Experience the Splendor of Summer (S02E07)

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[Jeanette] Today on Art & Soul®, it’s party time!
Hi, I’m Jeanette Lynton, and you’ve come to party central,
where every project is a blast and every new technique
is a reason to celebrate.
Experience the splendor of summer with us.
Stay tuned, and you’ll see what I mean.
[Monica] Hi, I’m Monica, and today’s technique is a
sentiment technique, not just a stamping technique.
I’m going to teach you how to pick and pull words from your stamp sets
that you already own to make sentiments that speak.
Let’s look at the stamp set I’m going to use to make our card!
This is a really fun and sporty stamp set, “My Game.”
And will you believe that I’m going to make this sentiment
on this card over here with this stamp set?
You can see it says ‘love life.’
Well, here, out of this stamp set,
I’m taking the word ‘love’ and the word ‘life’
out of these two different images.
So let’s get started.
I’m going to show you how to do this with some masking.
We’re going to use clear tape.
So, here I’ve got the word ‘love of the game,’
or the sentiment ‘love of the game.’
So I’m going to use some clear tape and cover up
the words that I don’t want to be seen on my sentiment.
So I'm just going to cover those up with the tape.
And by using clear tape, you can really see the placement
of where you’re putting that on there.
So, I’ve covered up ‘the game’ and now I’m going to cover up ‘of.’
And I just need to ink my word ‘love.’
Now here’s an important piece of information.
Make sure to take that mask off.
And it should be fairly simple, there we go.
Put it down, and I’m going to stamp my word ‘love.’
There you have it.
So that’s the beginning of my sentiment.
Now I’ve done the same exact thing with
‘my game my life’ on the stamp set.
You can see that the clear tape is already on there.
So I do the same thing.
I ink my word that I’m going to use,
take my mask off,
and then stamp the word ‘life.’
So let’s look again at some other samples that I have
of doing the same technique with sentiments.
Here is this cute little card with this little bird, and so I inked the bird.
and so I inked the bird. I masked the beak and the feet.
Now let’s look at this beautiful layout of my family over here.
See, I’ve got lots of little sentiments here,
‘love you berry much,’ ‘heart to heart.’
Well, I did the same technique
and this time I used the stamp set "Tasty Treats."
So here is ‘thank you berry much,'
but I used the word ‘you’ from this stamp set,
the word ‘love’ out of this stamp,
and then ‘berry much.’
So you can see how that all works together.
It’s really, really simple,
and it’s a fun way to use your sentiments, all of your sentiments.
So next time you’re looking to make a sentiment,
make sure to look through all your stamps, where really,
the possibilities are within all the words.
[ upbeat big band music plays ]
[Tiffany] You’ve just seen this cute focus project come together using
all paper. I want to show you the same card; however, it’s a clear card.
Using clear cards is a fun and unique twist on creating cards.
In each package of clear cards, you’ll receive four square cards,
four scalloped cards, and eight see-through envelopes.
The cards are stronger than Flip Flaps™,
but not as thick as the pages you’ll find in the My Creations® acrylic album.
Similar to the Top Coats™, clear cards have a protective film
on both sides of the card that you’ll want to make sure to remove
prior to putting on any adhesive paper or embellishment.
Speaking of adhesives, the best one to use is either Tombow®,
Glue Dots®, or 3-D foam tape.
When using clear cards, it’s important to make sure to lay out all
of your papers so that you know exactly what it’s going to
look like prior to using your adhesive.
On this Practice Makes Perfect card,
I’ve layered some of my papers on the front,
some on the inside, which then hides my adhesive,
and my note goes right here in the center.
On this cute Celebrate card, I used the piercing tool to create holes
which then allowed me to stitch around the border.
If you’re using embellishments like brads, make sure to
put them through your paper prior to adhering them onto
your card for a clean and finished look.
By laying out all of my papers first and thinking in layers,
I was able to use our card patterns to create these adorable cards.
Make your cards clearly the best by using clear cards.
[Jill] Hi, today I’m going to show you some great artwork
using the Close To My Heart circle punch.
Let’s take a look at this layout right over here.
This is a traditional use for the circle punch,
just punching out the circles and lining them up on my layout
to make a nice pattern.
Another really fun technique using the clear cards is making a mini album.
I’ve used it to add to the metal-rim tags
because it’s perfectly designed to fit within the shape of the tag.
Another really fun technique that I’m going to show you how to make today,
is making these beautiful flowers out of the circle punch.
So let me show you how that’s done.
So to start, you just need a cardstock base,
and then four B&T circles.
And I’ve got mine going, I just want to make the last circle here.
So I’m just going to punch out the B&T.
So to make the petal on the flower, we’re just going to fold the circle in half,
and use your bone folder so you can get a nice tight crease on that fold.
Then you’re going to fold in half again.
Again, just creasing that fold to make it nice and tight.
Then you’ll open up that half
and fold into the center on both sides.
Okay? And I’m just creasing that again with my bone folder.
So when I open my circle back up I have eight pieces of pie.
Then you just take two of the creases in the center
and pinch them inward,
creasing that again.
And then you simply fold up a portion of the circle
to reveal the folds underneath and the Background and Texture paper color.
So when I add that to my card,
I’ve done four all the way around,
and you get this great flower with dimension, color, and pop,
all from a circle punch.
So add some punch to your next project.
[Kristine] I love working in Studio J™ because the photo wells
are already there and ready for me to drag my photos in.
One of the nice things that I like about Studio J
is that it also allows me to add photo mats
of a variety of different thicknesses and different colors.
That’s what really helps set my photos off and make them the star of the show.
So, you want to know how to do it in Studio J?
It’s very easy.
To create the photo mat width that I prefer,
I first click on the photo,
and then choose the mat size.
You’ll see I have several options of mat sizes to choose from.
An eighth of an inch, or a quarter of an inch, and so on.
All I need to do is determine the look I’m going for.
Do I want to call attention to this particular photo?
Or do I want to simply add a contrasting color to give it some pop?
For this focal photo, I want to call attention to it,
so I am going with a quarter-inch mat.
Next, I get to decide which color I want for my photo mats.
I like to use the same color for all photo mats
so that there’s repetition and consistency across the layout.
They help keep the focus on the photos.
For this layout, I’d like to see how the Cocoa mats look.
So I just click on the color box
and choose Cocoa.
Okay, so that’s a little darker than I’d like for this layout,
so let’s see what Colonial White looks like instead.
I just click on the color box again
and make the change. It’s that easy.
So there you have it.
It’s as easy as clicking to choose your size
and clicking to choose your color.
And because you’re not actually cutting paper,
you can play with the sizes and colors
until you get the exact look you want.
[Jeanette] Throughout today’s show, we’ve seen beautiful artwork
created with the summer "Splendor" kit,
full of bright Goldrush and rich Topiary
and the gorgeous blues of the sky.
This great kit works in layouts and cards,
and as you can see here, it has all the makings of a great picnic.
In just minutes, you can transform an average table
into an awesome table by using the “Splendor” kit as inspiration
for place settings, water bottle cozies, and simple favors.
Our Memory Protectors® are water resistant and sized in 12" x 12",
so they make an ideal placemat cover for any outdoor meal.
Now that’s cause for a party!
Remember, whatever you create, make it from your heart.
[Kristine, v/o] Want to learn more about today’s focus project?
Just check out the complete instructions below.
And to purchase products or schedule a workshop or Home Gathering of your own,
contact your Close To My Heart Independent Consultant.
And thanks for watching Art & Soul!