Interview with (LeX & Kucher) @ DreamHack Summer 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 17, 2012

- Hello, guys.
- Hi, Na`Vi Gaming.
- We have an interview with Alexey Kolesnikov
and Emil Kucher.
You guys have just overcame ESC gaming.
You defeated SK just before ESC.
How did you manage to do that?
- Frankly speaking,
there are smth like 15 skilled players
on post-soviet territory.
If they get together,
they can do something epic.
Na`Vi, DTS and M5 are good enough to prove it.
Virtus.Pro chose another way two years ago.
And to tell you the truth
that was a pretty big mistake.
We had a lot of problems.
I don’t even want to talk about them.
This year we gathered the new line-up
and practiced a lot.
We lost against unknown teams in the internet.
We had some internal conflicts,
just like you guys.
Generally our team is juicy and complicated,
but we practice a lot.
We had a two-week bootcamp in Moscow before this champ.
I wouldn’t say we practiced 160 hours per day.
No, we simply did it in the proper way.
The first result at DreamHack speaks for itself.
- Emil, tell us about the game vs SK.
Were there any critical points which let you win?
- Yes, there were.
They almost broke us down,
when fOrest took the round in 2v1 situation.
After that SK took yet another round.
We almost capitulated and then we suddenly found
a second breath at B plant.
From pracc experience we knew we were good enough there
and we decided to try.
We took the round and broke SK down.
- I’d like to add…
knock on wood, I’m not jinxing it!
I’m extremely glad and happy that our players
can keep cool analysis in complicated situations.
XAOC performed an excellent round.
From his experience he knew how to act
against Poles on inferno, for example.
We won the pistol round for the first time.
Easy. Without chances.
hoochR is also such a smarty!
However he is emotional, he stays so concentrated.
He analyses each round.
One round on B made the game.
We were losing 2-7.
All our previous line-ups
would have hundred per cent fail the game.
The score was 2-7!
And here comes the next round.
We have a weak buy and only two smokes.
hoochR suggests to run through the lower parapet.
We do it and take the round.
Such details are awesome.
I’m so glad each of us has his role
and he is excellent in executing it!
I hope it’s just the beginning.
- Is hoochR the captain?
- Of course he is.
And I’m like manager and team leader.
- So speaking of the games,
you always take the initiative, don’t you?
- Yes, we do.
- The score was 10-5 and 12-3.
- Yes, we actually were up 9-2
and then fOrest gained 16 points with AWP.
He had seven frags. Awesome.
It was just awesome.
We took that round.
It was neither draw nor 16-14.
That’s it! The team is experienced.
Everything seems to be ok.
- We practiced pretty hard.
It was like Sparta.
You have to win after living out of such conditions.
In my opinion. We’ll see.
- And thanks to our managers.
- Do you agree?
- Yes.
- Give regards to them.
And huge thanks to all of our fans.
I hope we start gladdening you,
but I’m not sure about CS future.
Nevertheless we’ll have CS:GO.
- I have three more questions.
So here comes the first one to Kucher.
How did you find your way in the team?
Did you feel any discomfort?
You are from Ukraine and you entered international team.
- Not really.
I’d been playing with hoochR for a long time
and I really enjoyed it.
When I entered the team,
it was still unclear
if Lex would agree to play for
I told I would not play without Lex
as it was nonsense.
We had no time to play with youngsters and teach them.
Two or three youngsters.
We had no time for that, as the end of CS was coming.
I suggested Lex and hoochR.
We started practicing and we turned out to be lucky.
We had some fails in the internet but it doesn’t matter.
- We’ll see the results later.
How do you estimate your preparations?
First you passed the qualification.
We you nervous that you could possibly
fail before the main stage?
- We felt pressure from our top management.
We let them down many times at WCG etc.
I’m sure they were more nervous.
I was sure as I knew we were fit
for this champ.
Two weeks ago fnatic had destroyed us during praccs.
In a week we played on equal.
And we won them afterwards.
It was the result of our progress.
We came here filled with experience.
We started bootcamping with the words: let’s try.
We went here with the words: no kidding! We can!
And now we think we can do everything.
Our group stage performance is not bad.
There are 8 teams here.
Four teams will get to the final part.
Taking into account our shape and confidence
we can show crazy game in the play-off.
We can.
I’m 100% sure in my team.
- You have the one game left.
- Versus WinFact.
They are up 14-10 vs SK at the moment.
They will beat SK easily.
It would be a great result.
They are awesome.
We are to get ready to fight them.
- Recently ESL excluded CS from the official list of the disciplines.
What’s your opinion about it?
What so think of CS future?
- Everybody’s constantly writing about CS dying.
There were series of tournaments
with unpaid prize money
and now CS is officially out.
I think Valve doesn’t want the old one game.
They want to finish CS:GO and promote it at the major tournaments.
I’m sure Valve will make a candy.
They progressed so much in the last two months.
I’m optimistic about it.
- I’ve heard that CS:GO will be intermediate
discipline before CS 2 appears.
- In ten years.
I think everything is cool.
Esports is booming.
Games like StarCraft 2 are super.
I’m optimistic about CS.
- We have to go not to miss our game.
- Ok. Thank you. Good luck.