Raja Rani

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103.. The fever is increasing.
Call for these medicines and injections.
The child's condition is critical. Doctor.
As soon as the medicines are here..
..bring the child to my clinic. l'll be there till 12 o'clock.
These medicines are very necessary.
Mother.. Mother.. - My child.
''Mother.. - l'm here, my child.''
Sir. - Do you want to leave the job?
''No, no, Sir. Please forgive me. My child is unwell.''
That is why l could not come. His life is in danger.
l need some money.
l have to buy medicines immediately..
..and take him to the doctor.
You haven't come to work for two days and over and above..
''..that, you ask for money?''
''l beg of you, Sir. Please forgive me.''
Deduct it from my salary. l will never forget this favor.
''Look, Janaki. This is a world of give and take.''
l'll help you. What will you do for me?
"I!?. - Yes, you.''
You want money? l have plenty.
''And what l want, you have it in plenty.''
l have wanted to tell you for the past three days.
l got a chance only today. You make me happy and you can..
..turn into a queen from a servant.
Your child's life is in danger. Take this.
Do you understand why l am helping you?
''Today evening, at exactly 5 o'clock, my driver..''
..will come to pick you up. Be ready.
And listen.
''So far, no one has betrayed me and got away.''
''Let him sleep in peace. Now, there is no worry.''
The fever is down. This is the beneficial effect of medicines.
Munna will be absolutely fine in few days.
''All right. May l leave? - Namaste, doctor.''
My son. My Munna. My love is fine now.
''Absolutely fine, aren't you, son?''
Master has sent me.
He is waiting downstairs.
You go. l'll get ready and be there in a little while.
She is coming.
''Child. l am near you, son. Go to sleep. l am near you.''
Go to sleep.
''What is the matter, after all? She should have been here by now.''
''Sir, may l go again? No. l'll go myself.''
Mother!.. Mother!
Mother!.. Mother!
''Rascal, you are eating bread? You're stealing? Catch him!''
Hit him. Catch him.
Hold him. Where is he?
' When the darkness falls.. after midnight.#
' ..A thief comes out.. on the black road.#
'..this voice can be heard.#
''Thief, thief, thief..'''
'When people are sleeping peacefully in closed rooms.#
'''He keeps awake, runs all night, the locks break..''
..when it is morning. Ya!'
Who is it?
They don't even let you sleep. They come only at night.
''Coming, coming.''
''Oh, Raia? - Lala.''
So late at night?
''My iob is only at night, Lala.''
Come in the morning.
l don't leave home in the morning.
The police is chasing me and l don't want..
''..them to chase you, too, Lala.''
Police!? - Yes.
What a bother!
''Yes. - Take this, Lala.''
Take the goods and give the cash.
''You always bring good things. - That's true, Lala.''
''Here, take this.''
''What is this, Lala? Only 5 leaves?''
That is only for you. l give only 300 to others.
There is a lot of danger.
There have been raids in quite a few shops.
''Yes, Lala.''
''You know l am a thief, Lala? - Yes.''
''lf l want to, l can clean up that safe of yours.''
''Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord.''
''Oh, Lord. Now ask me why l don't do it. - Why?''
''Lala, even thieves have principles.''
A thief never steals from another thief's house.
So! l am also a thief?
''No, Lala, l am a thief. You are something special.''
''Hail Shri Rama, Lala.''
He took that too! He is a real big thief.
''Tony!. Hey, Tony.''
''Raia. l mean, king of thieves.''
''Welcome, welcome.''
''Lucky dog. Who bit you? - A stone, pal.''
She hit you with a piece of stone? Seems to be a dangerous girl..
..dangerous girl. She stoned you?
''Tony, you can't seem to think of anything but girls and liquor.''
''What else will l talk about, man?''
There are only three friends. The first is you.
''Then is my bottle of Feni, from Goa, very pure. What?''
''And third is my girl friend, Mary.''
''She is also from Goa. Very pure, very pure. Correct?''
You are something special.
What man? You are calling my Mary names?
Not Mary. You. - Why?
Have you earned a single paise this week?
''What can l do, man? My heart is very sad. l haven't received..''
..a letter from Mary for a week.
l don't feel like picking a pocket. What can l do?
l steal and earn money and you drink and lie around.
This won't do. You will have to do something..
..if you want to stay with me.
l will do it. l will. l'll pray for you.
''God, keep my Raia free. Keep him out of jails..''
''..not inside them. Okay? Thank you, God.''
Oh! Pray that dark clouds cover the moon tonight.
The rascal comes out when it is time for business.
You know this God does a lot of mischief with the poor.
''Raia, that he does but even humans do it.''
How many times they have been to the moon..
..and how much money have they wasted?
They could well have switched the lights off when there.
''Tony, what would happen if you stopped having liquor?''
''My sleep will be gone, man.''
''What, Raia. You threw away my sleep-medicine.''
How will l get into oblivion now?
Look. My Mary is in Goa and l am young here. In this box.
Tony shut your nonsense. It's time for business.
There might be some chance.
Certainly you'll get. Certainly.
''Tony. Hey, Tony. Come quickly.''
Why? Is it a girl?
No girl. Looks like l'm in business today.
''Yes, man. My heart says you will get a beautiful chance today.''
Tony. - Yes.
''Look, l'm going.. - Yes. - You do something.. - Yes.''
''Don't drink liquor. Okay? - No, man, Never, never. - Correct?''
''Bye-bye, Raia. All the best. God bless you, my dear.''
' When the darkness falls.. after midnight.#
.# A thief comes out.. on the black road.#
'..this voice can be heard.#
''Hello. - Anita, darling, l am caught in an important meeting.''
l shall come late. You have dinner and go to bed.
Shut up. l have heard these excuses before.
''Ravi, l know very well what kind of a meeting you are caught in.''
Why don't you understand.
Some important delegates have come from abroad and..
..l am discussing an important point.
''Enough, Ravi. It's finally decided today.''
l will poison myself and die. It's finished!
Oh! Hello!.. She'll have poison..
She says this every day but never does it.
Ravi.. l hate you!
Where is that bottle of mine? Where is it?
''Today, l'll take poison and kill myself.''
''l must die. All right, Ravi!''
''You'll see, Ravi. You will cry a lot.''
You'll regret this. Just see. No one..
What am l seeing?
''No, no, no. This cannot be true.''
But this is real.
l should be there in that pose.. But l am standing here.
Anita.. You dirty woman!
You blame me and yourself sleep with other men.
''Hey.. you, Mr. Ioafer! What style! Shameless.''
''Anita, you don't know my temper.''
''l will count up to three. If you don't get up, l will shoot.''
''One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine..''
No reaction.
There is a limit to shamelessness. Wait.
''Who set fire to my leg, brother?''
''l did, brother.''
''Don't do it again, right?''
''Anita. Hey, Anita.''
Who is this? - Who?
This.. this.. - l'll ask him.
Brother! Who are you?
Who are you?
Me?.. Raia!
There is a limit to shamelessness.
l am the husband and all this drama before me?
Wait. Hold on. l will set things right.
Oh! Who's thrown this water? - l did.
Too much. First you light a fire and then pour water.
What are you? Man or ass?
''You are in my house, on my bed and sleeping with..''
''..my wife, on top of which you are abusing me?''
Anita! - Why do you shout? Go to sleep.
You characterless woman! - What?
Yes. You blame me and Iook at what you are doing.
Shameless! - What l am doing? - Yes.
You called me characterless? - Yes. Characterless.
You loafer. - What? You called me a loafer?
You stupid girl.
You called me a stupid girl?
Yes. - You..
''Go, go.''
You drunken donkey! - You called me a monkey?
No one called you a monkey. l called you a donkey.
Donkey? That's even worse.
''Now, go to sleep. Go to sleep.''
''Okay. Good night. - Good night, monkey.''
' When the darkness falls.. after midnight.#
.# A thief comes out.. on the black road.#
'..this voice can be heard.#
''Thief, thief, thief..'''
''Thief, thief, thief..'''
''Oh! My iewellery. Oh! Mother, mother. Come quickly.''
''Mother. We've been robbed. Mother, Dad. Thief! Thief!''
' When the darkness falls in the streets g the city.. after midnight.#
.# A thief comes out.. on the black road.#
'..this voice can be heard.#
''Thief, thief, thief..'''
''Thief, thief, thief..'''
''Father, l put on the turban on your say so, but you cannot..''
''..tie me down in this way. l am going, for good.''
Marriage is a question of my whole life and l cannot..
..play with my life just to please you.
He's something special.
Don't try to find me. Suresh.
Suresh.. Suresh.
''You had come upstairs for two minutes. After all, what is the matter?''
''Look, son. The bride has reached the wedding place.''
The auspicious time for the wedding is passing away.
''Now, it is a matter of my prestige.''
''lf you don't come out, l will have break open the door.''
Suresh. Are you listening?
What happened?
The priest wants to know why the bridegroom hasn't come.
''lt will be very insulting. l always told you, that if..''
..the boy doesn't like it.. - Enough. Enough.
''You go on downstairs, l'll get him down. Go.''
Suresh. Are you coming out or shall l break down the door?
Son. You have agreed? You have accepted my word?
l am very happy.
l am your father. l will never wish you ill.
That poor girl is an orphan.
''That is why, looking at her uncle's monetary condition..''
..l have also arranged for the wedding in this house.
l firmly believe that you will never regret having gone..
..through with this marriage.
Come. All are waiting downstairs.
Oh! Mr. Sharma?
You have come in uniform for the wedding?
''No, Mr. advocate. l am on duty. It's obligatory.''
l was chasing a thief and he disappeared..
..on reaching this block.
l thought there would be a crowd at your place..
..and that l might have a look.
''Certainly, but you have to excuse me.''
The auspicious time for the wedding is passing by.
''Certainly, certainly. - Oh, son?''
What are doing there? Meet the gentleman. This is Inspector Sharma.
He has a record that no one has escaped him.
Today you are caught! For the whole life. Congratulations.
Oh! Why is your hand trembling?
The bride is shy and trembles at the time of the wedding..
..but you are the bridegroom.
All right. Good luck. We will meet again.
Pour the ghee.
''Pour the ghee. - Pour it, son.''
''Stand up, please.''
''What a spot l am in.. Look, whatever your name is.''
Nirmala. - Nirmala it is.
l have done a terrible mistake.
l know everything.
What do you know?
You were not ready for this marriage.
''No, no. l can have nothing to do with you.''
Don't say this. Let me remain at these feet. What is this?
Don't say anything else to me.
l will not inflict any kind of binding on you.
''Till today, l was a burden for my uncle.''
''He has, now, sent me away.''
''lf l do not get shelter here, where will l go?''
l have no interest in your sorry tale.
''What is it, daughter-in-law?''
''What happened, child? What happened?''
What happened? Why don't you speak?
The worst.. Suresh hasn't done well.
Had he gone before the wedding we would have lost our prestige.
Now that he has gone away after the wedding..
..he has ruined her life.
lt would have been better if he had.. died.
Mr. Advocate. Mr. Advocate. Come down quickly.
What happened?
Suresh has met with an accident. - What did you say?
Yes. He is below in the ambulance and he..
..succumbed before reaching the hospital.
Oh!.. - Suresh!
Sit in the car.. Sit.
l have kept in the car whatever you had brought with you.
We have no relation with you after today.
Forget for ever that you had come to our house..
..as a daughter-in-law and don't tell anyone.
l put on you this vow on my dead son.
''What are you saying, mother?''
l loath your face. You killed my son as soon as you came.
My husband got a heart attack and he is still critical.
You have already deprived me of my child.
Do you want to rob me of my husband too?
''Don't throw me out, mother.''
Keep me as a servant of the house. l beg of you.
Where will l go?
Wherever you wish. The world is a big place.
''Whatever ruin we had to face, that's done.''
''Now, even your accursed shadow should..''
''..not fall on this place. Driver, take her away.''
''Look, child. With great difficulty we raised you..''
''..got you married.. Now, if your fate is accursed, what can l do?''
You keep quiet!.. And you listen carefully..
..your parents did not Ieave even a phony coin.
''Whatever we could do, we have done.''
We aren't obliged to Iook after you for life.
''But.. Where will l go on my own, Aunt?''
Go to ruin. How did you dare to even come here. Go away.
''Uncle! - You, uncle's dear. Go away from here. Get out!''
Uncle's dear. Take your things away. Shameless.
'Once again the tears rained from the eyes.#
..and the dark clouds have gathered'
'Tell the writers of fate to write another story#
'''Neither did anyone feel pity, nor did anyone felt shame..'''
'..people iust laughed and gazed at one more spectacle#
'''Look, the string of another kite in the sky is cut.'''
'Tell the writers of fate to write another story#
'Once again has a plant from the garden become the..
..dust of the mountain.#
'..Once again has a wave of the Ganges..
..changed into liquor#
'Once again has the belle of the well side..
..walked the path of the cemetery#
'Tell the writers of fate to write another story#
'Where will a bird without wings fly away?'
'And everywhere cruel hunters wait with nets spread out#
'''ln this city of thieves, everyone loots love.'''
'Tell the writers of fate to write another story#
Come on.
Stop whistling.
''Oh, sir. Your law can shut one up in prison..''
..but not his soul and whistling is the voice of the soul like..
''..laughing, crying.. - Silence!''
''Today, your sentence is over. - That very nice to hear.''
Don't talk nonsense. These are your things. Pick them up and get out.
This time you are a bit annoyed.
Earlier you always gave me some advice about..
..not stealing. This time..
These things are said to someone from whom one..
..expects improvement. You are a born thief.
You will steal again and get caught again.
''lt's not really my fault, sir. l steal with great finesse..''
..but the rascals manage to catch me.
These policemen are something special?
''Being abusive, are you?''
''Sir, this is an affectionate term. If you ask me, even you.. - Shut up!''
Mr. Jailor. There is a small problem. - What?
Your moustache on this side is a bit smaller than the..
..moustache on that. Which fool does the shaving?
l shave myself. - Oh! l am dead now.
Are all your things here?
''Mr. Jailer, you have pinched my knife. - You 'll not get your knife back.''
Please give it. It will be a loss of 6 or 7 Rupees.
Constable! - Constable! Return the knife. - Push him out.
Don't touch me. My sentence is over. l'll sue you.
''Mr. Jailer, may l say something? - What is it?''
''Actually, l think you have Iost your human kindness..''
..after living with thieves and cheats.
''Else, l always thought this jail was my in-laws place.''
Gardener. Does this place belong to the advocate?
lt used to. They have all left.
Left? But six months ago his son got married.
''Was that a marriage, Sir?''
The same night his son died and they sold off the house and left.
Has everyone left? - Everyone.
Thank you gardener.
Wow! Tony has really changed this place!
Where did he get so much moolah.
''Look at him. Drunk early in the morning. Look, your friend is back from jail.''
Looks like he is out. Come on. Get up!
Where is Tony? Tony? Are you Mary? Mary?
Father! Father!
''What is it, child? Who is this?''
l don't know. l was sleeping here.
He touches my body and says if l was his.
How dare you!? Who are you? This room is mine.
Your room? Are you Ieaving or l should..
You can't throw out an innocent man..
Get out. l break your head if you come back.
''Listen, listen. You are something special.''
Shameless. Being abusive! Rascal!
You idiot! Why were you sleeping with the door open?
Feel like killing you.
''Salutations, uncle.''
When did you get out of iail? - This morning
. Know anything about Tony?
''He's gone to Goa to get married. He couldn't wait for me, the rascal.''
He said he could not show you his face. - Why.
He didn't have money for drink and sold off your place..
..to another for 50 Rupees.
''Uncle, make a coffin for Tony.''
''l am sure to find him someplace, sometime.''
This liquor is a vile thing. Such a big railway compartment..
..has got into a bottle.
''Now, where will l stay?''
Peter. - No reaction at all.
''Peter, why are you using such big nails. Use smaller nails.''
lt hurts the corpse. - It hurts the corpse.
''Yes, uncle.''
''Raia, till you get back into jail you may sleep in my veranda.''
''Oh, Thank you, uncle.''
''Uncle, you are a first-class man. Great man.''
Uncle.. The thing is.. l'm broke.
Raia. - Yes.
May l say something? Don't ask for money. - Why?
Business is amul nowadays. People just seem to be dying.
''What will l do? 2 months, only 75 Rupees. - Oh!''
''Uncle, this coffin is beautiful. Has a rich man died?''
No. You see this coffin.. this coffin? - Yes.
''l am making this for myself. l am over 60, am l not?''
How long will l live making these coffins for others.
''100 years, uncle. If one could give someone the..''
''..years of one's life, l would give your 25 of mine. You know why? - Why?''
Because God has stopped making good people like you.
''Raia, stop buttering me up, man. l will not help a thief.''
''Now, l will go to take rest.''
Funny! l am speaking the truth and uncle says l am buttering him up.
''Raia, you see this coat on the wall?''
There are 25 Rupees in it. You may steal 10 Rupees from it.
''Thank you, uncle.. Uncle, you are.. a good one.''
''' Listen, you guards, remain in your senses, my friends'''
''' Listen, you guards, remain in your senses, my friends'''
'The night sways!'
'He is a snake charmer# Charming!
''Thief, thief, thief, thief.''
'''My benefactor does not Iook towards my face,.'''
'''My benefactor does not Iook towards my face,.'''
'he only listens to the story of my heart..
..through the sounds of my anklets#
'Wearing a red scarf.#
'..with the pieces of the heart joined together.#
'..abandoning all pretence at modesty and breaking all bonds.#
'..l have tied these anklets'
'..l have tied these anklets'
'''l will dance from today, l'll die of shyness.'''
'''l will dance from today, l'll die of shyness.'''
'When all barriers are dropped and when fate is uncertain.#
'..when all my companions have left.#
'..and when all truths have been found to be lies.#
'..l have tied these anklets'
'l have traded my heart and filled my empty coffers#
'This is a night of celebration and wealth is raining down.#
'..there is no reason for sorrow as l have tied these anklets#
''Rani, who is this bad-mannered guy?''
''Ustad, throw him out.. and tell the others also to leave.''
Tonight there will be no more dances.
Tonight l want to be Ranibai's guest.
My profession is only music and dance.
How much to remove this 'only' will you take?
''Tell me, my queen l'll pay you the price you say. - Sir.''
''Rani, my name is Seth Govardhandas.''
l take whichever girl l like and you are only an..
..ordinary dancing girl.
But she is still a woman. - Rascal! Scoundrel!
Who are you to butt in between Rani and me?
Raia. - Raja?
''So, this is the matter.''
''Ranibai, had you told me that you have kept a scoundrel..''
..l might also have made arrangements.
''Oh, go away. Son of a rich man.''
Go and make arrangements. Get out!
ls this for what you were putting up with him for?
To stay alive.
l don't know whether to thank you.. or to curse you.
Curse me.
Do you know what will be the result of the bravado..
..that you have shown today?
People will stop coming here.
Whatever l was earning from song and dance..
Oh! It is better to beg for a living.
''Having got tired of hunger, l also begged..''
..but the eyes of the those who wanted to give..
..Were eVen hungrier than my stomach.
People always petted these cheeks with affection..
..but l never liked it.
''When you slapped me today, l don't know why l liked it.''
But why did you slap me? - l..
Do you like me? - Not at all. - You don't like me. - Not at all.
Then why did you slap me?
l will remember you for many days.
''Oh, Raia. Quiet!''
That is why l gave a start when l heard your name.
This is my Raia.
Rani entertains kings (Rajahs) and Raja entertains Rani.
You've never come before to listen to my song.
You think l came here to listen to your song?
Then? - l was out on my business and reached here by mistake.
''No, you are not of the sorts who come here.''
But who are you? Where have you come from? Why have you come here?
l myself don't know. My business is such..
''..l have to go anywhere, anytime.''
There are no restrictions for me.
''Are you in the police? - Around the police, somewhere. - CID?''
''All right, Rani. My car has come.''
But.. listen!
Strange man.
Since when is this door open? - What's wrong?
''Have you seen a stranger here? Actually, we were chasing a thief.''
He ran in and disappeared in this building.
''He is wearing blue clothes, is good looking..''
..and wears a black cap.
Not at all. l haven't seen anyone. No one came here.
You are alone here? - Yes. If you want to look around..
''No, that won't be necessary. He can't run away.''
The police has surrounded the building from all sides.
''Come, Tukaram. Listen. Please close the door.''
''Oh, my father! This is the actress Mumtaz!''
You are something special.
Who is it?
''Meena.. Meena, Meena.''
''Yes, madam.''
There was a thief here. l saw him escape through the window just now.
Who knows what he must have taken away.
''You look there, l'll look this way.''
''Mumtaz, l saw your movie Khilona and..''
..liked your work very much-The thief.
''Madam, the watch, gold necklace, ring there is nothing left.''
l don't know what else he might have taken away.
Shall l call the police?
Let it go.
This thief seems to be a fan.
''No, Lala. l don't want money.''
l want a room. You have a lot of tenements.
Only decent people live there.
Of which l also know 2 or three.
''One of whom, runs a still and another is an illegal bookie.''
There are 2 or 3 such every everywhere..
..but would anyone want that his neighbor be a thief?
Who is a thief?
lt is not written on my face and you wouldn't tell anyone.
''lf you tell people about me, l will something..''
..about you to the police.
Are you threatening me?
''Think about it, Lala. l do only thefts.''
You have a lot of black deeds.
All right. Come tomorrow. l will see.
''Oh, Lala. Who knows about the tomorrow?''
l have brought a lock. l want a room.
Have it cleaned. l'll be here tomorrow with my baggage.
He's given Lala the lock. The rascal.
Uncle John. We're even now.
Stop all work. Here is a treat from me.
''Look what l have brought, roast chicken, biryani, kebabs.''
With stolen money?
''Raia, in 60 years l have made a lot of mistakes..''
..but haven't made one knowingly.
Now it is time to go up and give an account.
''Raia, you don't spoil my faith, man.''
lt is a sin to fill your tummy with stolen money.
''Uncle, whenever l meet a good man l forget myself.''
l won't make such a mistake again.
''Hey, Raia! That upset you?''
l stopped being upset when l was 5 years old.
''You can pass but you are very weak in English. - Yes, yes.''
But you can get first class in English. - How's that?
''Professor Zebrinski's magic ring. - Yes, yes. Ring. - Ring.. ring.''
Take out 2 Rupees. - But l have only one Rupee.
Will do. l'll give you a student concession.
''Say this, Kaka Ena Zebrinski. - Whisky!''
''Not whisky. Zebrinski. - Yes, yes. Zebrinski.''
Don't remove the ring till your results are out. What?
''Yes. Yes. Not to take off. - Out. - Thank you very much, uncle.''
Very lucky hand. You are very lucky.
You are to meet a very pretty girl.
You will be a millionaire within 6 months.
You will rule the world.. Raia!
''Professor Zebrinski, the cheat!''
''Speak softly, man. This is the time for business.''
Students' exams start from tomorrow.
You rascal. l went to iail and you sold off my room.
What could l do man? You went in and l became broke.
l wanted to get married. l wanted to get you a sister-in-law.
''Got married? - No, man.''
Mary's father's still got caught.
He landed himself in jail for three months.
''Your Mary remains unwed still? Hey! My Mary, not yours. Your sister-in-law.''
Where do you stay nowadays.
''l remain here all day, man and sleep at night..''
..on the footpath somewhere.
''Your.. How is your business, man.''
My business is first-class. l've taken a room.
A room. Your own? You'll stay all alone?
You need to have a friend with you.
Someone who will sell it off?
You will get rooms aplenty but you won't get a friend like me. - Tony.
Hey! Professor Zebrenski.
''Yes, professor Zebr.. Rinski. You are something special.''
That's why l am your friend. What?
Keep fooling the people and come in the evening. Carry on. - Okay.
''Home sweet home. Yes, this is something!''
''Thank me, man. - Why?''
''Yes, yes. If l hadn't sold off the goods train compartment..''
..you would've remained there. What's the rent? - 30. - Not much.
And look. This half is yours and this is mine.
''Oh, Thank you! My own room!''
And you have to pay half the rent.
''What, man? Do you take rent from a friend?''
Free friendship days are over. Now we go halves on everything. - Wait.
No halves on my Mary. Okay?
''Tony, if you wish to live with me, this thing..''
..about Mary and liquor won't do.
From tomorrow.
Today we have come to a new house. We must celebrate.
''Rascal, you'll die of drink.''
''You'll die without drinking, man.''
''l say, this is the chance. Have fun! You are a useless fellow.''
What did you say?
''l said, had l taken this room, l would called for a cask of..''
..liquor and had the whole chawl to drink with me.
l'd have dance and song.
''Mary, my darling, my sweetheart.''
''Tony, will you listen to song?''
''No, no. If you sing, l will become sober again.''
l am talking about a girl. A dancing girl.
''Lovely, beautiful girl. - There is a girl.''
What is it? - We want to listen to song.
''Today is Tuesday. - So, what if it is? - Baiji is fasting today.''
''Go in. - Yes, madam.''
Salutations. - Salutations.
Please come. - Come.
Please sit down.
''This is my best friend, Anthony''
What sir?
''The other day, the song l heard, l loved it. ''
That is why l've brought my friend along.
You have come to listen to me sing?
''Yes. All right, l might not be Seth Gordhandas..''
.. but l won't listen for free.
We've got the moolah. Show it to her.
Shall l give her all?
Please sit down.
''How dirty are your feet? - Sorry, sorry.''
''What do you wish to hear? Ghazal, Thumri or Dadra?''
Dadra. Sounds like liquor man? - Quiet.
You will sing in this dress?
We don't want to listen to some devotional song.
You go and change into some flashy dress and..
..sing some iazzy song, so that my friend Tony is pleased.''
Thank you.
l'll be back soon.
Raia. - Yes.
You see Rani's servant?
''My heart beats faster when l see her, man.''
''And when she walks, then her behind.. - Quiet!''
''Look, Tony. l have brought you here as a Lord. What Lord, man!''
And listen. Sit like a decent man.
''Raia, if decent people come here, where do the indecent go?''
'''Go away, l now know you..'''
'''..l know you, l know you.'''
'The one who will hold his heart still and sigh away.#
'..how will he ever fulfill my young love?' bad audio
'Unnecessarily have l taken an obligation on my head'
'''No one saw the temple, everyone saw only the idol.'''
'''No one saw the heart, they saw only the face.'''
'l have tested you#
You come inside with me for a while.
''l? - Go, man, go. Golden chance.''
God blesses. You. He's got it.. Good.
Shut the door.
Speak up..
l don't know your friend. That is why l said nothing before him.
What is there to say?
Take this. - Why? - l don't want your money.
You'd helped me and l entertained you.
That's all. We're even now.
Even singing and dancing girls have some principles.
l can see that.
There is dance outside and worship in the inside room.
What hippocracy is this. Be what you are.
But.. You too are not what you are.
What do you mean?
What would happen if had l kept this necklace..
..and been caught? - l'm in trouble here.
''l agree my profession is bad, but..''
..yours is not praiseworthy either.
How do you know?
After you left the other day a policeman had come.
What.. What did you tell him?
Had l said something.. you might be in jail right now.
Listen.. Don't come here again.
Not even to listen to song?
No. Go someplace else.
There are other ioints in the neighborhood.
All right. l won't come to listen to song.
But l can come to steal. How will you stop a thief?
l will pray to God that you be caught and be sent to jail.
So that you are never able to come here.
How can you be trusted?
You are a thief. You will steal and go away..
..and leave a life time of sorrow.
This life is also a funny thing.
''Today, l haven't stolen anything but still got caught.''
''Raia, son, you are gone now.''
''Mary, my sweetheart, my darling. Mary had a little lamb. ''
All are Beautiful and under twenty.
''Tony, what is this nonsense.''
''This is my heart control cabin, man.''
You know how footloose my heart is.
lt iumps out of the shirt when it sees a girl.
''lf l get caught somewhere, l will be second-hand stuff for my Mary''
''These girly photos will keep me in control till l get married,''
Hey! Where did you get this?
Stole it. We'd gone there to listen to her song.
''Tony, if this photo is put up alongside these others, l'll..''
''Why, why, why, man?''
l understand. She is yours? Mary's sister-in-law? Idea!
''Two months later, Mary's father will be out of jail..''
..and Mary will be free. We'll get married together.
''We'll also spend less, man.''
''You name your son Raiu, l'll name mine Kaju.''
Go get ready.
''l'm ready for long, man. Mary's dad is not ready.''
May Mary's father go to ruin.
We have to pay rent the day after tomorrow. Time for work.
The rascal tells me to work.
''Five for three, Five for three.''
How's the movie.
Mumtaz in the movie. You'll love it.
Do you have two tickets..
Come into the corner.
''No, darling, no.''
''No, l cannot live without you. Why don't you divorce him?''
That's impossible. Leave me. This is our last meeting.
You'd ask for Rupees 500 from me but l have got 1000. Take this.
''Thief, thief.''
What are you doing? Suppose my husband saw us?
''Let you husband be, The moolah is going there.''
''Thief, thief. There he goes. Catch him.''
We should hand him over to the police.
''No, no. l got my stuff, let him go.''
All right. If the guy doesn't mind why should we?
Let's go and mind our business.
''Raia!.. Ustad, come quickly.''
Pick him up.. Carefully.
Oh! You are up.
Here Take this milk. - Kids drink milk.
What are you doing? Lie down. You need rest now.
Sit here.
Tell me.
Why have you brought me here?
What am l to you?
No one.. l iust like you.
lt's better if we finish the matter right here.
This only you can do Raia. Me?
''l mean you can do it, l cannot.''
Let this relationship remain Rani.
''Actually, l too cannot do it.''
Shall l say something? You wont laugh?.. Sure?
''l was thinking that l should have someone, a small home..''
''..where, on returning home in the evening, there should be..''
..someone waiting for me.
''And one day, suddenly, you do not return and l find out..''
..that you are in iail.
That is why l said we should finish the matter here.
''l am a thief, Rani. That is my profession.''
''Raia, leave all this.''
Leave it?
l will also leave everything. l also want a home.
My own home.
lt is easy to say this. Will you be able to leave all this?
A life of ease and leisure?
The day you bring your first pay-packet earned..
''..with true hard work, l will.''
''So, brother, finished? - Yes, sir.''
Come let's go.
''Sir, your purse has fallen down there.''
Oh! There's a lot of money in it.
Keep it carefully. The money can tempt any one.
''Nowadays, one does not find honest men like you, brother.''
''Here, this is your reward. No, sir. One rupee for my work.''
''Thank you, sir.''
''Rani. Hey, Rani. - Raja, Raja. - Shut your mouth.''
l am Raia. You have been dethroned. Rani is mine
She is mine.
You.. - Oh! What is going on?
Tell him. One Rani cannot have two Rajas.
''When did you come? - Just now. Here, take this. 5 Rupees and some change.''
''Raia, where did this money come from?''
Come? l've earned it. Washing cars all day..
..picking peoples' bags and burning all day in the sun.
Therefore you are glowing so much today.
What do l look like?
Golden. That gets a sheen after being heated.
''Oh, Rani. You a special thing.''
You changed my profession in a day. Ruined my life.
l used to open people's safe and loot thousands and now..
..l open their car doors and get only one Rupee.
This kind of earning is useless.
''But the worth of this rupee is more than 1 ,OO,OOO Rupees.''
ls that so? Move aside.
''Now, tell me what you think of this.''
''Raia, you have stolen again.''
These are false.
Bought them for 2 '/2 Rupees. l've stopped stealing. As l had promised you
l made a mistake. Forgive me Raia.
You've brought it. You put them on.
Hey! Why did you stop?
The hands that have learned all their lives to snatch..
''..from ears, cannot put them on. Maybe it is a habit.''
You have changed. The habits of your hands will also change.
Come. Put them on.
Let me see how l look.
''Look here, Raia. How do l look?''
Tell me.
Absolutely crackers!
Come. l'm ready.
Wherever you wish.
l'd promised you that the day you'd bring your first pay..
l would stop everything.
Oh! Who knows how long this car washing will last.
Let me get a regular iob and l'll take you from here. Very soon.
Raia.. We have to start a new life but l feel afraid.
Afraid. Of what?
Our past life our ill repute.
Bury it. Bury it forever.
Rani will never dance again.
And Raia will never steal again.
Look. Such a lovely lake. Isn't it?
We'll do onething. We'll bathe in this lake..
..and wash away all our old sins.
Here? Come on. Don't ioke.
l am not ioking. Let's do it. Come on.
l have a sari. l'll wear it. What will you wear?
l have this handkerchief. l'll wear it and bathe.
Surprising. What is shameless about it?
''Rani, hurry up.''
''l am all ready. Now, you get ready quickly and come out.''
When you come out make sure you don't laugh.
Oh! Why have you got your eyes shut?
What do you mean? Open your eyes.
You are laughing for no reason at all!
l thought..
''Oh, no, no. Come on.''
''Oh! If you are feeling cold, change your wet dress.''
What happened?
lt's an odd thing. Till yesterday l was a bazaar woman.
l didn't have any kind of feeling of bashfulness.
''But today, my body was bared only a little before you and..''
''..l felt bashful. What is this called, Raja?''
What kind of bashfulness is this?
This is the bashfulness that is born out of true love.
''Rani, forget your old life. The people of this world are..''
..naught before our love. l am telling you the truth.
''Rani, what is all this big talk l was making?''
You were saying very sweet things.
ls that so?.. So. What was l saying?
You were saying that this world is nothing before our love.
Then l said wrong.
l should have said that there is no one in this..
..world besides the two of us.
You have said such a big thing. What can one say now?
One can say a lot if one wants to.
What? - Should l show you?
'There was a sea a moonlight in the sky.#
'''..and yes, what was l saying?'''
'''..and yes, what was l saying?'''
'''You were saying, O lovely girl, it is difficult to live in love.'''
'''Yes, l iust remembered that since l fell in love.'''
'Today.. what day is it today?'
'lt's Friday.. Time is passing by#
'''Wait, someone is coming.'''
'lt is a traveler who is going on his way#
'''Bless me, l was afraid.'''
'''..and yes, what was l saying?'''
'''You were telling a story, ever since youth came upon us.'''
'Okay listen to this. Ever since these feelings were aroused#
'What's the date today?'
'Today is the 26th#
'Love is weaving dreams#
'''Look, someone is listening.'''
'lt's the gardener. He is picking flowers in the garden.
'l was mistaken#
'''..and yes, what was l saying?'''
'After remembering this story. Don't forget me#
'''Am l some mad guy, ever since l have lost my sleep.'''
'''And yes, what month is it?'''
' January#
'lt's a lovely weather#
'Why is the police going round?'
'''They are not looking for you, but a thief.'''
'''..and yes, what were you saying?'''
'''..and yes, what were you saying?'''
''Yes, what was l saying?''
l was saying something.
Tell me. Forgot it?
''Oh, yes. l forgot it.''
Come on. Let's go home.
''Come, Ranibai. l had heard a Iot about you but l have come..''
..for the first time.
l used to go to Munnibai but there is nothing left in her now.
l have stopped doing song and dance.
''You have stopped it. Then, what else you do?''
l used to Worship god. l think why do honorable and ..
..respectable men like you come here.
To appease the heart.
By throwing away money? By putting your reputation at risk?
What do you mean?
Suppose your wife or someone who knows you..
''..sees me with you, what will be your prestige then?''
Let this all be. Tell me what you will take to dance.
Will you be able to give it?
Just ask and see.
Take me to your home.
What did you say?
Take me before your wife and children and tell that this is..
..Ranibai who can give me more love and kinship..
..than any of you.
''To whose house, stealing away from sight..''
''..in the dark of the night, l go to appease my heart.''
''Why are you quiet now, sir?''
''You had asked for the price for my dance, hadn't you?''
l didn't ask for wealth. l didn't ask for a costly present.
Ranibai. l came here for a few moments of peace..
..not to listen to your sermon.
l am going. There are a Iot of joints like this.
''Listen, please.''
''One who does not find peace in his own house, fools..''
..himself by spending these two moments here.
You have a treasure of happiness hidden in..
..your own house. Search for it once with a true heart.
Talk of home and hearth from a woman like you. Astounding!
Those who live in hell dream of heaven.
''What is surprising is that leaving, their heaven at home..''
..shunning the love of their wife and children..
..good and intelligent people like you come to this hell.
Why? To search for peace of mind.
''l beg of you, sir. Go back home.''
You will hear the chimes of these anklets in the..
..laughter of your children.
And the grace and the words of the dance and song will be..
..nothing before the modest smile of your wife.
l promise you that if you make a sincere effort and still..
''..do not find happiness, l will dance for you.''
And l will take no money.
Usha.. Usha.
You are home so early?
You will hear the chimes of the anklets in the..
..laughter of your children.
And the grace and the words of the dance and song will be..
..nothing before the modest smile of your wife.
What's happened to you?
You are Ranibai?
Yes. And you.
Me? The door was open and l didn't see anyone.
So l came in.
Does not matter. Please come. Sit down.
Wait. First let me see you to my heart's content.
l feel like hugging you.
But who are you?
''Me? l am that person's wife who, after years..''
..came home last evening.
The task that l could not achieve in 5 years..
..even after giving birth to his child..
''..how did you do it in one day, sister?''
l will never be able to repay you for this favor.
You are embarrassing me.
ln my heart l am worshipping you. l feel .. l feel like..
..touching the feet of a Goddess like you.
''No, no. What is this that you do?''
What l am doing is only right.
''Tell me.. Tell me, what can l give you in..''
..return for this favor? What shall l give?
You have given me without my asking?
By calling me your sister.
My dear sister. May God always keep you happy.
Always keep you happy.
Taking small kids down from the bus and putting them on..
..and reaching them home. It is a responsible job.
''l know, sir. You will never have cause for complaint.''
''Yes, father. Don't worry.''
This boy will work hard and with sincerity
All right. Come to work from tomorrow.
''All right, sir.. - what happen? - l am thirsty.. some water.''
There is a tap outside.
You!? How did you get into my room?
''The thirsty man has to come to the well, Ranibai.''
You leave this place right now.
Great. You look even Iovelier in wet clothes.
You vulgar man! Are you going or not?
No. l will settle the matter today. 1000 Rupees.
All right. 5000 Rupees.
''Think it over, Ranibai.''
No one will give you this much even for a full night.
Talk with decency.
''Ranibai. For song and dance, there are a lot of women..''
..it's a matter of the heart. It's just that l am especially fond of you.
''l have stopped doing dance, sir.''
l am getting married and settling down.
Great. Great. Let me know whom have you trapped?
l am telling you for the Iast time. Go away from here.
''l am going, Ranibai. l know women of your kind very well.''
''Your kind of woman, who makes a bare display of her..''
''..body, can never be someone's wife.''
A degraded woman can never be a Sita.
Why not? In a country where there can be a dacoit Valmiki..
''..in that country a woman, perhaps not a Sita..''
..can certainly be a sati. (Chaste woman)
She can be. But for how long?
''You will see, Ranibai. You will return one day to this bazaar.''
A bird of the cage can only dream of the skies but cannot fly.
''Rani. Oh, Rani.''
What is this? You are crying? What happened?
Nothing. - Nothing?
Does one cry when nothing is the matter?
Tell me. Why did you cry?
l suddenly thought of what l am and what you want to..
..make of me. That's all and l cried.
''Oh, is that all? And l wondered what the problem was.''
''Now, stop all this crying and start laughing. Ask me why.''
l have got a iob. - Really? Where?
ln a children's school. - In a school!
''The iob of ringing the bell in the bus. Ting, ting.''
Salary 90 rupees. And the work is to take care of the kids.
That's good. l'll get some experience before marriage.
Raia. Take me away from here this very moment.
''Where, where?''
Where you live. To your house. Wherever.
''Where l live there is only one room, half of this. Will it do?''
lt will.
''lf it will do for you, it will for me too.''
l'll get some clothes.
You look lovelier in wet clothes.
Why do you need to change it? - Don't you feel ashamed?
''Yes, but not for long.''
Go away. -Go away?
''God, l have a iob and a girl but only needed a God there.''
Why don't you come? Will you come?
''Yes. That's the spirit. Thank you, thank you.''
''Who is it? Oh, Raia? You are something special, mate.''
That's all? Tired already?
''How much further is it, Raia?''
Just a little further.
You have been saying this for long.
The thing is that you don't have the habit of walking.
Our iourney has iust started; we have a long way to go.
''You'll have to cook, wash clothes, get vegetables from..''
..the bazaar and do lots and lots of hard work.
You are scaring me?
''No, giving you one Iast chance. Think it out.''
Come. - Aha! That's the spirit.
''Sit, sit. May l say something? - Tell me.''
''Actually, l am tired too.''
''Now, we will relax here and then walk comfortably.''
May l also say something?
Tell me? - May l? - Yes.
''Raia, you are something special.''
'l am a thief and you are my queen..
1 '..l am a thief and you are my queen..
'..l am stealing you from yourself
1 '..l am a thief and you are my queen..
'''No, not thief. You are my king and l am your queen..'''
'You are my king and l am your queen.#
l am going with you and...
..forgetting all the world behind.#
'..You are my king.#
'We have both seen a dream.#
'..Somewhere there is a small home of our own.#
'''..Oh, we have both seen a dream..'''
'There are moonlit nights in the courtyard.#
'..we are sitting and talking of love.#
'..lf l ever forget these nights and these talks.#
'''..remind me, don't forget.''
'l am a thief and you are my queen..
'..l am a thief and you are my queen..
'..l am stealing you from yourself
'..l am a thief and you are my queen..
'..l am a thief.#
'Fate has meted out only sorrows to us.#
'..and spread only thorns in our path#
'Oh! We have decorated our own lanes.#
'..weeded out the thorns and spread only flowers#
'lf l ever forget these Ianes and these flowers.#
'''..then remind me, Oh, don't forget.'''
'You are my king and l am your queen.#
'..You are my king and l am your queen.#
'''..l have come with you, Ieaving the world behind..'''
'You are my king and l am your queen.#
'l am a thief and you are my queen..
'..l am stealing you from yourself
'..l am a thief and you are my queen..
'You are my king - and you are my queen.#
Your house.
''Oh, Christ!''
Your friend.
''Hey, open the door!''
''What, man. You bring your girl-friend without warning.''
l was doing prayers.
''Hello. Very sweet, eh?''
''Tony, mouth under control and a lock on your tongue.''
No filthy talk before her or else..
''No, man. The one who talks filth, l'll.. - Hey!''
''Sorry, sorry. Your friend is my friend. Your guest is my guest.''
Your darling is my.. - Sister.
Right! Sister.
''Tony, she will stay right here from today.''
Here? l have no problem.
You two will be there and l on this side.
lf you want we'll have a curtain in the middle.
''That's fine but today onwards, we'll both sleep outside.''
''Why? Why, man?''
''Why? l'll show you why.. - Oh! Raja, what are you doing?''
''Sister, he is doing right.''
''Had my Mary been here first, l would have chased him out.''
''Give me one rupee, man. l'm flat broke, today.''
''Take this. - Thank you, thank you.''
''Excuse me. My shoes, man.''
''Come on, get going.''
''Goodnight, sister.''
''What are all these, Raia?''
Tony. But not one will remain tomorrow.
Not one? - Get lost!
God bless you.
He's a dog but he's good.
''Rani, this is your house. Check what's here.''
''lf there is something missing, you'll get it tomorrow. What?''
l understand.
We have to make a home and there is nothing here.
Oh! Everything will be done. Just sit for a while.
We sit a chat for a while and rest a bit.
Hey! Your room is outside. - Where?
Outside that door.
Oh! Thank you.
''Rani, Rani.. May l say something? - Tell me.''
Give me a little kiss. - You!..
''No, nothing bad. Here is your God. Take care.''
''Oh, Raia, listen.''
Do your salutations to God before going for work.
''Yes, of course. Salutations, God.''
Just give me your hand.
''You are feeling embarrassed, sister?''
You shouldn't feel embarrassed in love.
''Raia kissed your hand, had it been my Mary. l would have..''
..what to do? He's told me not to say these things.
Your Mary loves you a lot?
Love? She's mad about me. Mad.
She writes two Ietters everyday to me.
l got one iust yesterday. Look.
''Darling, Tony. Sweetheart.''
Last night l saw you in my dreams.
We both went to the park. It was a moonlit night.
We sat behind the bench and after that..
..it is very personal talk after that.
''Sister, l have kept all Mary's letters carefully.''
''Come, l'll show you. Come.''
''Look, sister, look. More than 200!''
Then why don't you get married.
''Yes, l'll do it. In iust one or two months more.''
But l have made all preparations for the wedding.
Look. l've made such a pretty wedding gown for Mary.
lt's very beautiful.
''Sister, now you must listen to what l have to say:''
You must do iustice to me. - What justice?
Look at this. Here. See these pictures?
l have got them with such difficulty.
''l have put them up with my own blood,''
''Now, Raia says l should throw them away.''
''What do you say, sister?''
Suppose Mary were here?
Forget about Mary. Mary Iet's me do everything.. Sorry..
''Let them remain, sister.''
''Tony, look. You have called me your sister, haven't you?''
''Then, you tell me.''
Do such pictures look good before a sister?
''No, no. Never. Out, out, Sweetheart. Out, please.''
''Tony, now.. you help me clean up the house.''
''We've got to get things for the house, decorate the house..''
You have to do nothing.
''You iust go there to the mat, in the corner.''
Tony will do everything.
Tony.. there was something.. Where is that around here?
That? - That!
You mean the latrine?.. Latrine?
''lt's there, right opposite. But it's dirty. Don't go there.''
There's such a long queue.
''You better go there, across the railway tracks.''
You can sit there comfortably.
''No, Tony!''
Did l say something dirty?
''Come on, uncle. Come on, uncle.''
''Yes. Yes, we are moving.''
''What is your name, conductor uncle?''
My name is Raia.
''Uncle Raia, will you play with me?''
''Yes, yes. Certainly. We'll play tomorrow.''
We'll play 'cops and robbers'.
''Child, l have played 'cops and robbers' a lot.''
''Now, l have left all that behind.''
All right.
Here's your house.
''Mummy, mummy.''
''Tata, baby. - Tata!''
Oh! You had a gold chain around your neck. Where is it?
l don't know. - Conductor!
''yes, madam?''
There was a gold chain around Munni's neck. It's gone now.
l'll iust check in the bus. It might have fallen down there.
What is the matter?
l don't know where she has dropped her gold chain.
''Tell me, child. Where is the gold chain?''
''l don't know, Papa.''
''Sister, it's not in the bus.''
''You, perhaps, did not know that she is my child..''
..or you would not have dared to touch the chain. Give me.
''Mr. Jailor, l am speaking the truth. l haven't seen the chain.''
l have stopped stealing. - Don't talk nonsense!
Return the chain quietly.
''Mr. Jailor, l am speaking the truth. l work hard to get by.''
l have sworn not to steal.
''So, you think l will believe the oath of a thief?''
''Papa, don't hit uncle Raia.''
''Ratna, take her inside. - come, child.''
''Will you tell me or not? - Sir, l haven't stolen it.''
l am speaking the truth.
ldiot! Scoundrel! - Please listen to me.
l know you very well.
''You can do what you want to with me, but l tell you..''
..l haven't done the theft.
''Sir, why are you hitting him. He's a very nice man.''
You don't know him. He is a thief.
l have told you several times. l have not done the theft.
''Listen, Mr. Jailor will not put any charge on you.''
''lf you have given the chain to someone or sold it, then tell us.''
''After this, l do not say anything.Please do as you wish.''
Hello.. call for you.
Hello.. What did you say? It's with Munni's teacher? Okay.
''l am very sorry, Inspector. Munni's teacher just rang..''
..my wife to tell her that she has the chain.
''l made a mistake, Raia. l am sorry.''
Good you did not send me to jail or you would have felt worse.
''Father, l am glad the truth of the matter is out..''
..or what would you have thought about me.
Even then l cannot keep you in the school.
lt is a matter of the school and after it is known that you..
..have been to iail several times.. l'm really very sorry.
''Thank you. Thank you, Father.''
And the fun will be great after you have drunk.
''Hey, Tony. Your glass is empty.''
''Shankar Dada, my pocket is also empty. l am going. Bye.''
''Sit, mate. Sit.''
You see the bottle before you. Drink all you want. - Drink it?
''Dada, you are telling me to drink?''
You normally take a round and drink liquor for free.
''Hey, everyone on the block will stand you a free drink.''
''Your value has gone up, hasn't it?''
Gone up? Tony's value has gone up?
What are you saying. l cannot understand it?
''Look, Tony. Aren't we all friends? - Yes.''
''We all sit in one place and drink our liquor, don't we?''
''Then, those who drink together have one principle.''
''Whatever we have, we should share it.''
''Share it? You are saying this, dada?''
You must be drunk. You've had too much.
What are you saying?
''No, no, dada. l am drunk. We should share it. Now l understand.''
''Now, look here, Tony. l'll explain.''
''You cannot understand the signals, l'll tell you straight.''
''Look, l have fallen for that cute baby that is in your house.''
''Dada, why have you tied that bandage?''
Leave it. l had a fight yesterday.
''Hey, Tony. Shankar dada is talking about that girl..''
..that lives in your room.
You bastard!
''Dada, that is no cute baby, she is my sister.''
Raia is going to marry her.
''Oh, mate! He is going to marry her.''
''He hasn't already done it, has he?''
What is your problem if l wash my hands in a flowing stream?
You rascal! You dare lift your hands against me!
''Don't worry, Raia. You'll find another job.''
''Rani, once you are branded, no one gives you a job.''
''Tony!.. Tony.. Hey, Tony!''
What happened?
''Tony, Tony, what happened?''
Looks like l am finished.
There was a fight at the drink joint and l got in unnecessarily.
The rascal knifed me.
''Sorry. l shouldn't swear it before sister, must l?''
Sit here with him. l'll get the doctor.
''Don't go anywhere. Now, l have to go.''
''But, Raia. Today onwards l will not cheat anyone...''
...l won't swear any more.. l won't drink any more.
''Now, shut your nonsense.''
How can you die without marrying Mary.
''No, man. All that about Mary was just bluff.''
There is no Mary. - What!?
''Yes, man. What girl will love a cheat like me.''
''Just to make myself feel happy, l used to write letters..''
..in Mary's name to myself.
What are you saying?
You have made all preparations for the wedding.
''They will all be useful for your wedding, man.''
A present for my sister for her wedding.
l won't let you die!
''Wait, man.''
Sister.. l won't be able to come to Raja's wedding.
Let me see you as a bride once.
The clothes are there in my suitcase.
Put them on and show me. Quickly. Go! - Go.
''Oh, God! - Tony!.''
''Raia, why are you crying? l was sure to die.''
''Had l not been knifed, drink would have killed me.''
ln this world thousands of Tonys die everyday.
''You did a good thing. You've become a good man, Raja.''
''Now, you get married soon. When you have a little boy..''
..tell him that he had an uncle..
who went away without seeing him.. and a friend..
''Tony, stop it.''
Tell him his uncle wasn't a cheat. He did not drink.
''Look, Tony. l am wearing everything.''
Sister.. You look so good.. Just like an angel..
..like a Goddess.
God bless..
Tony? He's gone. The rascal is gone.
Raia. You remember l'd made this for myself?
Tony 's taken it.
''Had l known about this, l would have made..''
..one out of gold for the rascal.
''Raia, l think Tony must have had a lot to drink..''
..else he wouldn't have fought with Shankar dada.
l heard that Shankar said some vile things..
''..about Rani at the ioint, man.''
Tony got annoyed and fought with him and..
Shankar knifed him.. Knifed him.
''Tony was my friend, Shankar.. Tony is dead.''
Looks like it is your turn now.
''l beat him up, Tony.. beat him.''
''Tony.. Hey, Tony.''
''Come children, Come on all.''
''Come, children, mothers, come fathers. Come and eat.''
''Hurry up, Tony. It's getting late. - Yes, mate.''
''Son, is your name Tony? - Yes, here take the money.''
''Let it be, son.''
''Thank you. Let's go, Pappu. -Lets go''
Give me Golgappas too.
Oh! But they are finished.
''Child, we'll get more tomorrow. Lots more.''
Why do you cry? It's nothing to cry about.
''Raia, there are some more at home. Shall l get them?''
Listen. Take her along. It is a matter of two minutes..
..or she will create a bedlam here.
''Baby, come on. We'll get you Golgappas.''
''Hey, Lady! Where are you taking the baby?''
She wanted to have Golgappas.
Go away. Were you running away with her?
''No, no! - No, no. You have the wrong impression..''
You are also with her?
''Oh! This is Ranibai the dancing girl.''
This is how these women carry off little girls and introduce..
..them into their trade.
''You shut your mouth, you dog.''
''This is not Ranibai's room. - Get lost, man.''
''Mr. Inspector, my ayah said that someone was running..''
..away with my daughter. Who was it?
There was a dancing girl and a thief. There they are.
''Rani, you?''
''Then, that girl is yours?''
But how did this happen?
What can l say?
Raia and l were trying to lead an honest life.
''We were working hard and were selling some things,''
The things were finished and the child was adamant.
l told her that l would give her some at home.
''The child was going with us, that's all.''
And people thought we were thieves and..
..and also they hit my Raia.
''Mr. Inspector, l can say with conviction that these people..''
..cannot do such a thing.
And people who can light up someone's home..
..how can they snatch away the light of my house?
''The fault is my ayah's, not theirs.''
''How is it not our fault, sir.''
We were bad people and wanted to become good.
lsn't that a sufficient fault?
l apologize for what happened today.
''Mr. Inspector, can they go now?''
When you have not preferred any charges..
..what obiection can l have?
Thank you.
You two come with me. - With you?
''Yes, l want to talk about something with the two of you.''
Why don't you marry?
''How can we get married, till l don't get a proper job?''
Don't worry about that. Are you educated?
Didn't get a chance..
..but l can say 'Good morning' and 'Thank you'.
''Anyway, no matter. l'll try my Ievel best to get a job for you.''
''Thank you, sir. - You're welcome.''
Thank you. - All right.
Thank you.
lt is Pinky's birthday the day after tomorrow and you are..
..to come here with Raia.
Raia and l? - Yes.
''What are you saying? Amidst all the big people, l..''
You'll look very good. And are you any less?
''ln any case, what is there in these big people..''
..a few good clothes and expensive jewelry.
These are my saris.
Take the ones you like and wear it on the day.
''No, no.''
You can return them. - But..
How can l wear your things. l am unworthy of them.
''Look, Rani. l have called you my sister.''
lf you say anything like that again..
..l will be annoyed with you. Understand.
Look at this. This color really looks good on you.
And look at this. This goes very well with the sari.
''Raia! Come, Come. But tell me, why are you two so late?''
These are Golgappas for Rani's birthday.
That's why we got a little late.
Great! What a present! Golgappas!
lt's a nice present. Can there be one any better?
''Rani, how did you remember? Do you know ?''
Baby has been talking about Golgappas for the last 4 days.
Where is she?
''She's there, come.''
''Come, Raia.''
''Here are the Golgappas. You like them, don't you?''
Yes. May l have them?
''Yes, child. But after we've cut the cake. Okay?''
Yes. l think everyone's here. Shall we cut the cake?
''Come, Raia. - Come, Rani. Come along.''
Oh! Do you see Pinky's cake. - Lovely.
Let's us finish quickly the ceremony of..
.. the cake-cutting. Mr. Shamlal.
People are eager to listen to the baby's congratulations.
What do you mean?
ls this something to ask about? When you have called..
..such a famous dancer like Ranibai..
..we are sure to have song and dance.
Mr. Gupta. You are mistaken.
This is Ranidevi and she is our guest.
''Okay, 'devi' is fine. l am also an old disciple of hers.''
''Mr. Gupta, be careful what you speak. - No, no, sir. Let it go.''
''You are being insulted on our account. We'll go. Come, Rani.''
Raia! You will not go.
Mr. Gupta. Now that you are bent upon embarrassing..
''.. before all, let me then clarify to you..''
..what these two mean to me.
This Rani is my younger sister and Raja is her husband to be.
''Congratulations. But henceforth, whenever you..''
..have guests such as these for your parties..
..please do not invite us.
''Mr. Gupta, you are crossing all limits!''
''Come on, Raia.''
We are unable to watch you being insulted. We are leaving.
''No, Raia. Had he insulted me, l wouldn't have minded a bit.''
But he has insulted the relationship that is between..
.. a brother and a sister. He has scoffed at its purity.
You may leave if you wish.
''And, with you, all those who have any objection to Raja..''
''..and Rani being here, can ioin you.''
''Ladies and gentlemen, Let's forget about everything.''
''lt happens sometimes, that people are misled.''
''Sister Rani, today, you will cut Pinky's birthday cake.''
Blow it! Good!
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you..
''Aha! Lovely! - Here, take.''
''No, first Raia.''
Give him. Why are you feeling shy?
Why are you feeling shy? Go on.
Come on.
''We'll always remember this day, raja.''
And Pinky's parents too. They gave us so much love..
..treated us like their own.
We won't forget them till our last breath.
Surprising! You are not married yet and..
..you talk of the last breath.
''Look, all our dreams will be fulfilled.''
l'll get a iob and then marriage and after that.. - Oh!
''Oh, Raia. No mischief.''
''This is mischief? Before marriage, it is.''
And after marriage? - It turns to civility.
l want to be civil soon.
''l will. Now, leave my hand.''
''Look, there's a temple here and what..''
..were you doing before God?
''Rani, this God is a .. Very nice thing.''
''When you want him, you can't find him and..''
''..when you are not Iooking for him, there he is.''
''Come, let's have a chat with God.. Come.''
''Rani. Oh, Rani.''
What's the matter? Why did you run away from the temple?
''No, l cannot tell you. If you do you will start hating me.''
Then l'd definitely want to hear it.
What secret is that which will make Raja hate Rani?
l am married. - What?
''Today, after a long time, l saw my father-in-law.''
lt was like a marriage of dolls.
My husband did not want to marry me.
He married me so as not to displease his parents..
..and left home. He had an accident the same night.
Wait a minute.. Wait a minute.. And in that accident..
''Yes, l became a widow the very same night.''
''lf you have become a widow, then l have died long ago.''
Do you.. Do you remember our first night?
You were sitting with covered face and your husband..
..was pacing up and down.
''When you fell at his feet, he suddenly saw the bathroom door.''
He then went into the bathroom and never came out.
''Raia, how do you know all this?''
Because that was me. Your marriage was with me.
The advocate's son had gone away a long time ago..
..after he'd written that note.
What is this you are saying?
What l am saying is right. The police was after me and l..
..got into the house and hid in your room.
''l read the note, there was litte time, the police was after me..''
..and l put on the turban and saved myself.
That means you turned Nirmala into Ranibai.
''After the marriage, did you never think of me?''
Don't get me wrong. l got caught the same night..
..and went to iail for 6 months.
''When l left the iail, l tried to find you but you were gone.''
''Yes, by that time l was a dancing girl.''
Please forgive me..
All your troubles till date have been because of me.
My mistakes were done unknowingly.
''No, Raia. l am not blaming you.''
The fault lies with my fate..
..that got me married to you and even though you were..
''..alive, compelled me to become an..''
..ordinary song and dance girl.
''Fate has not had Iess fun with me, Rani.''
''l came to my wife's house with my friend and, thinking her a..''
''..bazaar girl, asked her to dance.''
''And, after that, Raia, had you gone out of my life..''
..what would have happened to me.
Oh! It is only after that l have started believing..
..in a fickle thing like fate.
See. l got you and lost you. And then l got you again.
''Oh, Raia!''
Hey! Wipe your tears. l was a thief earlier.
''Now, l can with aplomb, tie a necklace around your..''
Rani... Your necklace!
Necklace? Did l drop it?
On the way somewhere? - In the temple? - come on.
This is not the one.
Then we have only two designs more.
Can we see them?
''lt was exactly like this, wasn't it?''
What's its price? - 10000 rupees.
l want these 1000 rupees as a loan.
Loan? And that too 10000?
l need it desperately. l swear l will repay every paisa.
''Look, Raia. l have a principle.''
Bring goods and take the money.
l don't the business of lending.
''Lala, l have earned thousands for you.''
''Today, when l have a need, you are acting funny?''
''l am not acting funny, l am only showing you the way..''
..from which you have gone astray.
''Come back to the old ways, all will be well.''
Sister had sent the ayah today.
What did you say?
l put it off today.
How many days will you put it off?
The necklace has to be returned..
''..as soon as possible, any how.''
''But, how? It is a matter of 10000.''
''Rani, this is a matter of our prestige.''
What a big favor they did to us.
They gave us a chance to come good and..
..they know very well what we were earlier.
''lf, even for a moment, they suspect that we have pinched..''
''..the necklace, we will never be able to lift our heads again.''
''But, there is no other way.''
There is one. - What?
''Once, Rani. Only once, let me steal.''
''No, Raia. Don't ever think of it. You are under oath to me.''
''All right, l'll go and try to get money from somewhere.''
10000!? Where will we get the money from?
How will be able to face those nice folks.
All our dreams will be shattered. Nothing will remain.
l have tried everywhere and now l am compelled to..
''..break my promise, Rani.''
''lf we don't return the necklace, it will be a matter our prestige.''
''This will be my last theft, Rani. The last.''
Forgive me. if you can.
' When the darkness falls.. after midnight.#
.# A thief comes out.. on the black road.#
'..this voice can be heard.#
''Thief, thief!''
Thief.. Police!
''Now, Raia will never steal. - Now, Rani will never dance.''
'We had both seen a dream.#
'We both had a small house.#
'There were moonlit nights.#
'and we sat talking of love.#
'and if l forget about those nights and those talks.#
'you must remind me and don't forget#
'''Neither you could manage, nor could l..'''
'''Neither you could manage, nor could l..'''
'We both could not love.#
'We both could not love.#
'''Neither you could manage, nor could l..'''
'''You could not complain, and l couldn't censure..'''
''You sing, Ranibai. Take him and tie him up in some room.''
''Ranibai, l have given 10000 in hard cash. Dance!''
'There was no such intention.#
'We had made a vow.#
'''But such is fate, it is like a chain.'''
'We could break this and leave the world.#
'But we have had to live and drink this poison#
'''You broke your vow, l was not trustworthy..'''
'''Come, let us do iustice and forgive each other'''
'You could not manage innocence.#
'You could not manage to be virtuous.#
'l could not manage virtuous too#
'''Neither you could manage, nor could l..'''
'''Neither you could manage, nor could l..'''
'We both could not love.#
'We both could not love.#
' Phalak The heavens may give any work..''
..give anyone any name..
'''..he cannot change, he cannot be retrieved.'''
'''Whatever is our work, whatever is our name..'''
'we'll have to do the same and then die the same way#
'We have no place amongst the virtuous.#
'''..my loyalty is gone, my virtue is gone'''
'You could not protect it.#
''''And l could not protect it, too.'''
''Sir, l had come here only to dance. Let me go.''
''Ranibai, l have given 10000 rupees not for only dance.''
l will return your money. Just let me and Raja go.
''Tonight, think of me as your King, my queen!''
My life. Gladden my heart today.
''Raia, what have you two done?''
That necklace was a fake. It wouldn't cost even 200 rupees.
''Raia.. Raia, if Rani had come and told us..''
Whatever happened was to prevent you from knowing..
''.. about it, so that we did not fall in your estimation.''
Rani has told us everything.
Fate has played a big joke on the two of you.
But don't worry. l will engage the biggest advocate..
..and try to save you.
You have done a lot for us.
l am not afraid of the sentence.
What will happen at the worst? Hanging?
''Don't say that, Raia.''
''Yes, Rani.''
''But there is only one grouse, that we could be good folks..''
''Rani, my sister. Don't cry. - Sister.''
l have never asked for anything from anyone..
in this life. But l will do it today.
Don't let my Rani tie anklets again. - Time's up!
You may leave no.
This rascal time is also a special thing.
lt iust didn't give us a chance to come good.
''Raia, be brave.''
''Come, let's go.''
''Your Honor, l only have to say that the accused Raja and his..''
''..wife Rani, in their own different ways through..''
..their professions have been looting society.
They met by chance and they made a group.
''Rani would sing, dance and ply people with drink and...''
..make people senseless and Raia..
would make the best of the opportunity and loot them.
This is how the murder Seth Govardhandas came to be.
The only difference is that they were caught red-handed.
''l would request the court that this woman, whom the..''
defence calls the wife of the accused..
..be taken into custody as an accomplice to the crime.
''Obiection, your honor. The accused has admitted that..''
..he has committed the murder in order to..
..save the honor of his wife.
''Your Honor, the prosecution challenges the defence to..''
..prove that Raia and Rani are married and when and..
..where their marriage took place.
''You Honour, l request permission to present..''
..Rani as my witness.
Permission granted.
l swear upon the Geeta that l will speak only the truth..
..and nothing but the truth
''Sir, you, perhaps, did not recognize me.''
''You are my daughter-in-las Nirmala, aren't you?''
''Yes, Judge, but my marriage..''
Wait! There is no need to say anything further.
Owing to there being a relationship of the..
''witness with me, the hearing of the case will be..''
..entrusted to another court.
''Accordingly, this court is being adjourned till then''
lt is true that Raia and Rani's wedding took place..
..in my presence as per rites.
''Any more questions. - No, thank you.''
''l have nothing more to add, Your Honor.''
lt is now proved that Raia and Rani were married as per rites.
''But, now, since Rani had also confessed to the crime..''
..this court would like to know who the real assailant was?
''Your Honor, before going into the question of who the true..''
''..assailant was, l would suggest that we find out the true..''
..reason for the murder of Seth Govardhandas and the..
..circumstances in which he was killed.
''l obiect, your honor!''
''At the time of the murder, only Raja and..''
..Rani were present there.
There is no proof or witness to tell us how the murder took place.
That is why the prosecution repeats its point that the..
murder of Seth Govardhandas was premeditated.
His death was as a result of a conspiracy between..
..Raia and his wife.
That l say l say that Raia and Rani be held responsible..
..and they should be given the harshest sentence possible.
The court is agreeable to what the prosecution says and..
Who are you?
l am the wife Seth Goverdhandas.
l have been coming to the court everyday and have..
..been praying to God that l should not..
..have to open my mouth ..
''..because l am a Hindu woman, for whom it is a sin to speak ill..''
..of her husband even in her dreams.
But today l am compelled to tell you about the..
..true reason for my husband's death.
''The day he died, l heard the noise and..''
''..came out of the room where l saw, for the first time, a girl..''
..who was not willing to trade her virtue at any cost.
''And on the same day, l saw my husband, a human being..''
..in the form of an animal.
''Not animal, call him the devil, call him a womanizer.''
''l obiect, your honor.''
The accused may be asked to remain silent.
Let him speak. The court would like to know the truth.
The truth. The truth is that l was shut in an adjoining room.
From there l was watching the antics of this scoundrel.
Rani was scared and was begging..
..for her virtue to be spared.
''Seeing my wife's condition, my blood boiled.''
But he.. he was in a drunken state and like a hungry hyena..
..he fell upon her and the knife went right through him.
l freed myself somehow and took the blood-stained knife..
..from her and swore her to secrecy and..
..took the blame for the murder.
''We are very bad people, we are the shunned..''
..but we are not killers.
We.. We always tried to be good.. tried very hard..
But every attempt failed.
''Today.. Today, sir, l have Iearnt that if a man falls from..''
..the mountain-top he can get up again but if he falls..
''..from grace, he can never get up again.''
''We have lost, sir.. we have lost.''
''Now, whatever sentence your law gives, it may..''
''..and if possible, we may be sentenced to death..''
''..so that we are freed from this daily dying. Please, sir.''
Order. Order.
lt is this court's view that whatever evidence and..
..witnesses that were presented by the..
..prosecution against Raja were insufficient.
And in spite of the confession of the accused and keeping..
..in view Mrs. Saritadevi's statement..
..it is proved that the death of Seth Govardhandas..
..was not pre-meditated and was as a result of chance..
''..for which the accused, Raia, or his wife Rani..''
..cannot be held responsible.
''Accordingly, this court dismisses this case..''
..and releases the accused Raia.
lt is my good fortune that l got this opportunity to atone for my sin.
My daughter-in-law became Rani from..
..Nirmala on my account.
''But, today, l can say with great pride that l accept her as my..''
..daughter and pray to God that the atrocities of Society and..
..short-sightedness should not give birth to..
..any other Raia and Rani.
''Go, my children. Be happy.''
May God bless you.
''Wait, Raia, wait.''
l got a little late.
''Raia, you know l always make coffins for the ones..''
''who go away but, today, l have made..''
..something for one who is yet to come. Look at this.
''Uncle, is this for me? - No, no.''
For the one to come.
''Raia, you two have done wonders in life.''
''Actually, Raia, you.. you are a special thing, man.''