Area 88 - Start of [OVA2] - English

Uploaded by unkai9 on 11.10.2009

This is Shin Kazama, zero-zero section.
Mickey Simon here, blue section.
Hey Shin, what's up?
Enemy sighted at 12 o'clock.
I see 'em.
Judging by the speed I'd say they're MiG 21s.
Looks like about 30 of 'em.
Zero-zero section will provide backup.
Mickey, I'll leave the vanguard to you.
All units, fire your sparrows and reverse course.
Range on. Fire!
Here comes a quick 4,000 bucks.
Zero-zero section: All units storm the enemy.
Alright, here goes...
I spent every last penny on this F-20 Tigershark so let's see what it can do!
You noticed me too late.
That's Jess from zero-zero section.
Shin! I've got a bandit on my six!
Bastard got me, Shin!
They got my eyes! I can't see!
Drop speed and pull down the handles on your face curtain!
It's no use! The ejection mechanism doesn't work!
I forgot to get it repaired!
They got my arm!
You bastards!
Jess, calm down!
I already got them!
I'll guide you back so hold down on your stick!
You've got to level your plane!
I can't do it, Shin!
I don't know which way is up and which way is down!
I can't tell what kind of path I'm flying or anything!
All I know is right now I'm scared out of my fucking mind!
It's another one!
Stop it! It's one of our Phantoms!
I can't fucking see! How the hell am I supposed to know who I'm shooting at?
Jess, just calm down and listen to me!
Dammit, Shin, do something! I can't hear with him screaming like that!
I'm not gonna lose my money
'cause I took 30mm rounds up the ass from one of my own guys!
Sorry, Jess...
You just weren't lucky today.