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Isabel: Hey guys, welcome to part 3 of my interview with John Romaniello who is my trainer.
If you didnt watch part 1 and part 2 we really gave you a lot of information that you are
going to be able to apply, and that you are going to be able to use, so make sure that
you watch that.
Now what were going to talk about today are the workouts. So John just created this new
phenomenal program, and you know, John and I talk a lot obviously, because he writes
my workouts. So John, why are, and I had asked you this when you originally sent me a new
document when you were working on it, why are certain workouts structured on certain
days, like why did you pair them up that way?
John Romaniello: Thats a great question. So the first thing I would say is that, if you
guys are familiar with my stuff, you know that Ive become known in the industry for,
hormonal optimization through the training effect. So this new program is really intended
as a way to take that a step further by trying to create the same effect via training as
we are via nutrition, and then trying to use the combination of those two things to exacerbate
that effect.
So great example is, lets say the cheat day, we just talked about cheat days in the last
video. So, a cheat day is a time where you are likely going to be taking in more calories
than you normally would be. And so you have this, what we call a caloric surplus. Now
this is very beneficial at certain times if you are trying to, lets say, put on muscle,
and again, you know, ladies you are not going to bulk up, just putting on a little bit of
extra fat burning muscle is never a bad thing.
And so what I decided to do is, what type of workout can we pair with that caloric surplus
that will allow for the greatest amount of use of those calories. And so weve got a density
based day. Now, by nature, you are always trying to do more work in less time, so you
have a lot of volume, you are doing a lot of reps and sets.
So theyre very challenging workouts, so weve paired that with the cheat day for two reasons.
The first is, again, it is challenging so those extra calories will allow you to recover
from it, so you are not going to feel super tired, but the other thing is that workout
takes advantage of those extra calories and allows you to build muscle, so thats just
one instance.
Another thing now we do is pair a full fasting day with a workout that produces a lot of
growth hormone. Growth hormone is what we call the fitness hormone, it does everything,
not only does it help you lose fat and build muscle, its also good for your skin, your
teeth, its the pretty hormone.
But you produce it primarily during three times, one when you are sleeping, two when
you are fasting, and three when you are training. And so if you have a workout that is specifically
designed to increase growth hormone production and you do it while you are fasting, you are
going to produce even more growth hormone and that is going to allow you to burn even
more fat.
And finally, weve got the stuff like complexes and the dynamic workout. So we put the dynamic
workout on the traditional 16/8 day, and reason for that is thats the day that you are more
likely to be taking in more carbohydrates, other than the cheat day of course. And the
dynamic workouts are really good for insulin management, and so its best to pair those
on days where you are going to be producing more insulin because you are taking in more
carbohydrates, so then you get to mitigate some of those effects.
So every workout independently would be great for fat loss, and as sort of a unit of workouts,
a system of workouts, theyre all good, but once you start pairing them with these days
so that you are pairing particular types of hormones, then they become even more effective.
And so not, its not just that each workout burns fat, its that each workout teaches your
body to keep burning fat, and thats the good thing.
Isabel: Yeah. So let me rewind a little bit and tell you that, thats really probably the
biggest reason why I chose John as my own trainer. Mo, and I mean, I dont want to this
to sound whatever, but I do have access to a lot of people...
John Romaniello: Yeah, we know some really great trainers.
Isabel: A lot of trainers. But once John started talking about, and I read his material about,
how to manipulate certain hormones, I knew that thats what I needed only because Im small,
but I do hold my fat in my lower body, and I couldnt figure that out.
John Romaniello: Yeah.
Isabel: And really the issue was this hormonal management. So my issue may be different than
someone elses who holds their body fat in their center right...
John Romaniello: In the belly or in their love handles, yeah.
Isabel: So I had to, right, I had to approach it in a certain way because it really was
a management of hormones not just, oh look, you need more lunges and squats, like that
wasnt really the thing. So thats what, and I learned a lot in the process about myself
and about hormones. So there is a rhyme and a reason, so if you, you know the workouts
that John designs are really, really perfect for people who have specific issues, and its
not spot reduction.
Again, if you have love handles, its not like youre going to be doing these like oblique
crunches, thats really not it. Its what are the hormones that are creating that issue
and then how can you troubleshoot that. So, I know I got a lot of questions, you know,
about that, like my trouble areas in my belly, and then I try and tell people like you know,
you shouldnt do a 1,000 crunches, like thats not the way to go.
John Romaniello: Exactly, yeah.
Isabel: Its more about your hormones.
John Romaniello: Yeah.
Isabel: So John, I really want to thank you. I feel like you really gave us a lot of good
information that we can use and thats what the most important for me. Maybe what you
can do for us is may be just give us an example of like two different workouts and I can post
it on one of my pages.
Again I always, you know, want you to have stuff that you can actually use and see.
John Romaniello: Yeah, sure .
Isabel: So, I think that that would explain it a little bit better. So John, thank you
John Romaniello: Its my pleasure. Guys, thank you for having me.
Isabel: And I hope that you enjoyed the information.