West Wing Week: 10/05/12 or "Operation Educate the Educators"

Uploaded by whitehouse on 04.10.2012

Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's
happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
This week, the White House and the Treasury Department hosted
events highlighting innovative apps;
Dr. Biden traveled to Washington, D.C. and Virginia;
and the White House Blue Room Christmas tree is selected in
North Carolina.
That's September 28th to October 4th or,
"Operation Educate the Educators."
On Friday, we headed down the block to 1500 Pennsylvania
Avenue, and the Department of Treasury for our latest
installment of Tech Nation.
There, the winners of the app design portion of the My Money
App Up Challenge were announced.
This is a contest for mobile app ideas and designs that help
Americans make smart financial choices,
access high quality financial products and services,
and ultimately shape their financial future.
You can learn more at MyMoneyAppUp.Challenge.gov.
On Monday, Tech Nation continued,
this time at the White House Energy Datapalooza.
Here, private sector entrepreneurs and innovators
presented their products, services and apps to help
advance a secure and clean energy future.
Secretary Steven Chu: These are small business entrepreneurs starting off,
but their business, the very thing they're doing of helping
people save money as well as start new businesses is part of
the engine of American prosperity.
And for this particular event, we see that this huge amount of
data and how you handle the data and how you start new businesses
and make it user friendly is something we think could be the
basis for a lot of new industries.
But again, it's going back also to the fact that we do want to
save -- help Americans save money by saving energy.
Narrator: That evening, as the sun set on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
the White House and the Naval Observatory,
the Vice President's residence, turned pink in recognition of
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
On Tuesday, the White House Grounds Superintendent and
Supervisor Horticulturalist traveled to Jefferson,
North Carolina, to select the official White House Christmas
tree that will stand in the Blue Room during this year's
holiday season.
Speaker: So, I mean, he's got beautiful trees, that's for sure.
Speaker (off camera): Are you guys conferring?
Narrator: That evening back in Washington, English professor Dr. Jill Biden
attended Do the Write Thing, an event hosted by 826 National,
a network of nonprofit writing and tutoring centers co-founded
by author Dave Eggers.
Dr. Jill Biden: I know that if my students have confidence in the classroom,
they can take that confidence with them and do
anything in life.
That is why I know so many of you who are involved in 826
D.C. and 826 National, that's what you do every day.
And you've made a difference in the lives of thousands
of individuals.
Narrator: On Wednesday morning, West Wing Week caught back up with
Dr. Biden at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia,
to celebrate a milestone in Operation Educate the Educators.
More than 100 colleges and universities have now signed on
to the Joining Forces commitment that will help prepare educators
to lead classrooms and develop school cultures that are more
responsive to the social, emotional and academic needs of
children in military families.
To find out more information on any of these topics or to see
complete videos of these events, go to WhiteHouse.gov.
And thanks again for checking out your West Wing Week.
Dr. Jill Biden: I just want to thank everybody here for all that you've done to
get this through and get, you know,
schools to sign up and partnerships,
and really it just means so much to all the military children all
across America, so, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Here's to you.
Speaker: Thank you for being with us.
Speaker: Cheers!