Лэвэлап! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ [LevelUp!]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Oct 16, 2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
Happy Birthday to us!
Be happy and healthy!
bottoms up!
Well would you look at that!
So I went only out for 144 episodes to buy some cookies
And he's drinking his ass off with some friends!
That's what you get when the girl's out of the house
Today's your birthday!
Get dressed!
Cone your hair!
Yeeeah, here we go!
Hurray. Nastenyka is back.
Missed her a lot.
Yes, today TiX celebrates 2 year anniversary!
This is Horosho! Putting strange stuff on our heads since October 14, 2010.
And since it's our birthday - first vid will be special!
Because it was reviewed 131 episodes ago, from start to finish.
Now we can review it from finish to start.
Because the editing archmage reversed it and got more than a million views.
So now it's not a machine to destroy anything, but the other way around.
[It can create aaaanything!]
Yes, it's the same old vid only backwards.
And yet it is still very watchable.
Cameron, here's one for you - reverse "Avatar" and get running in the cinemas again!
[S. Davidov "Easy way to repeat success"]
James, 50% to me, eh?
I watched it till the end and waited, whether it will create a kitten.
[see what i did there?]
Or a hand up to the elbow, who knows.
BieberoGaga tried to immitate the machine and create healthy food.
[This is how it should've looked like]
This is the future of 3D printing.
Now we have to wait for it to create itself [just remove two ribs]
Then I can tell my future kids that they came not from the stork but from the machine that creates aaaanything!
[hi dad!]
Vids like this are the main road to self-knowledge.
For when you rewatch this vid for the 15th time the world freezes around you leaving you alone with yourself.
Your mind opens up leaving you with the most important question.
7 meter statue of Zeus! What the hell am i doing with my life.
And this is Horosho.
The second vid was sent by MongarD
It has 1,5 million views.
And it features one fat Naruto and Bakugan lover...
This is Horosho! Not saying the "a" word since December 31, 2010
... is chopping water. 81 bottles.
This guy really hates water! [must be a childhood trauma]
That must be the reason why he filmed this horror movie for the 3rd world countries [Fat Ninja: Kill All the Water]
[what was that, person from a 3rd world country? you have problems with drinking water?]
[watch and cry]
This priest from the temple of Virginity is really a ninja.
You won't see him if he stands at point-blank range.
He's so fat you won't be able to see all of him!
[badum tss]
Ah wait, we can look at this from a different angle.
He creates water.
So if I will ever walk in the dark alley...
And this is Horosho!
This third vid is nothing special but the name give it kudos.
Ladies and gentelmen. Panda casts "Fall".
Black magic.
Well, black and white.
[wiggily-waggily UFALLNAO]
Omgomgomg, this is another great vid for Suffergram!
Yes woman, the world outside of the kitchen is cruel and dangerous!
This is Horosho! Propaganding sexism since October 16, 2010.
What, i'd fall ass well if i passed someone as ugly as him on the street.
Oh wait.
Panda didn't fall...
I'm lost..
Ok, let's watch her fall face against the concrete. Just because we can ^^
Aren't we monsters?
This is Horosho! Happy to see people hurt since October 16, 2010.
But i know how to fix everything!
Devilish sickness has gotten her but Lord will hear our prayers!
Hey you! Rise! Rise! RISE!
And this is Horosho!
This is Horosho! Since October 16, 2010.
And I have 3 things to anounce on our birthday.
1. We changed the website. Got rid of everything bad and joined it with YouTube. Get on, see for yourself.
2. Amnesty on our vk.com page. all 32 thousand people will be unbanned.
3. There's a competition for the new TiX ending theme. More here, click it.
Thanks for being here with us for 2 years.
We love you all!
[This is Horosho! you know]
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Why do gingers have no soul?
Why do gingers have no soul?
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So, how do you fight corruption?
I'm a cop, neither give nor take
With a magic flashlight.
I call mommy
I'm too weak to fight corruption. That's why i have a dick in my hand.
I fart
I'm not fighting, i'm joining.
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