PCC Theatre Arts Program

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>>INSTRUCTOR: Arm comes up,
"oh, thank you very much, technicians." Good?

>>STUDENT: Actors go.

Stand by on sound cue.

[Music playing and voices in background.]

>>STUDENT: I feel like a moth coming out of a cocoon.

>>WOMAN OFFSCREEN: ... with real jewels.

>>GROUP ON STAGE: The loneliest thistle, the thistle sifter,
while sifting thistles thrice thrust a thistle . . .

>>STUDENT: So my job is to design and find sound files
that fit with the atmosphere of the show and the mood of each scene,
make sound effects, and other nifty things like that.

>>STUDENT: Well some of the brush strokes will be in
to kind of give it more of a feel of actual steel and bounce off the light
when it's up on stage and then also,
the places where I'm not sponging it off will be really bright
once the blue lights are shined on there
whereas the rest of it will be more like a wash.

>>TECHNICIAN: Can we have you on the headset?

>>MAN OFFSCREEN: I have an idea that came out of
when you said "pluck." What if when guests were coming or leaving,
they would take a picture of Celimene off of the tree
as if "take a piece of Celimene with you."

>>MAN OFFSCREEN: That's what I'm hoping for exactly.

>>WOMAN OFFSCREEN: It's really wonderful.
It really flairs out and catches air when she walks around in it
and she's wearing these heels and it's barely skimming the floor.
Yeah, her long legs are just flying out of this thing. It's great.

>>STUDENT: Good, going up.
[Voices in background.]

>>STUDENT: It's more of a trying to balance it out
because what's going on is we're adding in these giant curtains
and so it's unbalanced on the rail.
So we have to make it balanced on the rail before we can let go
because it's going to fall over if we don't hold it up.
>>INSTRUCTOR: Today, we're putting in the deck
which goes back behind the wall here. We're cleaning up the space
because Monday is paper tech. So we're just tidying everything up
so it's not messy. There is this weird little chaos
before we get everything together, you know.
So that's what we're doing here: putting the deck up
and then I have a crew coming in; they're going to paint it black
and then put a little toe rail around it.

And these are actors. They're graciously doing their set.
It's part of the holistic learning experience.

[Music playing and voices in background.]

[Actors dialoguing in background.]