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''It is a chess move. ''
''Chess. . ''
''It is a chess move. ''
''It is a chess move. ''
''Pl\ease don't feel\ bad. ''
''I'l\l\ win you and take you away. ''
''The whol\e worl\d wil\l\ see. ''
''My styl\e might win your heart. ''
''I'l\l\ try to reach you with a different guise every time. ''
''It is a chess move. ''
''Pl\ease don't feel\ bad. ''
''I'l\l\ win you and take you away. ''
''The whol\e worl\d wil\l\ see. ''
''A smal\l\ pawn wil\l\ do much destruction. ''
''The king wil\l\ just remain standstil\l\. ''
''It is a chess move. ''
''Pl\ease don't feel\ bad. ''
''I'l\l\ win you and take you away. ''
''The whol\e worl\d wil\l\ see. ''
Once again you have come back defeated.
Once again he has fool\ed you.
It is such a big secret service, with so much at its disposal\.
And there was just one Indian.
A simpl\e Indian coul\d not be arrested.
Comrade-general\, we tried our best, but his hel\icopter. .
No, no. Give us onl\y one more chance. We promise you.
Comrade, Chin, send in comrade Chan. .
. .and comrade Lengji.
Comrade Chan and comrade Lengji, Comrade Komu. .
. .wants to meet you.
Col\onel\ Chan, Comrade General\.
Major Lengji, Comrade General\.
You were given this task. But your men were usel\ess.
That Indian again got away from us.
That Indian easil\y. .
. .enters our territory and rescues. .
. .those which are inimical\ to us.
This Indian is the biggest threat to us.
No one knows from where he comes and where he goes.
None of us have seen him nor do any of us know who he is.
I want to know what you have done about it.
If you care for your l\ife, I'l\l\ give you one more chance.
I want to know who this Indian is.
Enough. Enough.
Chil\dren, now I'l\l\ sing a song for you.
Pl\ease cl\ap your hands al\ong with me.
''Let me show you how to l\ove. ''
''Let me teach you to l\augh and cry. ''
''Let me teach you to smil\e l\ike fl\owers. ''
''Let me teach you to l\ive even with the thorns. '
''Let me show you how to l\ove. ''
''Let me teach you to l\augh and cry. ''
''Let me teach you to smil\e l\ike fl\owers. ''
''Let me teach you to l\ive even with the thorns. ''
''Darl\ings, l\isten to this song of my heart. ''
''Darl\ings, l\isten to this song of my heart. ''
''Tomorrow you wil\l\ become young men. ''
''You must l\earn to be careful\. ''
''You must l\earn to be careful\. ''
''You have to spend your l\ife here. ''
Do you understand, chil\dren?
''Let me show you how to l\ove. ''
''Let me teach you to l\augh and cry. ''
''Let me teach you to smil\e l\ike fl\owers. ''
''Let me teach you to l\ive even with the thorns. ''
''Let me show you how to l\ove. ''
''Let me teach you to l\augh and cry. ''
''Let me teach you to smil\e l\ike fl\owers. ''
''Let me teach you to l\ive even with the thorns. ''
''Your fate is in your hands. ''
''Your fate is in your hands. ''
''Your bravery wil\l\ win everyone's heart. ''
''Whether I'm here or not. . ''
''Whether I'm here or not. . ''
''. .the worl\d wil\l\ need you. ''
''Let me show you how to l\ove. ''
''Let me teach you to l\augh and cry. ''
''Let me teach you to smil\e l\ike fl\owers. ''
''Let me teach you to l\ive even with the thorns. ''
How kind of you !
Thank you.
Mention not.
It is my duty to serve beautiful\ girl\s l\ike you.
Oh, real\l\y?
Yes, I saw that you were l\onel\y.
Do you l\ike l\onel\iness?
Oh, no. Pl\ease sit down.
Thank you very much.
Do you l\ive in this hotel\?
Yes, my name is Jai. And you?
Suzy. I stay here, too.
In room no 4 20. Pl\ease pay me visit some day.
I can come anytime, but. .
But what?
I am afraid of your bl\ue eyes.
Anyone can get drowned in your deep eyes.
Moreover, I cannot swim.
Is this your hobby or a profession?
I mean the photographs.
It is just a hobby. - Pl\ease carry on, I l\ike to be photographed.
Real\l\y? - Yes.
Let me satisfy your l\iking.
That wil\l\ be fantastic.
Shal\l\ I stand here? - Yes.
But the photograph shoul\d be such that I'l\l\ al\ways remember you.- Okay.
Oh, God. My photograph.
Who are you? Get out of here.
No, I won't. I am the Sheikh from gul\f.
I am your fan.
I am your date, oh, beautiful\.
Oh, fan. I am a fan, too. Go away.
Don't make noise. Yel\l\ow shirt. And hal\f pants.
Do you think you l\ook better than me?
I l\ook better than you. Photograph me, oh, beauty.
I'l\l\ make you sweat now, you goon.
Dirty scoundrel\. - Scoundrel\.
A crook. - Crook.
I'l\l\ send you back to gul\f.
You dare say that to me? - Yes.
I'l\l\ show you.
My camera fel\l\ in the water.
Don't worry, ma'am. I'l\l\ bring it right now.
Oh, what a probl\em!
Take it. - Thank you.
Bye. - Bye.
How did I act?
It was fantastic.
But I am no l\ess. She took the camera, but the fil\m is with me.
It means that ma'am was a spy.
She is a spy. It seems our ol\d enemies remembered me again.
Comrade. Comrade Suzy. - Okay.
Comrade Chan. Report.
I have found that Indian.
Good. Very good.
I tried to photograph him. But he foil\ed my attempt.
Keep a watch on him and wait for my next cal\l\.
Okay. Now he can't be out of my sight.
So now you know about that Indian? Very good.
Comrade General\, if you give an order, we'l\l\ kil\l\ him at once.
No, I want him here. - Here?
Yes, here. I want to parade him around the markets here.
Then I'l\l\ kil\l\ him l\ike a dog.
But, comrade. . - Shut up.
Comrade Ching, come inside.
Show them the photographs printed in this newspaper.
Have you seen them careful\l\y?
Yes, comrade.
She is a famous artist in India. Her mother is with her.
She has come to Hong Kong to perform. .
. . in a dance programme.
Why are you staring l\ike fool\s?
Can't we use those women to capture that Indian?
''Who has seen the peacock dancing in the jungl\e?''
''I have seen it, I have seen it. ''
''Who has seen the peacock dancing in the jungl\e?''
''Looking at the rain, it is very joyful\. ''
''Looking at the rain, it is very joyful\. ''
''And it began singing with l\ove. ''
''And it began singing with l\ove. ''
''I have seen it l\onging for someone. ''
''I have seen it, I have seen it. ''
''Who has seen the peacock dancing in the jungl\e?''
''It wal\ks wonderful\l\y. ''
''It wal\ks wonderful\l\y. ''
''And pl\eads with its bel\oved. ''
''I have seen it abiding by l\ove. ''
''I have seen it, I have seen it. ''
''Who has seen the peacock dancing in the jungl\e?''
''It quenches the thirst of mind. ''
''It quenches the thirst of our heart. ''
''But it remains thirsty itsel\f. ''
''But it remains thirsty itsel\f. ''
''I have seen it shedding tears in l\ove. ''
''I have seen it, I have seen it. ''
''Who has seen the peacock dancing in the jungl\e?''
Mother. Mother.
Meena. Meena.
A drama in the Hong Kong theatre.
Ms. Meena and Shardadevi are missing.
The l\atest news. The l\atest news.
Ms. Meena and Sharda Devi are missing.
A drama in the Hong Kong theatre.
'The programme began. The peopl\e were del\irious. '
'The fans of Meenadevi were l\ost in a dream worl\d. '
'They were l\ost in the dance. '
'Suddenl\y the l\ights in the theatre went out. '
'There was chaos everywhere. '
'Peopl\e started to run here and there. '
'Meanwhil\e, Mrs. Shardadevi and Ms. Meena went missing. '
Bhol\a. Bhol\a. - Yes, sir.
Bhol\a. Bhol\a.
What is the matter, sir?
Bhol\a, Sharda and Meena. .
Tel\l\ me, sir.
''We are in troubl\e. ''
''We are in troubl\e. ''
''Oh, Lord, pl\ease save us. ''
''Oh, Lord, pl\ease save us. ''
Are you al\right? I think you must have l\iked this pl\ace.
What do you want? Tel\l\ us, what do you want?
We want to know about your decision. .
. . regarding our suggestion.
Your suggestion? You mean we shoul\d make a statement. .
. .that we surrendered on our own to your government?
How can I make such an untrue statement?
It's just a smal\l\ statement.
You have kidnapped us from Hong Kong for no reason.
We are treated l\ike criminal\s for no faul\t of ours.
Now you want us to make an untrue statement. .
. .to hide your actions?
I am asking you. For what?
We are used to asking questions.
We do not answer questions.
I am asking you the l\ast time, what is your decision?
We worship truth in the country where we are born.
We can speak nothing but the truth.
We are forced to use force because of your l\oyal\ty.
Guard, make the arrangements. - Come here.
Comrade, take away the girl\.
Pl\ease don't do anything to my mother.
Mother. Mother.
Have faith in God, my dear.
What do you want to do? Don't torture my mother.
Let my mother go.
It wil\l\ not kil\l\ you. The moment it touches you, you'l\l\ get a shock.
You'l\l\ suffer, cry and beg to die.
But you'l\l\ not die.
No, no.
For God's sake, don't torture my mother.
Pl\ease l\et her go. I am pl\eading before you.
I am wil\l\ing to do whatever you ask me to do.
I'l\l\ serve you al\l\ my l\ife. But l\et her go.
You seem more sensibl\e than your mother.
Wil\l\ you answer our questions?
What do you want?
Do you accept that you and your mother surrendered to us?
Yes. - Both of you are happy here, is that right? - Yes.
And to express your happiness, you have agreed. .
. .to perform in our Lotus theatre. Is that right?
I accept it.
I promise you that til\l\ you do as we say, your mother. .
. .won't have any troubl\e.
She wil\l\ be comfortabl\e, but she'l\l\ have to stay in our prison.
Comrade Lengji, immediatel\y announce on radio. .
. .that Ms. Meena and her mother have surrendered. .
. .to our government on their own.
It is an absol\ute l\ie. It is impossibl\e.
Sharda and Meena are artists, not traitors.
Everyone's sympathies are with you.
The nation, press, the peopl\e, everyone knows that. .
. .there is a conspiracy by the enemy behind this action.
Mr. Thakur, can you tel\l\ us why the enemy chose. .
. .your wife and daughter for this purpose?
What can I say about it, young man?
I have the same question in my mind.
Mr. Thakur, what you want to say about Ms. Meena. .
. .agreeing to perform in the Lotus theatre?
Meena is an innocent girl\. There must be some vul\nerabil\ity.
They must have forced her.
It is not a question of my wife or my daughter.
It is about humanity. What can you expect from the. .
. .government which has l\ost its humanity?
The newspapers in the enemy country say that both of them. .
. . l\eft India because they were not happy here.
Why do you pl\ay with my sentiments by asking such questions?
I have al\ready tol\d you that my wife and daughter. .
. .are artists, not traitors.
I don't want to say anything more.
Now pl\ease l\eave me al\one.
Mr. Thakur.
I have al\ready said that now I don't have the energy. .
. .to answer any questions. The interview is over.
I am not here to ask you any question.
Then what are you here for?
I am here to answer your question.
Which has reduced your l\ife by a thousand days.
I don't understand. Who are you?
My name is Jai. I am here to get bl\essings from you.
Bl\essings? For what?
I promise you that I'l\l\ bring back your wife and. .
. .daughter within a month.
You are bl\uffing. How can it be?
It can be done.
Do you want to pl\ay with your l\ife?
They are very dangerous peopl\e.
I am their biggest danger.
But this job requires more than just bravery.
I have everything with God's bl\essings.
Just give me a l\etter addressed to them. .
. .so that they don't misunderstand me.
Take it, my son.
May I take your l\eave?
Wait a minute. Pl\ease come with me.
Mother Goddess, this young man has undertaken. .
. .a very dangerous mission.
Pl\ease keep him safe.
Take it, my son. This is our famil\y treasure.
When she l\ooks at it, she wil\l\ understand that. .
. .you have come from me.
Mr. Thakur, pl\ease bl\ess me that I can bring back your happiness.
Jai, your name means victory. My bl\essings are with you, Son.
Greeting, Mr. Jai. - Greetings, Mr. Jai.
How are you?
As l\ong as you are there, I wil\l\ be fine.
Don't you see that I am enjoying food and drinks?
That's good. Pl\ease enjoy, I'l\l\ go.
Where are you going?
First to Hong Kong by air, then by ship to. .
What about me?
Don't worry. I'l\l\ keep Suzy for company with you.
Suzy? Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
I don't want to be a bel\l\ of that cat.
I'l\l\ come al\ong with you.
Don't tal\k nonsense. It's important that you stay here.
Don't you remember we had fool\ed a spy girl\. .
. .two years back?
Now you have to repeat that with Suzy.
But you are tal\king l\ike a fool\.
You say I am a fool\? If I didn't know this, I woul\dn't have. .
. .come here in a disguise.
Be ready soon, Suzy can come any time.
Perhaps Suzy has arrived.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
Where are you, buddy? It was not a cat, but a rat. Come out.
Oh, it was a rat. I was worried.
But why did you take out your mask?
Jai, if I hadn't taken out my mask, Suzy woul\d have seen. .
. .two Jais and we woul\d have been in troubl\e.
Now l\isten, you'l\l\ have to stay in the hotel\ as a waiter.
And you'l\l\ have to fool\ Suzy in my disguise. .
. .so that she does not suspect that I have l\eft.
Onl\y you can do this job, my friend. - That's right.
Now she has definitel\y come. Put your mask back soon.
Where are you going?
The cat is coming, I'l\l\ take care of my chicken.
Do it soon, there's very l\ess time.
I am ready, boss.
Oh, sorry. I mean ready, boss.
Okay. Keep this watch with you.
When there is an al\arm, it wil\l\ mean there is a message for you.
Now go and deal\ with Suzy downstairs.
She shoul\d never come to know that I have al\ready l\eft.
Do you understand?
Oh, you are asking me? Now see how I deal\ with that cat.
Good bye. - Good bye.
Ms. Suzy. -Yes. - Was he the same?
Yes, I fol\l\owed him from Mr. Thakur's house.
He is the same one. There he is. Pl\ease go now.
Hi, Jai.
Hi, Suzy.
You are l\ooking very pretty today.
You are l\ooking different, too.
Yes. Nothing very special\ about me.
Are you going out?
I was going to meet Cl\eopatra.
But now I have met you. Now no need to go.
You are very smart. You know how to fl\atter a woman.
In that case, why shoul\dn't we dance?
Come on. - Come on.
Don't be a naughty boy. Everyone is l\ooking.
Let's go to a beach where onl\y the two of us wil\l\ be there.
You are very fast.
I am a young man.
Your attention, pl\ease. Air India announces the. .
. .departure of fl\ight number 12 8 to Hong Kong.
Passengers bound to Hong Kong are requested. .
. .to proceed to the aircraft. Thank you.
The pl\ane for Hong Kong is now ready to l\eave.
Good l\uck. - Who was that?
Whoever he is. - Good l\uck, happy l\anding.
Keys, pl\ease.
Ms. Suzy, dark gl\asses cal\l\ed you many times.
He has asked you to cal\l\ him.
Thank you.
I have not seen a more beautiful\ girl\ than you.
Thank you.
Good night, darl\ing.
Good night.
Ma'am 4 20.
Hel\l\o. Can I speak to 7 7 3344? Thank you.
Hel\l\o. Can I tal\k to Mr. Dark gl\asses?
Gol\den hair here.
Oh, you are coming here? Good.
Oh, you.
I have brought coffee for you.
But I. .
I know, ma'am. You are tired.
If you have a cup of coffee, you'l\l\ feel\ better.
Tel\l\ me if you want any other drink.
Keep it here and go.
I saw that you and Jai were dancing. .
. .very cl\ose in the evening.
Then both of you were al\one. .
Shut up. Mind your own business.
I am tal\king business. Jai was admiring you a l\ot.
Real\l\y? What did he say?
He tal\ked l\ess, but he was dancing with joy.
You have won his heart in a singl\e day.
Ma'am, how did you find Jai's styl\e of romance?
Oh, what a styl\e!
He said the same thing.
What did he say?
''What a styl\e! She is great''.
Oh, real\l\y? Does he tel\l\ you everything?
Yes, ma'am. I am his special\ man.
He doesn't keep any secrets from me.
But, waiter, who is Mr. Jai?
What is his business and. .
. .who comes to meet him?
You asked three questions at a stretch.
But you are smart. You know everything has some val\ue.
Don't you understand what I said?
Can you understand a gesture?
Take it. Why are you quiet?
Mr. Jai has given me a bad habit.
I cannot speak until\ I don't get at l\east Rs. 50.
I am sick of this habit.
Okay, take some more. Now wil\l\ you tel\l\ me?
What were you asking?
Everything about Mr. Jai.
Oh, he is very rich.
I know it wel\l\. Tel\l\ me something el\se.
Pl\ease don't feel\ bad, but Mr. Jai is al\ways on to something.
Perhaps it is about a girl\.
Anything el\se?
Waiter, you may go now.
Good night, ma'am. - Good night.
Good night, sir.
Jai has l\eft from here. - What?
I saw him departing by the 1 1 : 30 pm fl\ight. .
. .to Hong Kong yesterday.
Have you gone mad? He was with me until\ 2 : 00 l\ast night.
He was with you til\l\ 2 : 00 at night? - Yes.
But I have seen him l\eaving mysel\f.
How can that be? Just a whil\e back he went to his room.
He has gone to his room? - Yes.
Why shoul\dn't we see him now?
Pl\ease excuse me. I thought I must serve him, too.
What is your name, waiter?
Ma'am. My name is Amir.
Amir, wil\l\ you do me a favor?
I have begun sweating because you tal\k in this manner.
Is it something special\?
I just want the keys to Jai's room for a whil\e.
It is very difficul\t. I cannot do it.
Why? - Because Jai is a non-vegetarian.
He'l\l\ eat me al\ive.
Don't worry at al\l\. Nothing wil\l\ happen to you.
You are tal\king as if you are the owner of this hotel\.
I promise you that nothing wil\l\ happen.
This is the perfect way to tal\k. You must understand this l\anguage.
No need to speak with your mouth.
Just a hand gesture is enough.
Take it, ma'am.
Oh, how sweet, young man !
Oh, I'l\l\ die.
Why are you standing l\ike a fool\?
Keep it there and come with me.
The truth wil\l\ come to l\ight.
Idiot. You have disturbed me unnecessaril\y. .
. . in the middl\e of the night.
Al\l\ the arrangements for your departure have been made, Jai.
Thank you, captain. I am ready, too.
Jai, whenever I think about you, I get disturbed.
You are a young man. Your whol\e l\ife is before you.
But you al\ways put your l\ife in danger.
Why? For what?
What is the use of l\ife which is aiml\ess?
I wil\l\ be proud of my l\ife if I can hel\p my nation. .
. .with the hel\p of friends l\ike you.
Brother, you are l\eaving?
Yes. I was waiting for you.
We must l\eave now. - Let's go.
Bye, captain. - Best of l\uck.
Whenever I need you, I'l\l\ cal\l\ you.
Sal\ma, meet me in that hotel\, this time as a cabaret dancer.
Bye, Brother, best of l\uck.
Al\l\ the best, - bye, bye.
What a way you were dancing in !
Light it.
Pl\ease have it. I'l\l\ have whatever is l\eft.
No, I won't have it. I am upset with you.
Upset? Don't tal\k l\ike this, ma'am.
How can you l\eave me al\one at the hal\f-way mark?
How can I endure the l\ove with you?
I have no one but you. You are the onl\y one.
Don't tal\k to me. I danced with you and l\oved you.
But you haven't tol\d me about Jai at al\l\.
How can I tel\l\ you? You are two-timing me and jai.
You are driving the two-horse cart.
I feel\ sorry about my fate.
Don't worry. I'l\l\ never l\eave you al\one.
Real\l\y? - Yes.
Promise? - Promise.
Ma'am, pl\ease cal\l\ me darl\ing.
You said it very fast. Pl\ease speak a bit sl\owl\y.
Darl\ing. .
Oh, I'l\l\ die.
Now I feel\ cl\oser to you.
You may ask whatever you want.
You may ask me whatever you want to know.
I have become a traitor from today.
Why shoul\d you fear if you are in l\ove?
Have you seen the movie Mughul\-E-Azam ( Indian movie )?
No. It doesn't matter.
Amir, I have heard that Jai goes out of India very often.
Yes, he goes out many times. About 7-8 times in a year.
Where to? - To America, London, Paris and other pl\aces.
Darl\ing, when wil\l\ he go out again?
Who are you tal\king about? This darl\ing or him?
Mr. Jai.
I don't know about it. Whenever I'l\l\ come to know. .
. .I'l\l\ tel\l\ you.
Real\l\y? - Yes.
Promise? - Promise.
What kind of a noise is this?
I have had my al\arm set.
It is time for my duty. I'l\l\ go now.
I'l\l\ come at this time tomorrow.
I'l\l\ die for you.
Darl\ing, Good night. My darl\ing.
Hel\l\o. Hel\l\o.
Hel\l\o. Rakesh here. - Item bomb here.
I have reached safel\y here.
How is your cat?
I have fool\ed the cat. She thinks you are stil\l\ here.
Very good. Keep it on.
I'l\l\ inform you whenever I need you. Hail\ India.
Hail\ India.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Any l\etter for me?
One moment, pl\ease.
These are your papers and this are the keys.
Thank you.
Sorry, no l\etter.
Who is that, ma'am?
Sal\ma. The new cabaret dancer in this hotel\.
Sal\ma. Pl\ease.
Yes. - Sal\ma, meet him. He is Mr. Shivraj.
A wel\l\ known businessman in Hong Kong.
Businessman. How boring !
How boring !
Take it. Who was he?
General\ Konu.
Why there was so much noise?
Because no one can see his face.
Real\l\y? - Yes.
Oh, no one can see his face.
Al\l\ of you put your heads down.
No one raises his head. If you see him, you'l\l\ be dead.
Nothing coul\d be done til\l\ now?
No, General\, she is fol\l\owing him l\ike a cat.
The Indian has not l\eft yet.
Comrade general\, we know about his name. It is Jai.
Oh, so now you know his name? Very good.
What is his father's name?
Dil\avar Singh.
And her mother?
Shut up. You are l\ike donkeys. I want that Indian.
But you have come out with his ancestors' names.
Now it is too l\ate. I want to see him here, in our custody.
''I am unknown here. ''
''My worl\d is different. ''
''I am unknown here. ''
''My worl\d is different. ''
''This is not my wish. ''
''My dream is something different. ''
''My l\ife is in shambl\es. ''
''My l\ife is in shambl\es. ''
''Where can I go? I am hel\pl\ess. ''
''This is someone el\se's house. ''
''My house is somewhere el\se. ''
''I am unknown here. ''
''My worl\d is different. ''
''Though I am smil\ing, my heart is crying. ''
''Though I am smil\ing, my heart is crying. ''
''But stil\l\ I am carrying on. ''
''But stil\l\ I am carrying on. ''
''No one here is my own. ''
''My own is somewhere el\se. ''
''I am unknown here. ''
''My worl\d is different. ''
''This is not my wish. ''
''My dream is something different. ''
Where are you going?
To the ol\d l\ane.
Okay, to the ol\d l\ane.
Meena. Meena.
Meena, today you were simpl\y superb.
Your dance was excel\l\ent.
Yes, Jenny. But you know what I am going through.
My mother is in prison, so I have to dance and keep. .
. .the publ\ic happy.
If you were not with me, I woul\d have gone mad.
I have tol\d you many times not to think too much.
Lotus woman. Give me. Thank you.
Comrade Meena, she is ma'am Tum-Li.
She wil\l\ be with you as a servant.
But why?
I'l\l\ tel\l\ you everything inside. Come with me.
You go to your room.
I don't need a servant. I can handl\e my own work.
Our government thinks it is its duty to care for their guests.
Have you imprisoned my mother for that reason?
You don't al\l\ow me to meet my mother.
I can't even write a l\etter to my father.
Now you have put her on my trail\ so that I can't even cry.
You'l\l\ be al\l\owed to l\augh and cry.
But comrade wil\l\ al\ways be with you.
Inside the home as wel\l\ as outside it.
Oh, the l\otus woman. Are you Hankichiki?
What is he saying?
Who are you? Get out.
Get out. No.
Get in, yes.
The l\otus woman paid me l\ess charge.
See for yoursel\f.
You are l\ying. You cannot count.
I can count better than you, comrade.
Every night I count four wives, seven daughters and eight sons.
Four wives?
Yes. How many wives do you have?
I. . Wel\l\. . - Are you his wife?
It seems you don't have even one.
So how can you teach me to count?
Lotus woman, don't try to fool\ the ol\d man.
Give me two yen.
Did I real\l\y pay l\ess?
Am I l\ying?
Where are you going?
Comrade, may I ask her a question. .
. .with your permission?
Yes. - Okay.
Lotus woman, are you an Indian?
I am riding a cart since 25 years. I have become ol\d now.
But I have not seen a pink skinned girl\ l\ike you.
I feel\ l\ike becoming a young man again.
What do you think, comrade?
You got your money? - Yes.
Get out from here.
Yes, I wil\l\
Look properl\y, ol\d man.
Yes, Yes.
Did you see what kind of peopl\e come here, Comrade Meena?
So you need such a partner.
Shin. - Chin comrade.
Shin. - Chin comrade.
Where is my handbag? Have you seen my handbag?
Jenny. Jenny.
What is the matter?
I had kept my handbag on the tabl\e.
But now it's not there. Where can it be?
So he was the ol\d man, the cart driver?
He was more of a devil\ than a cart driver.
He was l\ooking strange with a l\ong beard and l\ong hair.
Yes, now I understand. He was teaching me to count.
He said he has 4 wives, 12 sons and 6 daughters.
Comrade, I am not interested in his famil\y.
But I am. If I get hol\d of him, I'l\l\ maul\ him.
But I have done it al\ready.
When I came to know that he ran away with the handbag. .
. .of a woman, I caught his throat.
No, what are you up to, comrade?
Comrade Shivraj. Pl\ease forgive me, I was reckl\ess.
You coul\d have kil\l\ed me.
Go and wait outside. I have cal\l\ed the owner of the bag.
She wil\l\ reach here soon.
There she is.
Who is she?
She is the owner of the bag.
But she l\ooks l\ike an Indian woman.
Yes, she is a special\ guest of our country.
Come in, comrade Meena.
So you have found my handbag.
Not he, I did.
Yes. Comrade Shivraj, a big deal\er in Hong Kong.
She is the famous dancer of the Lotus theatre. Comrade Meena.
Comrade Meena. You mean the great international\ star Ms. Meena.
Oh, ma'am, yesterday I saw you in the Lotus theatre.
Wonderful\. You are a great artist.
I was al\most knocked out by your performance.
Bel\ieve me. I stil\l\ can't bel\ieve that you are. .
. .standing in front of me.
It is al\l\ due to you, comrade.
Thank you. Oh, no.
Comrade Meena, this is your bag.
Thank you. Now I'l\l\ take your l\eave. - Okay.
You had to undergo a l\ot of troubl\e because of you.
Thank you very much.
It is I who shoul\d thank this handbag.
And I must thank that ol\d cart driver.
If he hadn't stol\en your bag, I woul\dn't have met you.
Now that we have met, won't you al\l\ow me. .
. .to l\et me drop you in my car?
Thank you, but I'l\l\ go wal\king.
I can't bear that such a great artist travel\s on foot.
I am al\ready l\ate, pl\ease l\et me go.
But I can't al\l\ow you to go in this manner.
Your feet are meant to wal\k on fl\owers, not on stones.
He is a strange man.
Comrade Shivraj, why do you embarrass me? Pl\ease get up.
What kind of a drama is going on?
Comrade Shivraj wants to drop her by his car. .
. . but she is refusing it.
Now it is your decision, she is not accepting my request.
Pl\ease go with him and save me.
Okay, l\et's go.
Comrade, you are a useful\ person. Thank you.
Oh, no. It hurts. - Okay.
Perhaps you do not know, Ms. Meena. I am an actor, too.
Real\l\y? You are a deal\er and an actor, too?
Yes. Less of a deal\er than an actor.
Shal\l\ I put up some act? - Yes.
Oh, my darl\ing, I'l\l\ fight a storm, break stones, break wal\l\s. .
. .and take you away to my house and offer you hot tea.
I'l\l\ cl\ose al\l\ the roads and bring a pudding for you. .
. .and everyone wil\l\ be l\eft just watching.
For me, too.
Did you enjoy it? - Yes, a l\ot.
There is some more.
Not now, now we have reached home.
Okay, some other time.
Thank you.
Pl\ease excuse me, I have forgotten something.
Yes. - I forgot my purse at the hotel\.
The petrol\ in my car is finished.
Wil\l\ you l\oan me some money?
Why not?
Tomorrow I'l\l\ be back to put up my show. Be ready.
Shivraj is a mad man. Wil\l\ you have food?
I am not hungry.
Eat some air if you are not hungry, but I'l\l\ eat.
Dear daughter, I am sending a famil\y treasure. .
. .with this young man.
So that you'l\l\ know that your il\l\-fated father is stil\l\ al\ive.
I al\ways pray to God to keep both of you safe.
Who's that?
Jenny here.
Jenny, come inside and do up my hair.
Where were you? I have been l\ooking for you since a l\ong time.
Where is the hair brush?
It is not needed. Come here.
What is the matter?
Jenny, today I met a young man. - Real\l\y?
What are both of you doing there?
Let's not tal\k right now, we can tal\k l\ater.
I stil\l\ can't bel\ieve that this can be true.
I al\so don't bel\ieve it, but I can recognize. .
. . my father's handwriting.
Moreover, this is our famil\y treasure.
Today I am very happy.
Today your eyes are shining brightl\y.
I have not seen you so happy before.
Jenny, wil\l\ he come back again?
Just now you said that he'l\l\ come back tomorrow.
When wil\l\ tomorrow come?
He has arrived.
Has he arrived? Jenny, I think he wanted. .
. .some excuse to come here.
Actual\l\y he wants to tel\l\ me something.
I am worried that she might find out.
I am very scared.
Don't worry about it. Wait for him outside at the garden. .
. .I'l\l\ take care of the rest. Pl\ease go.
Go, go.
Are you afraid?
I am a passionate l\over. I sal\ute you.
Who are you?
Don't you recognize me? I'l\l\ take out the hat.
Take out the bl\ind.
Oh, a buffoon.
Yes, buffoon. Did you l\ike my acting?
I was real\l\y afraid.
I wanted to act before you first and then to her.
Where is Meena?
Meena is waiting for you in the garden.
Waiting? Oh, what a word? Take me to her immediatel\y.
Yes, l\et's go.
It wil\l\ be real\l\y nice of you if you make tea for the guest.
Real\l\y nice.
No, I'l\l\ go with him.
You are coming with me? Okay. Move.
Oh, you are there and I am here.
You are waiting for me.
Don't say no, my drama is ready.
''I have come from the heaven. For which you are l\onging. ''
''I have brought a message of l\ove. ''
''I have a request to the messenger of l\ove. ''
''How are the peopl\e where there is l\ove?''
''Everything over there is safe. ''
''But because you are missing, there is a misery there. ''
''Pl\ease understand. . ''
''Pl\ease understand what my eyes are saying. ''
''Say whatever you want to say. ''
''Say whatever you want to say. ''
''As if you said nothing. ''
''Just understand that it is a dream. ''
''Though I have met you for the first time. ''
''Think of me as your own. ''
''When you are so beautiful\. . ''
''. . how can I be not attracted to you?''
''Say whatever you want to say. ''
''Say whatever you want to say. ''
''As if you said nothing. ''
''It is not easy to wal\k on thorns. ''
''Be careful\ whil\e wal\king. ''
''It is not easy to wal\k on thorns. ''
''Be careful\ whil\e wal\king. ''
''It shoul\d not be that you get pricked by a thorn. ''
''Wal\k as if. . ''
''Wal\k as if you are breezing away sl\owl\y. ''
''Pl\ease understand what my eyes are saying. ''
''Our path of l\ove is more entangl\ed that the hair. ''
''I know very wel\l\ that everyone is fol\l\owing me. ''
''But stil\l\ my gestures wil\l\ tal\k to you. ''
''Say whatever you want to say. ''
''As if you said nothing. ''
Comrade, I want to see your papers.
What's going on?
Comrade, Lengji, you know me very wel\l\.
Yes, I know you. But we just want to see your papers.
But my papers are in the hotel\.
Then you'l\l\ have to come to the hotel\ with us.
Oh, what a nuisance!
Meena, I'l\l\ come back in the evening to ask you how you l\iked my acting.
Let's go, sir.
This way, pl\ease.
Comrade Shivraj, I'l\l\ take these papers with me.
Til\l\ we are not sure, you can neither go out of this room. .
. . nor can you meet comrade Meena.
Hel\l\o. May I speak to cabaret dancer Sal\ma, pl\ease?
Thank you.
Hel\l\o. Sal\ma here.
Sal\ma, you'l\l\ have to carry out an important work.
Yes. . Yes. . Yes. .
Yes, I understand.
Hel\l\o. Hel\l\o. Hel\l\o.
Hel\l\o. - Yankamma.
Yankamma. - Batkamma.
Batkamma. - Yes, Batkamma.
Batkamma, Oh, Batkamma. What is the matter?
Rocket has an important message for you.
Leave from there immediatel\y.
Suzy shoul\d feel\ that Jai has l\eft now.
Do you understand? - Yes.
Hel\l\o. - Hel\l\o.
Ma'am, come here immediatel\y.
There is a storm here.
Where? - In Mr. Jai's room.
What happened? - A l\ot. And a l\ot more is going to happen.
You come and see it for yoursel\f.
Okay, I'l\l\ be there right away. - But, ma'am. .
. .the probl\em is a big one, your wal\l\et shoul\d be equal\l\y big.
What happened? Where Is Jai?
You are asking it so l\eisurel\y. It is a matter of Rs. 1 l\akh.
Oh, wil\l\ you pl\ease tel\l\ me where Jai has gone?
Now it is of Rs. 2 l\akhs.
Pl\ease sit down.
I am so l\ucky. Such an important question.
What a good design !
Why do you take the troubl\e? Give it to me.
You must tel\l\ me now. Jai is very important for me.
I mean I l\ove Jai so much. - Yes.
Pl\ease. Tel\l\ me.
What can I say?
You must tel\l\ me whether this watch is made of gol\d or of brass.
Do you want it? - It is a beggar's sack.
You can put as much as you can.
Okay, take it.
Won't you tel\l\ me now?
It is a secret. Pl\ease come cl\oser.
Is that a diamond earring?
Take this, too.
For God's sake, pl\ease tel\l\ me now.
Mr. Jai has l\eft for the airport.
Real\l\y? - Yes.
He said he was going to a foreign country.
Foreign country? - I might not have heard properl\y.
Perhaps it coul\d be foreign l\iquor.
Ma'am, do we get foreign l\iquor at the airport?
How l\ong has it been since he l\eft?
Amir, why are you quiet? Say something.
You are yearning so much. You l\ove him so much.
If I was in his pl\ace. .
. .I woul\dn't have gone in a hel\icopter l\eaving you al\one.
Hel\icopter? - He has his own hel\icopter. AXE 10 1.
Pl\ease go soon, my bl\essings are with you.
You are so sweet. I'l\l\ never forget your favor.
Ma'am, pl\ease shake hands with me. - Okay.
Oh, what a l\ovel\y ring ! Shal\l\ I remove it?
Okay, bye.
Ma'am. - Yes.
Pl\ease take your empty bag.
Thank you, sweet boy, bye.
Why do you thank me? Thank God.
If she was not going to the airport. .
. .I woul\d have taken off her cl\othes, too.
You have done wonders.
Now I have done just a l\ittl\e, there is l\ot more to come.
It is l\ate night, Meena. Now he won't come.
I am worried that something bad has happened to him.
You are getting worried unnecessaril\y.
No, Jenny, surel\y something must have happened.
Otherwise he woul\d have come by now.
I'l\l\ go to his hotel\ and see what's wrong.
Are you mad? How can you go there?
Yes, I have gone mad.
Jenny, I don't care about anything happening to me.
What if he is arrested? I must go.
Wait a minute. Let me see what this nuisance is doing.
If you want to go, this is the right time, go soon.
Oh, Meena, you.
Why have you come so l\ate at night? What is the matter?
It's nothing. I came for no particul\ar reason.
But, Meena, it is dangerous here. You shoul\dn't have come.
I had to come.
I wanted to ask you about a l\ot when you met me the l\ast time.
But they took you away suddenl\y.
I waited for so l\ong, but you didn't return.
So you got disturbed?
Are you al\right? - Nothing is wrong with me, I am perfectl\y al\right.
Pl\ease wipe out your tears.
Meena, the tears do not suit you.
Wil\l\ you promise me something? - What is it?
Pl\ease keep on meeting me. I have no one in this unknown country.
Onl\y you are there, with the message from my father. .
. .who I can consider as cl\ose to me.
You think I am cl\ose to you, isn't it?
From now, your sorrows are my sorrows.
Meena, I promise you that I'l\l\ meet you every day.
It is very l\ate at night. I'l\l\ drop you to your home.
What is the matter?
Col\onel\ Chan wants to meet you right now. - Right now? Why?
Ask these questions to him. Come with me.
Let's go, Meena.
Comrade Chan, I know that I am l\ower order officer than you.
But it doesn't mean that what I say is wrong whil\e. .
. .what you say is right.
I am tel\l\ing you once again that you are making. .
. .a big mistake by suspecting comrade Shivraj.
He is just a spoil\ed rich man and a fan of dramas.
My dear intel\l\igent and bright fool\.
Have you seen that Indian before?
No, I have not.
Have I seen him? - No.
Has anyone el\se seen him? - No.
So why don't you understand such a smal\l\ matter?
That this Shivraj might be the Indian we want.
Comrade Shivraj and comrade Meena.
Oh, comrade Chan, comrade Lengji.
Why have you cal\l\ed us here?
Can't you have a proper sl\eep?
By the way, tel\l\ me what I can do for you.
Comrade Shivraj, I want to ask you some questions.
Questions to me? Pl\ease forgive me. .
. . but I am not good at a chat.
Moreover, I do not consider mysel\f smart enough. .
. .to answer your questions.
The questions are very simpl\e.
Can you tel\l\ me why you are so interested in comrade Meena?
Yes. It is a very del\icate question.
Are you jeal\ous?
Onl\y repl\y to the questions that I ask you.
What was the question?
You are a deal\er in Hong Kong, whil\e comrade Meena. .
. . is an artist from India.
You met by chance yesterday.
Since you met her, you are fol\l\owing her very cl\osel\y.
May I know why?
What if I refuse to answer this question?
We know how to make you tal\k.
Take him away. Put him in prison.
No, no. Pl\ease don't do any such thing.
It's not his faul\t at al\l\. - Meena.
May I ask, what my crime is, for which you are punishing me?
I don't think it is necessary to answer your question.
I al\so don't think it is necessary.
But what if General\ Komu asks you about it?
General\ Komu?
Yes, my cl\ose friend General\ Komu.
When he comes to know about everything, he'l\l\ ask me. .
. .what was the matter for which. .
It is al\l\ because of me. I shoul\dn't have come to you.
I'l\l\ never be abl\e to forgive mysel\f.
If you hadn't come to me, I woul\dn't have forgiven you.
Comrade Chan speaking, report.
Comrade, that Indian has l\eft from here today.
What? He l\eft today?
Yes, I saw him going by a hel\icopter today.
Comrade Lengji, you were right.
He is not that Indian.
Suzy has sent a message that the Indian has l\eft for here. .
. .today by a hel\icopter.
Comrade, I am a fool\ that I al\ways offer my precious opinions to you.
Now how wil\l\ you cl\ear this mess?
Don't worry about it. Leave it to me. Come on.
Comrade Shivraj, these are your papers.
You may go now.
Can I hope that hereafter I won't have any reason. .
. .to compl\ain against you? - Never, never.
I have forgiven you.
Thank you, comrade. - Thank you, comrade.
Let's go, Ms. Meena.
This troubl\e is over.
Comrade Lengji, we have very l\ess time.
Make arrangements for the car soon. Go.
Turn the jeep this way.
Guards, go in hiding.
There he is.
He is coming here straight.
Guards. Come out.
You are surrounded from al\l\ sides.
Come out immediatel\y.
If you don't come out, you wil\l\ be shot at.
One, two, three. . Fire.
Move to the front.
Amir. - Boss.
Wel\come, Amir. - Boss, I have pul\l\ed the l\egs of these short men.
How? - I threw my dummy there instead.
Yankanna. You are l\ate.
We were waiting for you since morning.
Batkamma, it was not a short journey.
I had to cross seven seas.
Yankanna must be tired, pl\ease bring some tea for him.
Oh, why not?
Come with me, Amir, pl\ease have a seat.
Tel\l\ me, my friend.
How's your Del\hi? She doesn't suspect you, does she?
It was no use. I was just fool\ing. - What do you mean?
I have fool\ed her. I came in front of her. . I mean you came.
Now order me about what, how and when I have to do it?
Amir, now that you have come, we have a l\ot to do.
And we have to do it soon.
This time you'l\l\ stay at Moonfl\ower Hotel\.
Moonfl\ower? - Yes, Moonfl\ower Hotel\. As my partner.
Permanent or a temporary partner?
Temporary. As a cabaret dancer.
How can I do it?
Boss, but you have not said anything about you.
Have you met her?
Yes, I met her many times.
But I have not reveal\ed anything about mysel\f.
She knows me as the deal\er Shivraj.
What a l\ovel\y name, Shivraj !
When wil\l\ you reveal\ the secret?
''If I make you my partner. . ''
''. .tel\l\ me, how l\ong you'l\l\ partner me?''
''As l\ong as the earth and the sky meet each other. ''
''I'l\l\ not l\eave you. ''
''If I make you my partner. . ''
''. .tel\l\ me, how l\ong you'l\l\ partner me?''
''As l\ong as the earth and the sky meet each other. ''
''I'l\l\ not l\eave you. ''
''There is a beauty everywhere. '
''How can I have faith in you?''
''There is a beauty everywhere. '
''How can I have faith in you?''
''If I wish for someone el\se. . ''
''. . l\et my eyes l\ose their sight. ''
''If I make you my partner. . ''
''. .tel\l\ me, how l\ong you'l\l\ partner me?''
''As l\ong as the earth and the sky meet each other. ''
''I'l\l\ not l\eave you. ''
''As l\ong as your hair curl\s are there. . ''
''. .who'l\l\ want the heaven?''
''As l\ong as your hair curl\s are there. . ''
''. .who'l\l\ want the heaven?''
''If I have to die cl\ose to you. . ''
''. .that death wil\l\ be an easier one. ''
''If I make you my partner. . ''
''. .tel\l\ me, how l\ong you'l\l\ partner me?''
''As l\ong as the earth and the sky meet each other. ''
''I'l\l\ not l\eave you. ''
Get up, comrade.
Get up.
What is the matter? - Comrade Chan has cal\l\ed you to his office.
Now? - Yes.
Comrade, where coul\d that Indian be hiding?
In my pocket. I am in such a great troubl\e.
But whenever you tal\k, you say something wrong.
Let me think now.
Pl\ease think, but I don't understand why you have. .
. .cal\l\ed comrade Meena here.
If you don't mind, pl\ease don't interfere.
Let me do my job my way.
Comrade, Meena.
Send her in.
Don't worry. Pl\ease have a seat.
Why have you cal\l\ed me here?
You'l\l\ come to know everything. Pl\ease sit down first.
Pl\ease sit down. Wil\l\ you have something?
Col\d drink or tea perhaps? - Thank you.
I want to know what it is.
Comrade Meena, do you l\ove your mother very much?
It's not a question. For every chil\d, her mother is very precious.
Okay. Do you want to go back to your country?
Why not? Can it be done?
It can be done. We'l\l\ hel\p you for it.
But onl\y if you hel\p us.
What do you want? I am wil\l\ing to do as you say.
It's very simpl\e.
Did you meet anyone between today and yesterday?
Yes. - Who?
No, he is not tal\king about the Hong Kong deal\er.
We are tal\king about an Indian.
An Indian? - Yes.
Have you heard about him who has made our l\ife miserabl\e?
Many times he has rescued Indians from here.
This time he has come especial\l\y for you.
Real\l\y? - Yes.
We want you to inform us immediatel\y after he meets you.
You mean you want me to betray him?
I can never do it. I wil\l\ never do it.
I knew that this wil\l\ be your answer.
So I had asked you first, whether you l\ove your mother very much?
Comrade Meena, that Indian's l\ife is not. .
. . more precious than your mother's l\ife.
Think about it, now you may go.
So this is your way of working?
Why you al\l\owed comrade Meena to go?
Why didn't you imprison her al\ong with her mother?
Forget about that Indian, even his uncl\e won't be abl\e to rescue her.
You are a fool\.
What do we want? To arrest Meena or to arrest that Indian?
To arrest that Indian. - That's it.
If Meena is free, that Indian wil\l\ try to meet her.
Do you understand?
Ma'am, Chun-kai-Li, wil\l\ you pl\ease. .
Thank you.
What is the matter, Meena? You l\ook disturbed?
Yes, I am very disturbed.
I was cal\l\ed to the pol\ice station.
They tol\d me that one Indian has arrived here. .
. .to rescue me and my mother.
He has threatened me that I shoul\d inform them. .
. . immediatel\y after I meet him.
Otherwise my mother's l\ife wil\l\ be in danger.
What can I do? I'l\l\ go mad.
I don't understand what to do.
What can I do?
Shut up, Meena. How l\ong wil\l\ you cry?
First of al\l\, it cannot be so.
If at al\l\, someone comes here. .
. .what el\se can you do but inform about him?
Do you mean that I shoul\d be a traitor?
No, Raj, I can never do it.
How can I put him in imprison who has come to rescue us?
Knowingl\y, if I get him arrested. .
. .then these peopl\e wil\l\ kil\l\ him mercil\essl\y.
I cannot do it.
But why are you so worried about an unknown person?
Before meeting me, you were unknown to me, too.
If you were that Indian, coul\d have I handed over you to the enemy?
Never. I woul\d have died before I did such a thing.
The question is not about the l\ife of that unknown Indian.
It's about your mother.
Your mother is great.
Even after suffering so much in the hands of the enemy. .
. .she didn't surrender to the enemy.
Don't you have any duty towards your mother?
Pl\ease show me a way.
I cannot put my mother's l\ife in danger.
Nor can I betray that Indian.
Meena, such a man isn't there.
Even if he is, he won't be a simpl\e man.
He must be very strong man.
We wil\l\ see when such an occasion arrives.
Meena, I'l\l\ be there with you al\l\ the time.
Raj, what woul\d have happened if you weren't there?
Have faith in me, I have promised you that. .
. .I'l\l\ rescue you and your mother. .
. .whether or not that Indian comes here.
What are you doing?
Since I have come here, I haven't met your mother.
How wil\l\ she recognize me without this?
Are you going to meet my mother in prison?
But no one can go there. It is very dangerous.
Leave al\l\ that to me. I have my own ways to reach there.
You are a nice man.
I have had such a nice intoxication after a l\ong time.
Wait for a l\ittl\e whil\e. I'l\l\ give you a l\ot more.
Right now? - Right now. - Where is it?
What is it? - Who gives you so much opium?
I'l\l\ tel\l\ you.
Tel\l\ me. - I'l\l\ tel\l\ you.
Look at this. Pungi, Pungi.
Pungi, Pungi. What Pungi?
Don't tel\l\ anyone. I am a member of. .
. .the Pungi Pungi society.
If I say Pungi Pungi, I get the opium tabl\ets.
How's that?
Look at this. This is your government stamp.
Yes, it is. - You show it and enter the prison, isn't it? - Yes.
In the same manner, I show this and ask for the opium tabl\et.
I want to become a member of your Pungi Pungi Society.
That's what you want? - Yes.
Then wil\l\ you take your cl\othes off?
Don't you want the tabl\ets?
Yes, I do.
Take them off. - I want. . - Take them off.
Hol\d it. Give that to me.
Now remove your pants. What?
The pants are not al\l\owed by the Pungi Pungi society.
You are a bad man. I won't give my pants.
Won't you give them?
Okay, smoke it.
Smoke, smoke.
But onl\y if you don't ask for my pants.
No, I won't.
Then it's okay. - Smoke it.
Pungi. Pungi.
Pungi. Pungi. Pungi. Pungi.
Pungi. Pungi.
Left, right.
About turn.
Go inside.
Go inside.
This is Pusa's number. Who are you?
I am Lusa, Pusa's son.
Where is Pusa?
He is sick. - What sickness?
He has diarrhea. - Okay, get inside.
Mother. Mother.
Did you cal\l\ me?
Yes, Mother.
Who are you?
I have come from India.
Why do you pl\ay with my sentiments?
No, Mother. Pl\ease bel\ieve me.
I had so much difficul\ty to reach here.
Look at this.
Where. . did you get it from?
Your husband Mr. Thakur gave it to me.
So that you bel\ieve me.
How is my husband?
He is wel\l\. But he remembers you and Meena al\l\ the time.
Have you al\ready met Meena?
I am l\onging to meet her.
Don't worry. She is al\right.
She knows me as the deal\er Shivraj in Hong Kong.
Why is that so?
Because I have come to rescue you. .
. . putting my l\ife in danger.
Meena is an innocent girl\. She might reveal\ this secret. .
. .to the enemy if they force her.
But, Son, wil\l\ you be abl\e to do this?
They are very dangerous.
Don't worry at al\l\. The savior is mightier than the kil\l\er.
You wil\l\ be rescued. Don't worry.
I'l\l\ come soon to meet you.
May God bl\ess you.
Who is that new man?
He is Pusa's son.
Pusa's son? Pusa has no son at al\l\.
What? - Yes. - Hey.
Where has he gone? - He has gone inside. Let's go.
End the show.
Come on.
Come on, search everywhere. Come on, quickl\y.
Oh, comrade, Lengji.
Comrade Chan.
What is the matter?
Comrade Shivraj. - Yes.
Are you present here since the show began?
Yes. Right since the show began.
The show was going wel\l\.
But you have interrupted it.
Is there something special\?
Yes. Something special\.
Comrade Chan, wil\l\ the show be compl\eted?
I am sorry. There wil\l\ not be a show now.
When you entered here, I came to know about it.
Okay. Let me go out.
Why a man l\ike Shivraj came in this smal\l\ theatre?
Look at this. The cl\othing of the cl\eaners.
It means there was someone el\se in the guise of a cl\eaner.
Lengji, this cl\othing was found here.
Shivraj was here, too. I smel\l\ a rat.
We must cal\l\ Suzy here to cl\ear our doubts.
''Batkamma, oh, Batkamma. ''
What is it? - What?
''Batkamma, Batkamma where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna, where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Chinnamma, Chinnamma, where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna, where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''My darl\ing, Batkamma, Batkamma. ''
''My darl\ing, Batkamma, Batkamma. ''
''Today I'l\l\ reveal\ my l\ove to you. Batkamma. ''
''Reveal\ l\ove to you. . Batkamma, Batkamma. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna. ''
''Batkamma, Batkamma. ''
''Batkamma, oh, Batkamma. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna, where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Batkamma, Batkamma where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Make me joyful\, Yankanna. - I wil\l\. ''
''Meet your eyes with mine, Yankanna. - I wil\l\. ''
''Make me crazy, Yankanna. ''
''Batkamma, Batkamma. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna. ''
''Batkamma, oh, Batkamma. ''
''Batkamma, Batkamma where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna where are you going?''
''Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
Captain, I am ready. I'l\l\ soon rescue the two women.
I am ready, too. I have to put in some l\uggage.
It won't take l\ong.
My ship wil\l\ wait for you at the regul\ar pl\ace.
Al\l\ the best.
''I am crazy about you, Batkamma. ''
''I'l\l\ make you mine, Batkamma. ''
''I'l\l\ hide your l\ovel\y face inside my eyel\ids, Yankanna. ''
''I'l\l\ hide your l\ovel\y face inside my eyel\ids, Yankanna. - Do it. ''
''Batkamma, Batkamma. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna. ''
''Batkamma, oh, Batkamma. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna where are you going? Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Batkamma, Batkamma, where are you going? Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Yankanna, Yankanna, where are you going? Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Batkamma, Batkamma pl\ease come here. Where are you going?''
''Pl\ease come cl\oser to me. ''
''Batkamma, oh, the queen of my heart. ''
''Mother to my chil\dren, Batkamma. ''
''Batkamma, oh, Batkamma. ''
Idiot. A fool\.
Are you hurt?
That fool\, bl\ind man.
Forget it. They do not care for anyone.
My room is nearby. Pl\ease take some rest there.
You are very hel\pful\.
Nothing of the sort.
Sl\owl\y. Sl\owl\y.
Pl\ease sit down
How do you feel\ now, ma'am?
I am fine now.
Can I have a gl\ass of water?
What about tea? Do you mind?
I never mind anything.
So l\et's go to that bed.
Take me there.
It is better here. - Yes.
Room service? This is 7 7 7. Two cups of tea, pronto.
Thank you.
How is your l\eg now?
Now it is a l\ot better.
You have del\icate l\egs.
Thank you. You have very sharp eyes.
Thank you.
What is your name?
Shivraj. Do you l\ike it?
I l\ike your bl\ue eyes.
Just l\ike your eyes.
Is the tea hot? - Yes.
If you al\l\ow me. .
Don't you prefer biscuits al\ong with tea?
Why not? I have some nice biscuits.
I'l\l\ bring it at once.
Pl\ease have it. You'l\l\ definitel\y l\ike it.
Thank you.
Have some more.
No, thank you.
Sure? - Later.
Take it. Pl\ease take it.
Cheers. - Cheers.
Wonderful\. The tea is real\l\y nice.
Thank you.
You made it yoursel\f, so it is somewhat intoxicating.
Why don't you have it? - Yes, sure.
Oh, what is happening to me? What has happened?
I feel\ giddy.
Final\l\y the tiger has fal\l\en l\ike a donkey.
I'l\l\ get the credit for it.
Now rest for three hours. When you open your eyes. .
. .you'l\l\ be in the custody of General\ Komu.
Cheers to your defeat.
Cheers to my victory, my dear.
Cheers for your tea.
My dear ma'am. - Let go of me.
How can I l\et you go? Where do you want to go?
She'l\l\ not go anywhere now, Amir.
She has made arrangements for hersel\f.
Cheat. Fraudster. Insol\ent. Leave me.
Who do you think I am? I. .
She is out of order. Shoul\d I make arrangements for the funeral\?
No, just prepare a bed for her.
She wil\l\ be unconscious for three hours.
Take her to the corner room.
Oh, my goodness.
She is very heavy.
It's good that she did not die, otherwise I woul\d. .
. . have needed some hel\p.
I don't understand what is wrong with Suzy.
Why hasn't she come back as yet?
You are worried about it unnecessaril\y.
Our guards have gone to fetch her.
They wil\l\ come back with her very soon.
What did you say? Suzy is not in the hotel\? - Yes, comrade.
And the deal\er from Hong Kong?
He is not there either. - Very strange.
''I never thought or understood it, nor did I l\earn or know. . ''
''I never thought or understood it, nor did I l\earn or know. . ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''I never thought or understood it, nor did I l\earn or know. . ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''I never thought or understood it, nor did I l\earn or know. . ''
''When our eyes met. . ''
''When our eyes met. . ''
''The distance between us vanished. ''
''The distance between us vanished. ''
''I met your eyes and smil\ed with you. ''
''I met your eyes and smil\ed with you. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''I never thought or understood it, nor did I l\earn or know. . ''
''There was no message between us. ''
''There was no message between us. ''
''But my heart met yours. ''
''But my heart met yours. ''
''Tel\l\ me how you did such a magic. ''
''Tel\l\ me how you did such a magic. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''I never thought or understood it, nor did I l\earn or know. . ''
''I am unhappy when I do not see you. ''
''I am unhappy when I do not see you. ''
''I cal\l\ out your name and wait for you. ''
''I cal\l\ out your name and wait for you. ''
''Pl\ease honor our l\ove. ''
''Pl\ease honor our l\ove. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''The l\ove happened natural\l\y. ''
''I never thought or understood it, nor did I l\earn or know. . ''
Comrade Meena, have you seen comrade Shivraj?
Shivraj? - Yes, we have some important work with him.
Why? What is the matter?
Don't waste our time. Tel\l\ me, where is he?
I am tel\l\ing you the truth. I don't know where he is.
Comrade, he is here.
Comrade, get up.
Oh, darl\ing. - It's not darl\ing. get up.
Oh, you have come here, too.
Comrade, Shivraj, I. .
Pl\ease forgive me, Meena. I coul\dn't watch your show. . properl\y.
I had a headache. - Comrade.
I am tal\king to the l\ady. - But I want to ask you something.
He wants to ask me something.
It is his habit. Whenever he meets me, he wants. .
. .to ask me something.
Okay, you may ask me.
A girl\ went to meet you in the Moonfl\ower Hotel\.
Yes. But suddenl\y, she disappeared.
Can you tel\l\ us. .
I can onl\y tel\l\ you that there is onl\y one beautiful\ girl\ in my l\ife.
She is standing near me.
Don't try to avoid the matter.
If you don't answer our question, you'l\l\ have to. .
. .come al\ong with us.
Are you threatening me? I am tired of your threats.
Come with me. Where do you want to take me?
A man has sent fl\owers for comrade Meena.
There is a l\etter, too.
Give me the l\etter. - No, I won't give you the l\etter.
He asked me to give the l\etter onl\y to her.
Pl\ease go away.
Shut up. Give it to me.
Ms. Meena, I have arrived. Soon I'l\l\ rescue. .
. .you and your mother.
Give my regards to comrade Chan and Lengji. Jai.
A man gave it to me. He l\eft just now.
How did he l\ook?
He had a l\ong beard.
A l\ong beard? Come with me.
''It is a beggar's sack. ''
''However much you put in. . ''
''. . it remains empty. ''
''The person with empty pockets al\so gives some. ''
''It is a beggar's sack. ''
''Red horse, give me money. . ''
''Give money to the bl\ind. . ''
''It just a matter of offering something. ''
''It just a matter of offering something. ''
Give me something, ma'am. Ma'am
Ms. Meena, I have come on behal\f of the Indian.
He has sent a message for you.
He'l\l\ rescue your mother tonight at 4 : 00.
Pl\ease be ready.
Is anyone l\ooking at me?
''It is a beggar's sack. ''
''However much you put in. . ''
''. . it remains empty. ''
''The person with empty pockets al\so gives some. ''
''It is a beggar's sack. ''
Who are you?
You are asking me who I am? I am your father.
We know that that bl\ind man came to you with a message.
What was he saying?
I don't know anything.
He didn't say anything to me.
That's a l\ie. An outright l\ie. You are surel\y hiding something from me.
I have al\ready tol\d you that I do not know anything.
No one said anything to me.
Oh, so you won't tel\l\ us so easil\y.
Comrade Lengji, do something to make her speak.
Look careful\l\y. Just two drops are enough to burn a wood piece.
Imagine what wil\l\ happen to a person's face.
I don't care about mysel\f. You can do as you pl\ease.
But I have tol\d you that I don't know anything. Nothing at al\l\.
I am not tal\king about you.
It is for your mother.
My mother? What is her faul\t?
It's not your mother's faul\t. It's your faul\t.
You are hiding the truth from us.
Your mother wil\l\ be punished for your crime.
No, no.
Pl\ease don't harm my mother.
She has suffered a l\ot. How much more wil\l\ you make her suffer?
Don't you have any mercy?
Open the door to the l\ock up.
No, no.
I'l\l\ tel\l\ you. I'l\l\ tel\l\ you everything.
Tel\l\ me.
It's true that an unknown person met me.
He said that he has come on behal\f of that. .
. .Indian and sent me a message that. .
. . he'l\l\ come at 4 : 00 to rescue us.
Where can we find him? Do you know his address?
No. - You are l\ying again.
God knows that I know nothing more than this.
Lengji, we don't have too much time, l\et's go.
Meena, my dear, what have you done?
I had no other al\ternative. I can bear anything, but. .
. .I cannot see you suffer.
Meena, you don't know it. That Indian is none other than Shivraj.
Now that Indian cannot get away from us.
You have to hide in jeeps with machine guns.
And you have to hide in the trenches.
He said it to me himsel\f.
He said so? Did he meet you?
What have I done?
Come on. Let's go.
Come on, l\et's wait for our prey inside. - come.
Comrade. Comrade.
Comrade Chan. Comrade. Comrade.
Comrade. - Suzy, what has happened to you?
Where were you?
Don't worry about me. That Indian. .
That Indian? - Yes, the same Shivraj.
Yes. At the moment he is in the Moonfl\ower Hotel\.
Arrest him.
Moonfl\ower Hotel\. Guards. .
Guards. Al\l\ of you sit inside your truck and come behind my jeep.
Come on, bring my jeep right away.
Comrade, take her inside. Take care of her.
Take her away.
Surround the hotel\ from everywhere.
No one shoul\d get in or get out.
Come in.
Oh, comrade Chan.
Oh, Lengji, you are there, too.
Thank you very much.
Move a l\ittl\e further.
Come in. Pl\ease come in.
Be careful\.
Don't be afraid, Lengji. Come cl\oser.
Not there. Above the cupboard.
Very good.
Caught him.
Where are you going, mister?
So you want to go to the bathroom.
Pl\ease go. Go.
Above. Yes, above. Right at the top.
Don't worry. I didn't shoot him.
I am al\ive.
Yes, you are al\ive, you fool\.
But I can't bel\ieve it.
Now I bel\ieve it.
Yes, this way.
Not here, mister. Bel\ow it.
Are you l\ooking for a rat?
I am sorry, comrade Chan, that I am not present. .
. .to wel\come you.
Who is it that is l\ooking at us so wel\l\?
He is definitel\y somewhere nearby.
So you have reached here? Come on, come cl\oser.
Don't worry.
Comrade, l\isten to me. I think he is tal\king from inside.
Stupid. How can he be inside?
Just l\isten to it.
Comrade Chan, I am indeed inside.
But you'l\l\ have to take some troubl\e.
Remove it from there.
Yes, l\ift it up. Have you found me?
So final\l\y Suzy informed you. I rel\eased Suzy for the same purpose.
Now l\ift the receiver and cal\l\ the pol\ice.
Oh, I got a shock.
Let's go from here.
No, no. Don't touch the door.
There is an el\ectric current on it.
If you touch it, instead of going out, you'l\l\ die.
Comrade Lengji, open the door.
No, I won't open it.
It's my order.
Pl\ease do it yoursel\f.
Amir, this is a good chance for us. Let's go.
Comrade, I am taking him.
Taking him. Taking him.
Shut up. Don't make any noise.
Where have you brought me? This is not my home.
My house is over there.
I have brought you to a bigger house.
Which big house?
Hey. Come here.
Inside. Where inside?
Hey. Hey.
Come with me.
I'l\l\ put you in prison as you drink and create troubl\e.
What do I do?
I won't go in. Neither above nor bel\ow. I'l\l\ go straight to my home.
Go. Catch him.
You hit him? Come on. Come inside. Come on. Come inside.
Come inside. Come inside.
You are a nice man, right?
Come on, move it.
What is going on?
Nothing has happened as yet. But something might happen.
He is a dangerous man. I had much difficul\ty arresting him.
Who can arrest me?
One, two, three, and four. Onl\y these many?
Hands up.
We have guns.
Amir. Make them stand al\ongside the wal\l\.
Yes, sir.
Come on, everyone.
Come on, move. You al\so come al\ong.
Hey, mister with l\ong moustache.
Take the guns from al\l\ of them.
Put al\l\ of them in the l\ock-up.
Yes. Go inside. Come on, fast.
How can we go so sl\ow? Come on, move it.
Hands up. Final\l\y you are in my custody, Jai.
What do you say, Amir?
Greetings. How are you?
Oh, Suzy. Whenever I meet you, something surel\y happens.
Don't tal\k too much. This is our l\ast meeting.
Suzy. I can kil\l\ you right now. I coul\d have kil\l\ed you earl\ier. .
. . if I wanted to.
But I don't want to kil\l\ anyone. It's not my way.
I warn you not to interfere with me.
Ma'am, you wanted to know a l\ot about Mr. Jai.
I'l\l\ tel\l\ you onl\y this much that he is anytime better than you.
Amir, you deal\ with her, I'l\l\ rel\ease mother.
Ma'am, wil\l\ you get up yoursel\f or do I have to hel\p you?
Get up soon.
What a styl\e. .
Who is that?
It is me, Mother. - Oh, Son, you?
Come on, Mother. Let's go.
Son, where is Meena?
Yes, she went to fetch you. - What?
Let's go.
How did you open the door?
It was so l\ate, but you. .
But there is an el\ectric current on the door.
Shut up. Let's go soon.
Let me go. Let me go.
Why don't you al\l\ow me to go? Let go off me.
Where is he? Have you kil\l\ed him?
Tel\l\ me where he is.
Lengji. Take her to the headquarters.
Captain. We have very l\ess time.
Take Sal\ma and mother to the boat and wait for me.
Amir. .
Brigadier Singh from headquarters.
I want to tal\k to General\ Komu. Right now.
General\ Komu speaking. Go on.
General\, the officers here have committed a grave mistake.
That Indian rescued Meena's mother and took her away.
What are you saying? Stupid.
But the daughter is in our custody.
She is present in our chamber.
I'm l\eaving from here at once. Keep her in your custody. .
. .til\l\ I don't reach there.
Yes, General\.
Comrade Chan, bring the girl\ here.
Leave the girl\ here. You may go now.
And yes, General\ Komu has l\eft for here.
Wait for him outside.
Final\l\y your bel\oved rescued your mother from our prison.
That rascal\ fool\s us every time.
So she is free now. God has answered my prayers.
Shut up. You are tal\king as if you know nothing about it.
Tel\l\ me, where are they hiding?
Perhaps you think that the Indian wil\l\ go from here al\ive.
Never. We'l\l\ kil\l\ him l\ike a dog.
Tel\l\ me, where can I find him?
God is real\l\y kind. I know nothing.
Don't try to act innocent. I'l\l\ make you tal\k.
Oh, you have l\ovel\y eyes which are angry and fearful\, too.
You are very beautiful\.
Where wil\l\ you go now? It's impossibl\e to run away from here.
Al\l\ of you put your heads down.
Don't l\ift your eyes, if you l\ook at General\ Komu, you wil\l\ be dead.
So you were just acting. You deceived me.
Now I'l\l\ not l\et you get away.
Who are you?
I am the one you are l\ooking for. My name is Jai.
How did you come inside?
From the door. You stil\l\ haven't put your. .
. . head down to greet me.
Get up, mister. Let me wel\come you.
Is he dead?
No. Let's go from here before he gets up.
Comrade Chunchu. - Yes, sir.
Tel\l\ both of them that they can be punished to death. .
. . because that Indian coul\d run away.
But I forgive them because they have made a smart. .
. . move by arresting this girl\.
Now this girl\ wil\l\ remain with me. I'l\l\ fight the Indian mysel\f.
Let us see who wins this game of chess.
Chau Mao Kao, put your head down. If you raise your eyes. .
. .to l\ook at the General\, you'l\l\ be dead.
Comrade says that the Indian can come. .
. .to rescue this girl\ any moment.
He may come in any disguise. You must be very careful\.
General\ has forgiven you for this mistake.
General\ Komu is a nice man. Long l\ive. . - General\ Komu.
Long l\ive General\ Komu. Long l\ive General\ Komu.
Chao, mao, Kao, al\l\ of you, put your head down.
Don't raise your gaze. If you l\ook at the General\, you wil\l\ be dead.
He is surel\y that Indian who has come. .
. . in the disguise of General\ Komu.
Hel\l\o. Comrade Brigadier. .
Catch him. Catch him.
He shoul\d not be abl\e to run away.
Surl\y that crook is sitting inside.
Surround the car, come soon.
Fool\s. I am General\ Komu.
Oh, General\. - We know it.
What is going on? Where is that Indian?
He is in the car. We have caught him.
He is disguised as General\ Komu. - Open the door.
Throw the revol\ver away.
Come out.
He is. . General\ Komu. Put your head down.
Why are you putting your heads down l\ike donkeys?
Go and fol\l\ow that crook.
Go. .
Put bl\ockade on al\l\ that roads which l\ead out of the city.
Shoot him if you come across him.
There he is.
There he is. Drive fast.
Boss, they are fol\l\owing us.
Al\l\ of you are stupid. Fol\l\ow me.
Boss, l\et's stop that l\orry.
You are right.
Hands up. Run away. Run.
Run. Run.
Let's not go together. We shal\l\ go separatel\y.
You go al\ong with Meena. I'l\l\ come by another road.
That's right. Come al\ong, Meena.
You fool\. Don't fal\l\ down. Come on fast, we don't have time.
Go that way, I'l\l\ go straight.
Where has he gone?
Isn't he inside the car?
No. .
He is there.
Shivraj, this time you can't run away from us.
Come out before I count til\l\ five, otherwise. .
. .I'l\l\ set the whol\e farm on fire.
One, two. .
No, comrade Chan, pl\ease don't kil\l\ me.
This time you have won whil\e I have l\ost.
I am raising the white fl\ag.
I am coming to surrender to you.
Come on.
I am coming.
Where is he? Come this way.
Enter this farm and bring that crook to me.
Go. He is a crook.
Let's go soon. Let's go.
Oh, God.
What did you say? The brigadier has been kil\l\ed.
Jai, l\ook over there. Jai.
Al\l\ of them are coming.
Mother. Let's go.
Meena. - Mother.
My dear.
Thank you, captain.
Are you al\right? - Yes, Mother.
Son, you have given us a new l\ife.
I don't know how to return your favor.
Everyone's boat reaches the shore.
God hel\ps them who have no one to hel\p.
Congratul\ations, boss.
But, boss, where is Batkamma?
Batkamma, oh, Batkamma.
The mother of my woul\d-be chil\dren.
The father of my woul\d-be chil\dren.