Crackovia - Mourinho Porqué (GR & ENG Subs)

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The question is why!I am asking 35 years now and maybe I die without answer... Why? Why?
Why?Why?Why?I don´t know!Last week they expelled me.Why;I don't know!Now I could stay home resting with the family watching Simpsons,but I came here!
Why?I don't know!Why?Why?Why?Why?
It lacks soul
And this of Simpsons doesn't... Doesn't function... Mister,you have to be more natural,like me,look!
And if I let a tear fall? Di Maria
Too much theatric!
I don't make theatre!Those of Barcelona do!Let's continue with the training
And why don't we train in the field instead of training in the press conference?
Yes,Cristi is right
Train in the field?How stupid!
You say some things...
I can´t stand your criticism!It would be better if we trained in the field,it would be better if we attack!Maybe it would be better if you go at BArca!You think I didn't see you in the other Gag?
Yes we saw you!
I'm not happy in this team,ok?I dont wanna play in this team!I'm the only one who runs!And all the other are cheap ones!I want to score like Messi
At the corner with the arms crossed and the face at the wall! Not you,only him!
When you speak about Cristy,as if you speak about me because we have similar way of play
Well,if you dont wanna train,Karanka will make the press conference.And now I will show you a video to motivate you,to prove you that I am always right and those who lie are those of Barca
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