P&H Mining Equipment 4100 AC Walkthrough

Uploaded by phmining on 30.08.2010

You manage a remote and vast production landscape
Your focus is on the safe and efficient production of a valuable commodity
such as copper, coal, petroleum, phosphates or gold
your success depends in large part on optimized productivity and reliability performance from
the equipment and systems in which you've invested
on balance you like the performance and support you obtain from trusted equipment suppliers
and you count on them
to continually push the technology to higher levels of performance excellence for
lower cost operations
in support of your ever-higher requirements something new
and exciting is on the horizon
in fact
it's here today
the next generation AC drive
4100 class shovels from
P&H Mining Equipment
this is what you get when you take the worlds finest loading tool
harness it
to a powerful P&H Centurion control platform
then apply it to
a state-of-the-art AC Drive System
with our new AC Drive 4100 class shovels
gives you the rugged, intelligent, productive and reliable loading tools you need
to help control costs
and make your operation more productive and profitable
and perhaps nowhere is the value of these shovels more evidence
than the operators cab
here is where the powerful linkages of the AC drive
and Centurion control systems
come together
they give the operator exceptional communication command and control
optimizing both man
and machine performance throughout the entire dig cycle
thanks to advanced ergonomics superb sightlines and instant access to machine performance
and health information
the operator can be exceptionally comfortable and productive
no matter how hot, how cold
or how long the shift
and while the operators shift my end
the machine keeps working
at the center of it all
is the Centurion control system
this is Centurion
it continuously monitors controls and optimizes
the entire shovel system
through a fiber optic network
and a rugged and sophisticated drive system
smoothly delivers best dynamic AC motor response for optimal shovel performance
working together
the AC drive and Centurion systems
actively monitor shovel hoist and crowd thrust forces on the dipper and its handle
while a program called Opti-Dig
helps to balance those forces
to prevent “dipper stalling” in the bank
for fast
low cost loading
Centurion also monitors the dig cycle to manage unwanted boom jacking
thanks to an automatic boom soft set-down procedure
it also provides shovel health and performance information
in real-time to mine operations and maintenance
including shovel production information such as Payload
and temperature trends in the motors
it also tracts system faults and provides
root-cause diagnostics
to help reduce maintenance costs
one of the most impressive setups on a machine deck
is this powerful tandem
of P&H model 8412 AC hoist motors
P&H motor design goes back a long way over a hundred years
and this dual set of hoist motors deliver
about 3,200 continuous
horsepower at 690 volts
and nearly 4000 peak horsepower if needed
these are rugged
Mining – duty motors, designed and built with high-quality brass bearing seals
and feature optimized matching of rotor inertia
to reflected load inertia
and each motor
has its own spring set air release disc brake
These rugged hoist motors are matched
to one of the great hoist transmission gear-cases in the industry
The gear case features thick steel-plate construction with convenient inspection portals and
lifting lugs
are P&H crafted shafts, pinions and gears
heat treated and ground for whisper quiet meshing
in a cooled and filtered splash lubricated environment
on the output side
is a 68 inch diameter hoist drum
designed for extended rope life
a remote control hoist pendant and dual electric winch tuggers are standard equipment for efficient
hoist rope change-outs
but superior design, quality craftsmanship and raw power
can’t put material in the dipper
without a hoist and crowd system to match
And it all starts
with the P&H designed
twin-legged dipper handle
the P&H straddle design dipper handle is built to take full advantage of
those few seconds
of optimized forward crowd thrust
combined with powerful upward hoist force for peak digging ability
and to keep the shovel at peak efficiency with a minimum of maintenance
P&H features and an adjustable saddle-block
system making adjustments
fast and easy
AC Drive 4100 class shovels obtain significant gains in hoist and crowd force
thanks to a combination of factors
they include the rugged P&H boom
with its traditionally wide base
mounted to a revolving frame
These shovels deliver uniform optimal digging force across the entire horizontal cutting
edge of the dipper
resulting in minimal voids. It means these shovels are most effective
during those few seconds of cycle time
that the dipper is in the bank
That’s premium digging power
for lower cost-per-ton.
and the lower works consisting of the car body crawler frames and belts
is the most rugged and advanced in the mining industry today
the car body is based on nearly a century of P&H engineering and manufacturing technology
up to and including modern F.E.A
and decades of customer feedback
from some of the world's toughest mining environments
the crawler system features rugged P&H motors and planetary transmissions
DELTA technology
provides smooth crawler belt engagement agile machine positioning
and enduring performance with reduced maintenance
To help further reduce the cost of ownership
all P&H 4100 class shovels are designed and built with modular systems
and components
for ease of access and maintainability
over the long haul the value of these shovels is optimized with lifecycle management support
from the same expert team of P&H MinePro service technicians
that assembled them
and because of their experience and expertise
you get higher productivity
solid reliability
lover cost-per-ton and the highest value
for your mining operation
and thanks to our efficient high performance AC motors and drives in each and every
P&H shovel
your operation will have a significantly smaller carbon-footprint
verses diesel powered machines
the AC drive 4100 series shovels are here now
and ready to give you
higher productivity
long-term reliable
unmatched efficiency and lower cost-per-ton
AC Drive shovels
from P&H Mining Equipment