23. Swahili 101 - Seasons in Swahili

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Hello and welcome back to learning kiswahili.
In todays lesson we will talk about seasons.
Seasons in kiSwahili
The word season in Swahili is Majira, Majira
however the areas that have alot of Arabic influence use another word Musimu or Msimu,
it's a direct Arabic word it's derived from the word Mousim. Mousim
Majira really means time or aperiod.
So Swahili has never really bothered itself with fall and spring!
The real important weathers or seasons in Swahili are climates which is Hot, Cold and
That's all that's known.
We don't have windy seasons and all other stuff that is prevalent in other places.
However, to adapt to the Western world, we have come up with terms in Swahili
So, I will list several formats of this.
So depending on where you are, you will need to use what is available for that area.
So if you are in Arabic influenced area, for example in Kenya in a place called Mombasa
Or if you are in Tanzania in a place called Zanzibar and Pemba, there's some Arab influence.
A lot of Arab infulence there.
OK, The Four Seasons
Kiangazi, Kiangazi = Summer
Majira ya baridi = Winter
Majira ya baridi = Winter
Majira ya machipuko = Spring
Majira ya machipuko = Spring
Majira ya majani kupukutika = Fall/Autumn
Majira ya majani kupukutika = Fall/Autumn
Basically, 'majira ya baridi' means time of cold
'majira ya machipuko' means time of 'machipuko' which is a word for spring
'majira ya majani kupukutika' that means the time when the leaves fall, fall season.
So really we didn't have that! So now we have adapted it freely from English to Swahili
The most common way to say the seasons is 'siku za' = the days of.. allright
Siku za joto = days of heat = hot days
Siku za baridi = days of cold = cold days
Siku za mvua = days of rain = rainy days
The four seasons with Arabic influence
Musimu wa joto = season of heat
Musimu wa baridi = season of cold
Musimu wa masika or msimu wa mvua
Musimu wa mvua = season of rain = rainy season/ monsoon season
However, there's a word called 'masika', this word is also used for monsoon.
The same monsoon that goes to India and comes back (to the East Cost of Africa)
So musimu wa masika wold be rainy season or monsoon season.
Here are other things that you might want to know in climate
Joto = hot (climate)
Siku za joto = hot days
Baridi = cold (also climate)
Siku za baridi = cold days
Barafu = ice
Theluji = snow
Barafu = ice
Theluji = snow
Mvua = rain
Siku za mvua = rainy days
Masika = Rainy season or monsoon
In the next lesson will learn how to make sentences using these words.
With that said, thank you for joining me, see you in the next lesson
Kwaheri tutaonana baadae