Janet Napolitano: Remembering September 11th

Uploaded by whitehouse on 09.09.2011

Janet Napolitano: Ten years ago, we suffered the worst terrorist attack in
America's history.
Nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children,
including citizens of more than 90 countries and of many faiths
and backgrounds lost their lives that day.
Like many of you, I recall September 11, 2001 like it
was yesterday.
But on one of our darkest days, we also saw some of the best
of America.
Civilians, together with our fire, police,
EMTs and other first responders running to help at the burning
Trade Center Towers and Pentagon,
many sacrificing their own lives while saving others.
And when they heard what was happening hundreds of miles
away, passengers on Flight 93 fought back and prevented an
even more devastating attack.
That day, ten years ago, changed us as Americans, as people.
It brought our society together with a remarkable feeling
of unity.
It also changed how we look at threats from terrorism.
It led to the creation of the department I'm proud to lead,
the Department of Homeland Security.
Today and every day, thousands of men and women come to work at
DHS dedicated to preventing another terrorist attack.
Together with our federal, state, local,
tribal and territorial partners, we are working to protect
America along our borders, over our skies and in the interior of
our country.
This September 11th, we remember those we lost and we celebrate
their lives, and we recommit to the ideals of service and
sacrifice and support for the many whose lives were forever
changed that day.
America is stronger than we were a decade ago,
we bounced back from the worst attacks ever on our soil,
becoming more resilient along the way.
Our experience these last ten years also reminds us that our
homeland security begins with hometown security,
that it's a shared responsibility,
and that we all have a role to play.
Time and again, we've seen terrorist attacks thwarted by
alert individuals who said something to local authorities
when they saw something that didn't seem right.
Together, we can continue to make our nation more secure
and resilient.
And I thank you for doing your part.