CDC: Tips from Former Smokers -- Beatrice's Story

Uploaded by CDCStreamingHealth on 10.05.2012

I decided to quit because my son, Nicholas, wrote me a letter
when he was about eleven years old.
He wrote me a letter and left it on the kitchen table for me to read.
And once I saw that I felt really badly because I knew it was affecting him
and he knew that smoking was bad for you so...
He wrote it when he was eleven. It says, "Dear Mom, Smoking.
"Thank you, Mom, for quitting smoking. I know you can do it.
It is a hard thing to do but smoking kills you. So you are saving your life.
I'm lucky to have parents like you and Daddy 'cause maybe other parents would probably say,
"oh, he's just a kid." But you are the best mom in the world. Don't smoke.
And then he drew a little something which is cute.
That's me smoking. That's like before and after... and that's... a dead me.
(Laugh) That's him crying because he was afraid that I was going to die.
And I made copies of it and I keep it everywhere.
Obviously I keep this one in my wallet and I keep some at my desk.
And I have them at home on my refrigerator. So, it's, like, everywhere.
My son is really proud that I quit smoking.
He... actually he thinks it's the best thing I've ever done. And he thanked me for it.
I think I'm being a good role model now.