20050321 TVXQ Learning Basic Japanese (w/English subtitles)

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March 2005, At last, Korea's super vocalist group seriously begins their career in Japan!
Viewers of Onryu...
Good evening, we're Tohoshinki.
shimasu, shite shite [verb: to do]
sanpo shimasu, sanpo shite
sanpo shimasu, sanpo shite
Do you know which way is "hidari"? [hidari = left]
isoide kudasai [please hurry up]
migi, hidari [right, left]
Tohoshinki undertakes the lesson earnestly
matte kudasai
chotto matte kudasai [please wait a moment]
Please show me your heart.
Lesson in conversation between fellow members
I dislike you.
Do you like me?
No, not really.
Ah, is that so?
Not really.
Cute! You're still young.
I did not understand the teacher's heart?
[JAEJOONG (HERO)] Good evening! I'm Tohoshinki's Jaejoong.
I want to perform on the Dome Tour.
[CHANGMIN (MAX)] Good evening, I'm Tohoshinki's Changmin.
I'll do my best.
[YOOCHUN (MICKY)] Good evening, I'm Tohoshinki's Yoochun.
I want to become an artist who would leave an impression on the Japanese music scene.
kikimasu..haitte [verbs: to listen, to enter]
Lesson with song parodies that the Japanese teacher created
The second group is tabetete nete, okite, kaite misete itte. [verbs: to eat, to sleep, to get up, to write, to show, to go]
The lyrics are silly.
The second group is tabete nete, okite, kaite mite itte.
The third group is shite, kiite [verbs: to do, to listen]
[JUNSU (XIAH)] Good evening, I'm Tohoshinki's Junsu.
I want to try doing a solo concert.
[YUNHO (U-KNOW)] Good evening, I'm Tohoshinki's U-Know.
I want to steal the hearts of Japanese fans with our singing.
suwarimasu [verb: to sit]
isogimasu [verb: to hurry]
Fourth time.
Lots of mistakes.
ai.. aite?
kiite, giide
kitte! [verb: to cut]
yomimasu [verb: to read]
Which group?
Members learning by playing games
that's machimasu! [verb: to wait]
The first group...aite!
One more time?
atte! atte!
Yes, okay.
Teacher! I...I...
tsukemasu [verb: to put on]
Second group...tsukete
First group.
isogimasu [verb: to hurry]
He said suite!
I said sutte!
Okay, okay.
Such kind members.
hiroi, semai [wide, narrow]
That's good.
It looks like it won't be long before they master Japanese
shinde, asonde, nonde [verbs: to die, to play, to drink]
Our 'arrival in Japan' commemoration single HUG [International Ver.]
Please listen to it!!
To aid their activities in Japan, Tohoshinki studies essential Japanese vocabulary
machimasu, matte [verb: to wait]
machimasu, matte