BEST LOW BUDGET Camera - Apple iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S Is The Best Budget Video Camera

Uploaded by 5minvideomarketing on 24.08.2012

If you're on a budget and looking for a good video camera that works well on Youtube, I've
got one here that I'm going to share with you that records in high definition and is
also mobile as well. So inside this video I'm going to show you (phone ringing) - oh
hold on a sec let me take this - why?
The iPhone 4S which is this one, is absolutely brilliant because it's so mobile. It's tiny
and also records in high definition - 1080 HD. No I mean can't bring on about 1080 HD
for long time but when you see it on Youtube, when you see it on your high definition television,
it makes a huge, huge difference. So what I'm going to do is let's go and check this
for a little spin and test it out to see how it performs on this iPhone.

I'm hitting the phone right now to record and capturing just a little bit of footage.
What's amazing about this camera is that it's just so small and portable and records in
high definition that just captures everything. So if you've got a business that needs something
to be captured - oh hello bikinis and bra - this is perfect for that because it doesn't
cost as much to own one of these and if you're on a plan, it actually works out to be very,
very cheap to be able to own and afford one. Plus you've also got your phone built-in as
well. In addition as well, too is that this phone allows you to be able to plug in like
an external microphone and Apple has really outdone themselves because you can plug in
microphone that goes in here and be able to record in external mic to be able to get good
quality sound.
As you can see, the iPhone 4S allows you to be able to plug in an external microphone.
What we're going to do right now is to show you how it sounds like without the microphone
plugged in. Now, this is where the microphone hasn't been plugged to the iPhone and this
is how it sounds. You'll probably hear it sounds really, really from a distance. And
obviously now that mic is plugged back in and it sounds a lot clearer, if you can't
hear it then I suggest you get some headphones.
In addition, what I love about the iPhone is it's got a built-in image stabilization.
This phone is amazing for recording videos especially when you're out on the go and you're
capturing just footage like this and look at that, there's an Audi there, Audi A5 and
its roof is completely damaged. It's just not good, not good. I feel sorry for this
guy but luckily it's not me.
Now as always with any camera that you use, make sure that you don't drop it. Something
like this is very, very fragile. But you know, to end it up, I just want to just say these
cameras are great because it's versatile, it's mobile. Plus also you can take calls
as well. Hello?
Overall, the iPhone 4S is a good budget camera to start off with. It's a built-in full high
definition camera, an external microphone jack and it's so slim and light that there's
no reason why you shouldn't have one. Since it's a smartphone as well, it means more than
likely, you'll have the camera with you most of the time.

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