Teenage Riots in Sweden

Uploaded by vice on Aug 28, 2012


FEMALE SPEAKER: On the 1st of May, the small Swedish town of
Eskilstuna, one hour west of Stockholm, went
from this to this.
The extreme right groups Svenskarnas Parti and
Forbundet Nationell Ungdom had chosen the sacred
international labor movement day and the city of Eskilstuna
to spread their xenophobic agenda, Swedish jobs for
Swedish workers.
This is did not go down well with the left-wing kids, who
won't stand for extreme right marches on their streets,
especially not on May Day, which is a
huge deal in Sweden.
They founded the organization First of May for All and began
planning a massive counter demonstration.
We met up with them as they started
gathering in the city center.

FEMALE SPEAKER: While more and more people joined Kim and his
friends in the counter-demonstration, the
nationalists started gathering at their
assigned meeting points.
Despite supporters coming from Norway and Germany, the
turnout wasn't exactly massive.

FEMALE SPEAKER: The counter demonstration soon gained some
unexpected momentum.
They managed to form a blockade, preventing half of
the nationalists from joining their peers.
The blocked nationalists eventually managed to break
away, marching straight into a park where families were
having picnics.
Some kids from the counter-demonstration
followed, throwing bottles and rocks at them.
The nationalists got pissed off and trashed some poor
guy's car in the process.

When the nationalists finally began their march, hundreds of
people, everyone from thugs, dogs, grannies, to the Black
Bloc stormed the streets to form a blockade.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Then some troublemakers started throwing
rocks at the nationalists, and it all erupted into violent
riots, sending at least eight people to hospital with
cracked skulls.

After about an hour-long stand off, the nationalists started
marching, protected by the police.
But they were forced to take an alternative route.
The kids from the counter-demonstration started
running, taking a shortcut to form another blockade further
up the street.
But they were chased away by the riot police and their
angry dogs.
This process kept repeating itself all afternoon.

Like ferrets on speed, the counter-demonstration had
become a living organism that just wouldn't budge until the
nationalists had gone home.

FEMALE SPEAKER: The police lost control over the city and
had to call in reinforcements from Stockholm and other
nearby areas.
Realizing they wouldn't reach their destination, the extreme
right groups decided to hold their speeches from the back
of a rental truck, but only the nationalists gathered.
The police a few booing counter
demonstrators could hear them.
At 6:00 PM, their demonstration permit ended,
and the police escorted the nationalists
back to their cars.
By then, extra police forces from Stockholm and the
surrounding areas had arrived and began mass searching the
counter-demonstrators and forcing them into buses.
Some of them broke away to bid the nationalists
a final, fond farewell.