Watsky's Making an Album Episode 9 with Special Guest Star

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GEORGE (SINGING): Everything is A-OK.
Because I'm strong as an O-A-K. An oak.
But money don't grow on trees and I'm
B-R-O-K-E. Broke, y'all.
I'm Rappin' Pauly Bleeker, and I'm here to say, maybe you
should donate today.
Said when I say hey, you say ho.
Said hey, hey.
And when I say Ju, you say no.
Said Ju, Ju.
When I say Ju, you say no.
Ju, Ju, no.

Oh no.
Kurt, what are you doing?
Just don't look at me right now.
KURT: You're Juno-ing again?
GEORGE: I'm desperate man.
I'm completely broke right now.
KURT: Come on, you don't need this.
GEORGE: Look, man, I have five days to deliver my album, and
I have nothing to show for it.
I am completely [BEEP]
KURT: I get it, but you can't be this desperate.
You're better than this, man.
Come on, let's try something new.
Me and you, we'll go to the spa or something, all right?
GEORGE: That is not completely my thing.
And I'm just fragile and--
not right now.
KURT: Dude, it is better than this.
You can't fall off the floor.
Just give it a try.
Go with the flow, all right?
GEORGE: I'll try it.
KURT: Come on, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
GEORGE: I might want it later.
KURT: You got $1.75.
You know girls walk on this street.
You know that, right?
Like women--
GEORGE: Don't rub it in.
KURT: --that you want to have sex with.
GEORGE: OK, look.
I hear everything you're saying, and I'm still not 100%
sold on this spa.
KURT: Look man, you've just got to embrace your body.
You know what I mean?
Hakuna matata.

GEORGE: You were right.
I really needed this, man.
KURT: Yeah man, sometimes you got to go with the flow and
just let the universe take over.
You know what I mean?

KURT: What?

GEORGE: You're Ben Savage.
GEORGE: You are the voice of an entire generation, which is
my generation.
And you're a mirror to society.
And for millions of kids across America like me, you
are the coolest dude on the planet.
You're my hero.
We love you.
It's an honor to be sitting across from you in this sauna.
And, I don't know if this is weird, I'd love
to introduce myself.
BEN SAVAGE: I know who you are, Watsky.
You know who I am?
BEN SAVAGE: You know, you guys look stressed.
Are you sure you don't want Arnold to give you
a little back rub?
Help you relax.
GEORGE: No, it's a long story.
I really don't want to bore you with it.
I don't need to get into it.
BEN SAVAGE: You know what?
Everyone's got a long story.
I'm all ears.
Go ahead.
GEORGE: OK, so I'm a rapper.
And I got a record deal which turned out to be a
distribution deal which turned out to be bullshit in that my
manager basically told me I had 60 days to complete an
album with no money.
And he set me up with all these meetings with Ricky Slim
and Andy Milonakis.
Cool, right?
Wrong, because all of these things were way less cool than
the stuff that I did with Kurt in my bedroom for no money,
and they weren't me.
And now, I've got five days left to
finish this damn album.
I have no material to show for myself.
And I'm just really--
I'm kind of freaking out right now.
You need to shut the hell up.
GEORGE: I'm sorry man.
I don't mean to freak out Ben Savage.
Like, I just need to stop--
BEN SAVAGE: No, man.
I think you just need to shut the hell up.
GEORGE: I don't understand.
I didn't get to be the wide-eyed voice of a
generation by faking it.
I got to do it because that's who I am.
I'm me.
I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
When I see a butterfly, I chase it, OK?
I don't go out in Hollywood looking to be something,
trying to be something I'm not.
I'm just me.
When Ben Savage sees a [BEEP]
butterfly, he goes after it.
He gets all giddy and excited and he goes after it because
that's who he is.
Do you know what I'm saying?
Now, I think the rap world's ready for something like that
too, you know?

So let me ask you, what's your butterfly, Watsky?
KURT: Dude.
Cory has become Mr. Feeny.
And we have become Cory.

BEN SAVAGE: The point is, guys, at a certain point, you
just have to be yourself.
You know what I mean?
You've just got to put yourself out there, see what
happens, and the world be damned.
It's like what Cam'Ron said, rooti tooti fruity Louie, what
I usually do.
This, that, jump, stop, breathe.
KURT: Wait a second, you like Killa Cam?
Killa Cam, Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey, Hell Rell, Dipset.
It's Dipset all day.
Fall back or fall back?
BEN SAVAGE: Tie dynamite to the rhino type.
KURT: Wino might find yo sight.
BEN SAVAGE: Sell the information
for a dime a white.
KURT: That China, China.
BEN SAVAGE: I'm behind the diner.
KURT: Selling marijuana to a minor, minor.
BEN SAVAGE: Elder elder.
KURT: Looking for that shine, (IN UNISON) I'll shine ya.

BEN SAVAGE: So Watsky.
You got bars?
GEORGE: Are you joking right now?
GEORGE: Am I about to cypher with Ben Savage?

All right.

All right, all right.
Some people speeding through their weeks are
trying to beat the world.
I heard a band named Jimmy's even tried to eat the world.
But they got brain freeze from the polars, chip their molars
on the boulder, so I think it's best to probably try to
meet the world.
Be saying what's up, world?
Or maybe hello, Earth.
Been looking to hang and be kicking it with
you since my birth.
I been looking to meet you halfway to the stars.
I'm thinking the halfway from the Earth's like Mars.
Or maybe the halfway from Earth's like Venus.
But keep the bubbles coming so nobody sees my--
KURT: What!
GEORGE: Since I was growing up, you know
what was the averagest.
But now I'm showing up, you know that Ben's the savagest.
It's the truth, you can read it in his name.
And I'm schooling MCs so I'm Feeny to this game.
From middle school to high school, even college and
beyond, I've been professing all these lessons 'til I'm
leaning on a cane.
KURT: Fire.
GEORGE: Oh my god, thank you.
KURT: Look, I hate to be that guy, but the
meter's about to expire.
GEORGE: I can't believe we would leave right now, but I'm
broke and I can't afford a parking ticket.
BEN SAVAGE: Listen, I understand.

Hey Watsky, go find your butterfly.

BEN SAVAGE: It's like what Cam'Ron said.
rooti tooti.
Rooti tutti--
MALE SPEAKER: --fruity Louie.
Rooti tooti fruity Louie.
OK, got it.
Rooti tooti flooty dewey.