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Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
Have you prepared yourself to serve with The Motherland's interest in mind?
Of course!
The Motherland orders Comrade Han Myeong Wol to marry Gang U in 3 months!
After the marriage, both are to return to the North voluntarily.
After the marriage, return to the North voluntarily?
The day Comrade Han Myeong Wol will reestablish contact with Gang U
is tentatively set for four days from now.
Comrade Lee Ok Sun,
all the skills that you know...
teach them to Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
No. Again.
There's still a basic issue.
What's that?
I don't know if it's because she's too accustomed to training and military life,
but this comrade lacks feminine charm.
There's only one way.
What is it?
Blind love confession.
=I love you, I love you.=
The good thing about blind love confession is that
it allows the other party to lower their guard. =I love you, i love you, i love you, i love you!=
Also, for blind love confessions, the more awkward it is,
the more sincere it feels.
This is the only way to conceal Han Myeong Wol's flaws.
=I love you.=
Don't make any mistakes, be prepared.
Okay. Please, go inside.
You've worked hard.
Please anticipate this legend in the investigation industry.
This is my strength, Han Hui Bok's strength.
Aigoo, our Miss Ok Sun would be so surprised. (Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)
~ Going to find Ok Sun. ~
=Confirm visibility.=
Display equipment, confirmed.
The operation has to be conducted within this visual range.
That way I can give the right instructions.
I understand.
Please, keep in mind,
in this operation, the most important thing you must take note of,
is the extent of "skinship" you allow. (Skinship - intimacy)
Han Myeong Wol,
if you can hear me, use your right hand to flick your hair.
Be more refined!
Argh, it's really depressing.
Even this can't be done naturally?
It's not as if she's brushing off some cobwebs.
This comrade is really stupid.
As a woman,
just like our Ok Sun,
You need more interaction to create sparks!
What's the point in saying all of this now?
The dice have already been thrown.
In position!
What are doing here?
I missed you.
I thought my heart was going to explode.
I missed you. I thought my heart was going to explode.
Because I wanted to see you one last time,
I even went to your house to find you.
Because I wanted to see you one more time, I even went to your house to find you.
=Right now, what are you trying to say?=
I don't have high hopes.
Just let me be by your side.
No, no, no!
That's so cheap.
When a girl is so clingy,
the man will get easily annoyed.
Aigoo, that..
I don't have high hopes.
Just let me be by your side.
What are you doing?
If you're crazy just stay at the hospital.
I love you.
You and I... where can this lead?
What is that fellow talking about?
Are we at that stage?
Oh, then...
No way!
Game over.
This is an accident.
=Han Myeong Wol, retreat!=
=Han Myeong Wol! What are you doing?=
Why did she attack his pelvis?
Han Myeong Wol.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
What are you doing, isn't this what you wanted?
That's not it.
Then, what is it?
That, that... you did that so suddenly.
Stop talking, don't make things worse. Retreat first!
- Quick! - Hyeongnim!
Hey... hey!
Hyeong, you must do the show now.
What were you doing just now?
Didn't you see what I was doing?
Are you trying to make me jealous?
With that kind of woman? Do you think that I, Ju In A, will be jealous?
Our kisses before. Her kiss just now. Not sure...
they don't seem the same.
Why are you doing this?
Hyeong, the show... the show.
It's none of your business!
In my current situation, there is no way I can film!
Tell them that Gang U also cannot film.
Ju In A, you should take this seriously.
Acting is like this, I just gave you a first-hand demonstration.
What else do I have to explain?
If you have no confidence in your acting then just quit.
Don't delay the schedule.
You are...
It's you? From Singapore.
Do you always throw things when you're angry?
Why are you here?
It's just a strange coincidence. Then...
What's this?
No, it's not like that.
Gang U hyungnim's hand hurts, so we went for an ice massage.
Yes, we're here, we're here. We'll be there in ten minutes, we're on our way.
Don't you know to keep left? Keep left!
Please go ahead.
Let's go.
It's been changed to keep right for a long time already.
I missed you. I thought my heart was going to explode.
Because I wanted to see you one more time, I even went to your house to find you.
I don't have high hopes.
Just let me be by your side.
I love you.
What's wrong with you?
The revenge scenes in this movie...
It's an action movie. In this movie, real martial arts action scenes are also included.
Please continue.
Are you all right?
Ah, really...
You need to keep right.
It's been changed to keep right since a long time ago.
Right, Hyeongnim?
Isn't she that girl?
Who is it?
For you.
- Jae Seok. - Yes, Hyeongnim.
Thank you!
Will this work?
Do you know why you have to keep changing styles?
To confuse him, let him wonder whether or not it's you.
Why do all the women seem to be you?
Make him doubt his own eyes.
Won't he simply think that he saw wrongly?
You have never lost your soul over a man, I guess?
I have never been so weak to lose my soul over a man.
Don't get entangled with a crazy woman.
is this what I have to do for our Motherland?
Comrade Major.
How long will you have that lost expression on your face?
Has drinking South Korean water during this time caused you confusion?
I don't know what I'm doing right now.
Comrade, you are dealing with extremely difficult matters.
Previously, I always knew what difficulties I had to face...
so I was able to find the enemy's weakness quickly.
But now I don't know.
There's nothing worse than complicated thoughts, that can make a person weak.
Think more simply,
What is your task?
Name, Choe Ryu, born 1981 in Yanbian (Yeonbyeon).
Graduated from high school in Yanbian, China, studied Blue House law.
and in Switzerland, Geneva University, Master of Science in International Relationship.
Graduated at the top of his class.
He should not be of any danger to you, Chairman.
How can such a busy person find time to come over?
You... better give up.
These past 10 years... didn't you try in every way to find out...
but you still couldn't? What else can be done?
We must certainly find it.
There are only rumors, no one has ever seen that person before.
I can understand your feelings for wanting to clear up the animosity in the past.
But you can't move on, if you are caught up in the past.
I only know this.
Since they are only rumors, I'm not very sure.
Try meeting this person.
Please come in.
Have you been well?
I've been very busy recently investigating your identity.
Ha ha, please.
Please drink.
How's the tea?
Actually is a flower Pine Valley! Futhermore, is North Han Pine Valley flower.
I have a good eye for people.
Is, also just only North Han Pine Valley flower water. That why have this kind of taste?
But how does such a young person like you know?
My late grandfather often drank this.
Have you ever heard of the Four Joint book?
Yes, I've heard of it.
Do you also know the meaning contained in that book?
I heard before, the book had four parts.
One part of the book is already lost.
So no one has been able to find out the mystery of the Four Joint Book.
Even four book all each self as interpretation it content key.
I heard that when these four books are completed so their meaning is clear,
it will surely have a great impact on history.
I only know this.
People who can distinguish the real from the fake are rare.
Can you do this for me?
I have not seen the real thing, so I cannot give any guarantees.
But because I have seen many fakes previously,
I think I should be able to spot a fake.
I can tell if it is a fake, but I can't be sure if it is the real thing.
If I have the chance to see it,
I think I should be able to provide some assistance.
I've heard he found a husband his family had not seen for 40 years.
But I don't know whether it is true or not.
Excuse me.
Aigoo, welcome.
Are you... Gang U?
Is this...
You are Gang U? Gang U?
I'm sorry for being rude, I'm your fan.
I heard you can help find someone.
I'm looking for a person called Goblin.
Which means...
Gang U himself came to us, is that what you're saying?
And he wants help in finding this guy called Goblin?
A Hallyu star, came alone to the Investigation Agency to find someone.
Is this place really famous?
Ah, about that...
well you can say that. In this industry, I am considered...
Or he could have come, because it wasn't famous.
If he could have searched for him openly, would he need to come to a place like this?
What do you mean, a place like this?
Saying that, is too much.
Comrade, it looks like the heavens have not abandoned us.
Using the excuse of finding the person, we can have more chances to get closer to him.
Ah, if you put it that way, that's true.
He doesn't want to let his search be known to the public. This also benefits us.
This time, I definitely won't fail.
How can a manager not know where his actor went?
Ah, that's because...
when I opened my eyes this morning, I found out that Hyeong had disappeared.
That's why I'm asking, how can a manager wake up later than his actor?
Well, you know I have some status too, and I still have to escort brother.
So, you want to rest?
According to press news, there's a close resemblance to the Goblin description.
Excuse me?
This place.
If you want to get to this place, you just need to cross that mountain.
Go this way and see, there.
The target appeared at the specified location.
Oppa, it's here, it's here.
Oppa, thank you. Thank you.
Is it you, Ajussi, who ordered the double-flower tea?
Isn't it said still want to double-flower tea in and eggs?
What, I'm not even some bitch!
Ajussi looks like very boring show!
Ah,the weather is so hot too.
What are you doing, hurry and get down!
It's really hot to death.
Is anyone there?
Why? Why?
How come, you are here?
You live in this village, right?
I don't live at this village.
I came to Granny's house.
Then, why did you come here?
We steamed some potatoes, and grandmother had me bring some over.
Is he not around?
Seems that way.
But, why did you come here?
It's none of your business.
You absolutely cannot be the first to make a move. You must let him be the one to initiate.
Is your mental state better now?
Are you hungry?
Do you want to eat this?
Forget it.
Well, I'm leaving.
You must beat the eggs in for it to be tasty. This...
What should we do now?
What should we do now?
Ah, you don't have any?
What are you referring to?
Operational Policy.
How can I have good tactical ideas all the time?
No? Weren't you so full of yourself?
Oh, this old man!
And so if Gang U doesn't make a move, then wouldn't the whole operation fail?
That, first of all, we must wait and see!
For something that gleams like it has been rubbed with scented oils, is it really so poisonous?
Who knows whether to skin it or kill it?
You sure are stupid, you know?
How do I know?
Didn't you say you are good at seeing things?
But, who should be the one to skin it?!
What's going on? Why are you coming out of there?
If you had held it properly everything would have been fine.
They are so fast, what could I do?
Hey! Who are you?
Then, Ajussi, who are you?
You don't know who I am? Don't you have a TV at home?
I guess not. How could there be such a village with no culture.
Ajussi, who are you? Why are you asking whether or not we have a TV at home?
I am the one, who...
Where do the potatoes come from? Are there more?
It's all your fault for not getting more. What have you done right? All you do is eat.
Hey! Aren't we talking about who I am here?
Then, Ajussi, who are you?
I am the one, who...
I think you're foolish enough as it is.
Where exactly did that snake go?
I think it went that way.
Ajussi, have you already seen them?
"Them", there's more than one?
Such a big man, afraid of snakes.
What, a big guy afraid of snakes?
I see he's so brave on TV! He looked like he could catch a snake for dinner.
Ms. Ok Sun, can you help us look for the snake?
I am terribly annoyed by those slippery things.
Try digging here.
There are 2 snake holes.
Poke in a hole, the snake will surely come out the other.
How come you know these things?
During survival training, if you're left behind, there's nothing to eat!
There's the snake!
That's a great move.
Representative! Representative!
Something big has happened.
The matters had been exposed, Representative.
-=Could it be that, because they don't want to give the compensation money...=-
-=Is it really Hallyu star Gang U?=-
-=Maybe there really is some hidden secret?=-
-=It can't be...=-
Hurry, go get hold of Gang U.
Yes, Representative.
Yes, Representative.
You do not have to go.
Didn't you say you were tired? Just rest here.
No matter how tired, I still need to solve this problem first right?
You can just keep on resting.
Re... Representative...
Representative, Representative, Representative.
It's really bad.
It tastes so bad.
Why am I eating these broken potatoes?
Over there.
Don't come over, don't come over.
I think the snake is coming towards us. Right?
Go catch it. Quickly!
Don't let it come over.
Grandfather, hasn't he come back yet?
There is a snake, there.
Are you that afraid of a snake?
Here, in this valley, everywhere there are tunnels they come out of.
I already told you. Don't make that snake come over here! Ah, really.
This could make a big meal. What a pity.
You ate the potatoes?
You allowed me to, didn't you?
I thought you wouldn't eat them.
Did you eat all of them?
No, I didn't.
I said I didn't! Who do you take me for?
In this period, the potatoes are very delicious.
I already said it wasn't me who ate them all!
Are you a man?
Are snakes really that scary?
Take it, take it, take it away from me!
What a poor little fellow.
Don't worry, the snake is already thrown away.
Then it will surely go back to its friends and tell them not to come here.
What if the other snakes don't listen to that snake?
If they don't listen, they are silly, aren't they?
What is this?
I have to get out of here.
What is this?
Looks like cow dung.
Where exactly did you say the river is?
Go a bit farther and you'll get there.
You also said that half an hour ago.
It seems like we've already passed 2 mountains.
Then, let's just go back.
This cow dung smell sure is persistent!
Don't you know? That's nothing compared to pig manure.
Let's go quickly. It really stinks.
Will the smell stay even if we wash it out?
This smells just like cow dung.
Why would you go there, searching for trouble yourself?
Why aren't you leaving yet?
Hey! What are you doing?
There's a lot of fishes here.
It's dangerous there. Come out.
There's nothing more appealing to men than a wet woman.
What if Gang U runs over to save Myeong Wol?
Then, those 2 people will naturally be embracing each other.
This reason should be a good enough reason.
According to the operation plan, if both of them save each other's life, they'll be bound by fate.
Worthy to be o'clock bright night legend of the flower, fragrant night come!
So, shall we watch?
This time, let Gang U save you.
Come here, it will cool you quickly.
Help! Help, I can't swim.
I told you not to go in!
What should I do? Help!
What happen to you?
Snake! It's a snake!
How It became like this? What should we do?
Terminate action.
Are you awake?
Who are you?
Don't you remember that you were drowning?
Did you bring me here?
You cannot swim?
What's the matter, didn't you say you can't swim?
At first I couldn't, but when you see someone in danger you just naturally...
Gang U.
What happened?!
Agassi, are you...
You seem to be found around Gang U all the time, even in Gangwon.
Although because of this I found both Gang U and you.
You were looking for me?
Ah, you probably haven't seen them yet. Right now, there are rumors about you everywhere in South Korea.
You have to come forward and give an explanation.
What do you mean?
News photos of you saving Gang U in the studio explosion are out.
We wanted to announce it, but due to your objection we didn't.
Instead, we will pay for your medical fees and will give you appropriate compensation.
We have already paid for the medical fees, earlier.
Do you understand what I mean?
Gang U.
What's wrong?
You look worried because of that lady.
Whats going on between you and that lady....
Why does she always suddenly appear by my side, doing the strangest things?
Help me investigate it.
A bodyguard?
Now that things have come to such a point,
this is the best strategy for you.
Compared to me, Ok Sun sure is one level higher!
Request to be his personal bodyguard unconditionally.
Follow Gang U as mentioned before.
Will they let me be his personal bodyguard?
You sure got married in a flash!
Also, if you were getting married,
shouldn't you tell me about it?
Getting married at such an age, it would be shameful to make such a big fuss!
Also my wife is a bit of an introvert.
She doesn't like grand affairs.
Even so, you shouldn't hide something like that from me!
I'm sorry.
What is it?
Our family has gotten bigger too, my daughter...
Just now, that tall, beautiful and elegant girl...
is Director's daughter?
Yes she is.
Recently, I've been having a lot of time in my hands,
my wife too.
So we've decided to work the business ourselves.
So you're just trying to sack me, is that it?
Dae Gang!
I don't want to lose you, you know that?
Do you understand? Brat...
These are information on the overseas activities of Chairman Ju.
In these 3 months, Chairman Ju
has gone to Mexico, Japan and Singapore.
But the one to note is Singapore.
Right now Chairman Ju is acquiring antiques from Singapore.
While at the same time pushing to revamp his hotel business.
But according to our Intelligence,
in this process,
it seems he has made contact with the North.
And this speculation is based on?
Although right now we do not have concrete evidence,
but because of the antique, the possibility is great.
Galaxy Hotel's Chairman Ju is an antique collector.
It's been said that right now he and the North are both looking for an antique.
No matter how you see it, it seems like because of this antique,
the North and Chairman Ju have an interesting relationship.
Right now, who knows about this?
Everyone present here, that's all.
For the moment, let's keep this within us.
What is it?
Ah, the truth is...
this report was done by Yu Da Hae.
How come you're here?
Are there way too many strange coincidences?
Are you stalking me?
This is person is about to help Chairman Ju with some work.
It seems like this interesting fate between us will continue?
His voice is too mesmerizing.
This guy is really annoying!
Is it authentic?
It's hard to judge if it's a fake or not through the photos.
However it will be different if I were looking at the real thing instead of just photographs.
Gaining my trust, then, would be your first task?
The report was done by you.
Father is the only one looking down on me.
I can't spend my life buried in paperwork!
You think always like this for wants and hopes for?
That's why people call you an idiot.
Aren't you worrying too much?
For the moment, will you leave the case to us
and back out?
How can you do this?!
NIS must follow the rules.
Intelligence cannot be randomly shared.
This... is an order.
I will follow that order,
you have to win against me.
Da hae, you...
You'll add me in, right?
Don't forget to report.
Don't you know me?
Act first, report later.
Looks like you're lost and confused again.
No matter how you look at it, I'm just not the right person for this job.
You mean you don't have the confidence to do this?
Or are you resisting the order?
Resisting an order, is not in my dictionary.
No matter what I want to complete this mission,
After that enter special workers group.
But I'm afraid that the mission will fail because of me...
and disappoint the Republic's expectations.
What is your reason for wanting to join the Special Forces?
I want to die with honour for the Republic and its people.
Just like my father.
Having a father who sacrificed himself to save his comrades,
shouldn't you be avoiding the Special Forces?
When I am in a dangerous situation,
my comrades should be making the same judgment as me.
That's why dying for the Special Forces would be an honour.
That's the kind of person my father was.
You want to join the Special Forces, just so you can die with honour?
Because it's a place where I can entrust my life.
I don't have any family.
That is why I want to be a part of the Special Forces.
I will definitely return
to where my family is.
In that case, your second task
must succeed.
That's enough.
Do not move.
I said that's enough, really.
What are you doing here at this time?
Director, I've decided.
I can't just, for that bit of wages,
give up on my love.
What? Love?
You love me?
Not that.
What are you trying to do?
Ms. Myeong Wol, you have great reflexes.
I thought Ms. Myeong Wol's face had a mosquito.
It's all right.
What do you mean it's all right, Ms. Myeong Wol?
Right at this moment, there's nothing scarier than mosquitoes.
Irritating, true. But is there a need to be irritated?
No, no.
It's terrible,
because they want to suck Ms. Myeong Wol's precious blood.
Ms. Myeong Wol,
when I first set my eyes on you, I recognized that you are my destiny!
-=Gang U's Shadow Bodyguard=-
Hey hey, Gang U's on the news.
The female high school student, who came to Gang U's rescue,
is Gang U's bodyguard.
It's a female high school student! Female high school student?
That lady,
I plan to hire her as your personal bodyguard.
What could I do?
They are the ones who came up with this condition,
to think, they were just country bumpkins.
We eventually fell into their trap.
Seeing the way you do things,
what exactly is the matter?
After the news of her saving you broke out, the internet has been rife with speculations.
Let's take this opportunity to quiet down those rumours.
She was originally your bodyguard,
that's why she saved you.
But due to injury, she has been undergoing treatment since then.
Until now, hence she just got back to work.
It sounds really reasonable!
Is this the only way?
Yes, presently.
Claims to love me, harasses me,
hits me,
stalks me, and now even becomes my personal bodyguard.
Gang U really hates people interfering in his private life.
You just need to keep this in mind.
The rules of being a bodyguard that I mentioned previously,
do you still remember?
One, nothing I encounter in the course of my duty is to be revealed to the public.
One, no matter the circumstances, cannot let Gang U's image suffer damage.
No matter what, cannot fall into any compromising situations with Gang U,
and cause a scandal.
That's all.
Very good, very good.
For the moment, hope you can take on the role of his manager.
Chauffeuring and managing his schedule will be handled by other people.
You just need to be by Gang U's side and attend to his needs, that's all.
Right now, do you have anything that you need?
Shh, hey, hey.
How long do you intend to do this?
I'm responsible for your life, so I cannot leave you out of my line of sight.
Dry cleaning delivery!
Return our innocent Han Yoo Ri to us!
Return to us! Return to us!
Using a scandal to dirty the reputation of our innocent Han Yoo Ri. Gang U, get lost!
Get lost! Get lost!
Han Yoo Ri's innocent smile, return it to us!
Return it to us! Return it to us! Return it to us!
Han Yoo Ri's innocent smile, return it to us!
Return it to us! Return it to us!
Han Yoo Ri's innocent smile, return it to us!
- Return it to us! Return it to us! - Keep quiet.
Using a scandal to dirty the reputation of our innocent Han Yoo Ri. Gang U, get lost!
Get lost! Get lost!
Shut up!
Han Yoo Ri's innocent smile, return it to us!
Return it to us! Return it to us!
Everyone did very well, thank you.
Shall we do it once more?
Okay, then...
Are you the leader?
Who are you? Let go.
Let go! I am left-handed!
Seriously... seriously...
calm down... calm down...
Come on.
Remember this,
the first person to come, will die by my hands, today.
Because you're a woman, we went easy on you. This isn't over.
Let me deal with this woman.
Calm down.
You can't.
Wait a moment, let me handle this.
Must not...
- Must not... - Must not...
be involved in other people's business!
- be involved in other people's business! - be involved in other people's business!
Must not...
- Must not... - Must not...
be involved in other people's business!
- be involved in other people's business! - be involved in other people's business!
Today, we'll stop for now.
Nuna, today we benefited from your teachings.
That's good. Life's all about continuous learning.
Know already, must account be the first machine.
Fight basic is at spirit accounting be the first machine.
Accounting be the first machine!
Just now just should be accounted for be the first machine.
But, Nuna...
Besides Nuna's good fighting skills,
you are also very beautiful.
Among the best fighters I have seen,
Nuna is the most beautiful person!
A beauty, a beauty.
- Right! Right! Right! - That's right!
Beans petal sauce.
That dip yellow melon? (Beans flap sauce and rack pa with tone)
Aigoo, so funny.
Not that, Nuna.
It means the best in fighting.
Best Fighter.
I'm Sorry.
In the place where I live,
there are a lot of people who can fight better than me.
Go in and rest.
There's no need.
Don't disturb me when I'm here alone, don't you get it?
I won't be in your way by staying here.
Don't you forget,
you are a woman who is crazily in love.
What are you doing?
There's a mosquito.
Actually, Ms. Myeong Wol,
right at this moment,
there's nothing scarier than mosquitoes.
at this moment,
there's nothing scarier than mosquitoes.
What did you say?
because they want to suck Ms. Myeong Wol's precious blood.
Gang U...
because they want to suck Mr. Gang U's precious blood...
Blood, suck what?
What are you saying?
I want to... the mosquitoes from you Gang U...
Mosquitoes from what?
I hate mosquitoes.
I don't care even if it is a crazy love,
I want to stay by Gang U's side and protect you.
Also, even if this is the reason of my love...
do you know why I...
Let you stay by my side?
Because you risked your life to save me.
I feel that the debt I owe you,
should be returned.
I will make you tired of that crazy love of yours.
Just wait and see.
What did he say?
At least, say something that can be understood.
Recently, news of Gang U's bodyguard has been spreading on the internet,
did you know?
Heard she is a martial arts expert.
How come her body figure is so hot?
Her face isn't bad either.
Everyone is speculating if there's something going on between them.
The internet has it all blown up.
I am sorry.
Gang U is currently resting.
Please do not disturb him.
Move aside.
I can't do that.
Hasn't Geuk Bong mentioned to you?
I'm not someone who can be stopped.
Never heard before.
Then, go and find it out.
I can't let anyone disturb Gang U while he's resting.
This is my job.
I have clearly warned you.
Gang U!
It's okay, let her go.
Do not touch her.
-=Next Episode Preview=-
Oppa~, Oppa~.
Should I get you a cup of coffee, Oppa?
Say that again and you're dead.
Are you okay?
Because you keep being so noisy!
I can't even...
She's that girl.
That secret bodyguard.
The one who comes first will die in my hands!
Forget the hospital. Just contact Dr. Sun.
Do you intend to follow me like this?
Really can not compared to this like you!
Han Myeong Wol.
I almost didn't recognize you.
Please do not forget this.
It's all for our homeland and its people,
that's why we're here suffering.
I'll keep that in mind.
Don't fight over this.
Just follow me.