right now a question was asked of me when i got
starting in this industry. They asked me “Caroline, how long have you been working?” And I said
“15 years.” They asked me how much money I had in the bank. At the time it was 0. We
had just filed for bankruptcy then they said if you don't change a thing how much money
will you have in the bank ten years from now just take that dollar figure you have in the
bank and multiply it by two. Wow, I thought zero times to is still a zero. That was the
moment i knew i had to make a change so how about you what is that dollar figure look
like and how does it make you feel? Would you have provided the life that you and your
family had dreamt about and deserve, if the answer is no. Our advise to you is to get
back to the person who give you this video, they will show you how to get started with
Herbalife and begin to imagine the possibilities you driving a car that you want to drive,
you living in the house of your dreams, spending quality time with the family, supporting your
favorite charities, and doing the things you love to do it like traveling the world this
could be the vehicle to take you there.So take the next step. Contact the person who
gave you this video and let them know if you are A, B, or C. We wish you much success and
chase your dreams of passion thank you for being with us and welcome to Herbalife! This
is an opportunity that gives you a chance to make money part-time, it gives you a chance
to build a career full-time. You’re the one who’s going to make that decision. The
opportunity, it’s out there but it’s up to you. Herbalife we've started a revolution
and we're looking for people like you to discover a better life. I couldn’t imagine being
any other place at any other time than right now it’s a really really exciting time now.