AppleCare a Day

Uploaded by mathalicious on 12.09.2012


I know what you're thinking.
"I wish I had bought AppleCare."
Your $2000 laptop is about to shatter into pieces.
Does this mean you should have bought the warranty?
No. Here's why.
Let's say when you bought your $2000 computer, there was a
5% chance that it would experience some catastrophic failure and need to be replaced.
In this case we'd say AppleCare had an "expected value" of $100.
If there was a 10% chance it would break,
then AppleCare had an expected value of $200.
But AppleCare for the MacBook really cost $350.
To justify this, there would need to have been a 17.5% --
a more than 1 in 6 chance -- your computer would break.
That seems unlikely from a company whose products famously 'just work.'
So maybe you were wise not to have bought the warranty.
Still, I know you're not convinced. Your computer's about to be destroyed
and I get it: you wish you had bought AppleCare.
But here's the thing: like most product warranties, AppleCare only covers
problems that are Apple's fault.
And this?
AppleCare wouldn't have covered this.
Feel better?