TSA Certificate of Achievement Program

Uploaded by stlcc on 02.07.2012

I just want to say this program is great for the officers involved, it gives them
an opportunity to expand their education. We as the TSA organization are very pleased to offer
this to them so that they have an opportunity to grow within our ranks.
The program has only been in existence since 2008, so with in a case course with a little over three years
we have been able to really adapt and touch a lot of the members of the workforce.
They have shown a lot of interest in going in and completing an associate’s degree through the St. Louis
Community College which we partnered with and really proud to be a partner with them.
We have been really proud to have the opportunity to participate in this program from the workforce development
community group that came to our campus and asked us to participate. We have really been happy to be able to provide
the course work that's needed for these students to be able to graduate today.
We are looking at the expansion of the existing courses that we are offering right now we initiated them as
special problem courses, and now as we are moving on into the plan for either a certificate and then hopefully
long term another degree.
Nationally it's a program that has rolled out everywhere, gaining speed everywhere. We appreciate the local partnerships
like the one we have with St. Louis Community College that we have here. Without their involvement this wouldn't get off the ground.
We're very proud to say that the retention rate, the attendance rate, and the course completion rate here in St. Louis
is higher than the national average.
We're interested in trying to further the skills and capabilities of our workforce and give them a leg up on establishing
some type of lifelong learning process.
It's been a great learning experience and it's something I will never forget, and something I hope to continue.
I strongly recommend this course and this program to everyone who works for TSA here or across the country wherever they can get it.
It's free education, and you should always try to learn whatever you can.
I have never worked with many of the people in the class and it was very nice to network and see people outside of their
roles, they get boxed into a certain description of their job and get to know the real people and see how we all fit
in the whole sphere of homeland security.
I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful program.
Take the opportunity, it's a waste not too.
The graduates today we congratulate them on their success. We hope whatever pathway they need to take, if it's back to St. Louis
Community College we hope they return, but if this is where they see their end then we're happy that we're able to provide
the instruction for them.
We want to engage the workforce, and show our personal recognition of their achievement, as well as thank them for their
service to the TSA and to the nation as a whole.