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Hello and welcome to the Thursday Show
of you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't show
it's just me talking about some of the stuff that mattered in the news to me starting with
it's a special day here at the office
because it is editor Matty's birthday
he's 25, even though he looks like he's 12
so let's give a round of applause to the guy
that makes me semi-bearable on a daily basis
and also ladies if you would like to have sex with
him that'd be cool too so send in video responses
of you wanting to have sex with Matty and maybe I'll let you have sex Matty
because apparently I'm the controller of that
according to me, Asians girls preferably
nothing against non-Asians, Matty just told me that his
two things he wants to do
jump out of an airplane, Asian girl
so that's a thing, but let's move on to other news
New York is also celebrating because as of today
they have a new youngest murderer suspect
yay New York, 14 year old
Alvin Diaz stabbed an 18 year old
in the chest after he slapped him