Sign Language 101: Quiz One

Uploaded by SignLanguage101 on 15.06.2012

So welcome back to Sign Language 101
Today we're going to be taking a quiz on this weeks information that I taught you about numbers and finger spelling
So basically what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to label your paper from 1 to 20. Or from 1 to 10 and 1 to 10
Because there's going to be 10 finger spelling words and theres going to be 10 numbers that you're going to have to write down.
Answers will be posted below in the description bar.
But don't cheat because the whole point is for you to learn. Because we're not going to grade this.
So tell me what you get below!
Because that would be fun to see if you're smart and stuff.
So don't worry I'll spell very slow and I'll spell them...
Let's say I'll spell them twice.
That's about how much my teacher would spell them when we had finger spelling quizzes.
So that's what we're gonna do.
So we're going to start with the finger spelling.
Number one
One more time.
Number two
One more time
Number three
Number three again
Hope I'm not going too fast. It's kinda hard to dictate without someone going too fast"
Number Four
Number four one more time.
Another little tip to give you about finger spelling is don't be like
Because that's what I did for the longest time
What you wanna do
is like sound it out not spell it out
Like [incoherent pronouncing of letters]
It works most of the time and then some times you're just going to be completely lost
like I am a lot when people finger spell fast at me
I'm like that kinda looked like onomatopoeia but I'm not sure so spell it again
And then it's really easy when you're writing it down as it's happening
but you don't really have pencil and paper to write down what people are saying usually
So, practice, practice, practice.
practice practice. Word! Word of the day! Practice. Yay!
So the next word. Number Five!
One more time, number five
Okay on to number six.
The good thing about these videos is that you can pause and rewind like that because again speed is not... I don't know...
What to do with my hands. Well actually I do that's the whole point.
Number six, again.
Again, this is again. Another word of the day.
By the way, when you have a repeat letter, you just- doop- so in this word, this letter plus this letter then it's again.
But you don't want to bounce when you spell. Tips all over the place!
You don't wanna be like........ because that's distracting. You want your finger to, ya know, stay still.
Number six.
Okay, number seven.
Number seven
Number eight
one more time
Number nine!
Number nine again!
Okay then number ten. Last word in this test
Oh! I was about to say it, that would NOT work.
Ryan, Stop it!
Woah, my set's falling down...
Number ten! Final word in this section of the test thing.
One more time
Sometimes when you get going so slow, you forget what word you're spelling.
And I was like oh crap I had to look and was like what's the next letter?
And when you're spelling fast you just kinda going at your own speed
Anyway, so those are the words
Hopefully you wrote them down. Writ 'em, wrote 'em... no
Anyway, you wanna check your answers for those now, go ahead, go what ever I don't care...
We're gonna do numbers next, We're going to do 10 numbers and you'll never believe what numbers they are until you know them 'cause you'll see me sign them
Moving on to number one, um... We'll just do number eleven. And number eleven is
So number eleven is...
In case you were wondering.
Just thought you would like to know.
Number twelve!
Number twelve is
Number thirteen is...
Three different ways to do it
What number is it? Figure it out! Oh my gosh
Number fourteen is...
It's the letter 'F' but... that's not what it's supposed to be
So... Figure it out! [hums]
This is where it's important if you're talking about numbers or letters because... It's also the letter 'F'
K number fifteen.
Also the letter 'W' but it's not because we're talking about a number
So write it down!
Number sixteen is
One more time.
Number seventeen.
Okay so it's
one more time
K so number eighteen
Op, moved my hand too much...
This is isn't number eighteen it's just... this is so confusing, I should just use a b c d. Numbers are so confusing when you're numbering numbers.
Number nineteen.
We have
one more time.
Then we have number twenty!
And one more time we're going to do number twenty!
So there you go!
That's the end of the first quiz!
Hopefully you learned all of the things! Every single one of them!
And I'll see y'all next week with vocab!
Now that you're the masters of basic sign language