Vlog Two

Uploaded by TheJohnPlaster on 27.10.2012

Hey, it's John.
i've just got back from shopping, and I thought I would share with you what I got.
I thought I'd make this like one of those vlogs where they go to the
store and they buy some stuff
and then they show you what they got
so here I have a chalupa
just a regular taco, those are always good at Taco Bell.
and then I got this Doritos Locos Taco, which is kind of new.
I got napkins. I got my drink, I got diet pepsi.
I know I'm supposed to be on a diet, but um...
I'm hungry, I'm really hungry.
I just got a package in the mail from Amazon
w ring halloween separations
in costume stuff
thomas a costume stuff for cigarettes
strobe light mayo
networks pretty decently i think it works of good im i'd just like to know
more ensign
led flash in in the big living room
and they seem to work pretty well i think it'll work
really getting smaller areas that were working with our own halloween
through the strobe light actually looks like
children are not allowed us to look on the camera ballistic working as an on
off switch on him by the way
seeking terence speed some vast israel right now
successes against
mini-van make a slower
well since logo
ethnical well www
videos this cause and i will say with the fall
for costuming and looks like with the whole way
more than that
ice one a m
uh... mike adams signed baseball he's a picture for the texas rangers
and we show it to you
times article just haven't had never actually had an autographed baseball and
it has a little sticker records proof that it was actually signed by the
playroom at the accident we opened up there
wasn't mourning dove in
history behind us is that
i was an employee picnic
as unworkable graceful juneteenth
me my girlfriend or we had to leave early we we got around to get
they work in enough free but i believe we had to leave early because we wanted
to catch paranormal activity four
i'm gonna head to head to my raffle tickets one of my friends over there an
older guy that general edsel joe i you know if you don't take this ticket we're
leaving early if you want anything with the goin keep it
uh... because they have earlier call the number that was for numbers away from
our raffle ticket out of
about seven hundred people over there sudo k were not there is no way were
given something
uh... so it would have left and uh...
the next morning i solved your working in comedy that
uh... he won something with that said that he he didn't think that that's why
this fall so special to me
still haven't done much andrea still sitting right there next me maybe i will
go ahead and show you
but it looks like the
levels of my colors so smart why symbols mattel's and uh... my parents worry
about it
patterning wash them
gap that's about all that happened the day
so i guess this is goodbye thanks for watching