CoD4 F.N.G. Longer Misssion MOD

Uploaded by aCoDModder on 04.09.2008

All good here Soap. Head outside and report to Sgt. Newcastle.
It's time for some fun with demolitions, mate.
Pick up those frag grenades and get in the safety pit.
Get in the safety pit Soap.
Now throw a grenade into windows two, three and four.
Come back here and pick up this grenade launcher.
Now get back into the safety pit.
Equip the grenade launcher.
Fire at the wall with the number one on it.
Notice it didn't explode.
As you know, all grenade launchers have a minimum safe arming distance.
Right. Now pop a grenade into windows, five, six, and seven.
Come back around and pick up some C4 off the table.
Equip the C4, Soap.
It seems my ex-wife was kind enough to donate her car to furthering your education Soap.
Throw some C4 on the car.
Place the C4 on the indicated spot.
Now get to a safe distance from the explosives.
Fire in the hole!
Much improved.
All right Soap, you passed the weapons evaluation.
Now report to Mac on the obstacle course.
I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see you. seems Miss Soap here was kind enough to join us!
Line up ladies! Go!
This isn't a bloody charity walk - get your arses in gear! MOVE!
Jump over those obstacles!
You crawl like old people screw!
I've seen "Sandhurst Commandos" run faster than you lot!
Move move move! What's the matter with you? You all want to be R.T.U'd?
Oi! Soap! Captain Price wants to see you in Hangar One! You passed my little test, now get out of my sight.
The rest of you bloody ponces are going to run it again until I'm no longer embarassed to look at you!