Honolulu Community College Programs

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Are you able to think outside of the box and channel your creative energy?
Do you like to design images using colors,
forms, shapes, and sizes?
If you do, then we can help you create your future.
You can learn to express yourself
and showcase your creative talents in our Communications Arts,
and Fashion Technology programs.
Use your imagination
and create your future the way you envision it!
Are you compassionate,
a good listener
and interested in helping others?
Can you see yourself as a Teacher,
Pre-school Director,
a Juvenile Advocate,
or maybe a Firefighter or Emergency Responder.
Our programs in Administration of Justice,
Human Services,
Early Childhood Education,
Fire and Environmental Emergency Response,
and Occupational and Environmental Safety
provide you with the knowledge and hands-on skills
to gain an edge in these exciting career fields.
If you want a career helping others,
then let us help you achieve your dreams!
Does the thought of sitting in an office all day bore you?
Does working in building and construction sound exciting
and appeal to you?
If so,
check out our programs in Carpentry,
Sheet Metal and Plastics,
or maybe Boat Building and Repair.
Our programs are filled with hands-on skills and training.
You might even be interested in the programs that are offered
in the Pearl Harbor Apprenticeship,
and the State Apprenticeship programs.
And when you graduate,
you'll be equipped
and ready to work in the Construction and Trades Industry.
These rewarding and action-oriented career fields
will give you a sense of pride
in seeing your hard work put to good use.
Do you like to trouble-shoot,
repair and rebuild equipment and vehicles?
You'll find lots of choices in our Tech programs.
There's Aeronautics Maintenance,
Automotive Technology,
Auto Body Repair and Painting,
Diesel Mechanics,
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning,
and Electrical Installation and Maintenance programs.
Our programs will prepare you to earn National Certifications
and to gain employment in these fields.
So don't just get a job,
find a career that you're interested in
and one that will give you satisfaction in the work that you do.
In todays world, technology consumes us in everything that we do.
Do you enjoy learning
about the latest cutting edge trends and products
in computers,
cell phones,
and gaming?
If so,
Check out our programs in Computing Electronics and Network Technologies,
Architectural Engineering and CAD,
and Commercial Aviation.
If you're interesting in the Music,
and Entertainment industry,
check out our MELE program.
Our highly trained faculty will prepare you for these high-tech careers.
If you want to get into these lucrative fields,
come and let us show you the latest technologes and trends in the industry.
Turn your hobby into a career.
It's a great way to make a living!
Are you interested in earning a Bachelors,
or maybe a Law or Medical degree?
Why not start your path at Honolulu Community College
by majoring in our Liberal Arts program.
A Liberal Arts program consists of General Education classes
like Math, English, Science, and History.
Taking these classes at the Community College
is an affordable way to complete the General Education requirements
you'll need and can transfer to a University.
So start here and go anywhere!
Honolulu Community offers 24 unique programs to choose from
and we offer lots of Support Services
including Financial Aid to help you succeed in College.
We also invite you to learn more about our new Native Hawaiian Center
and Hawaii Ocean classes.
Our caring and compassionate faculty and staff,
our upgraded facilities and equipment,
and our exciting programs and services
are waiting for you today.