[ENG SUB]Super Junior "Relay Interview" Japan 2009

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Leeteuk > Heechul
I think Heechul is...
(He passed now.)
When I met Heechul first, It was 6~7 years ago,
we knew we were same age, but we were awkward each other.
For first one year, when we passed each other in our office
we used to say "Annyeonghaseyo" awkwardly.
One day we happened to play a game together.
While playing a game, we soon became close...
like friends of 10~20 years.
I'd like to say that...
For me, he is a friend rather than a fellow worker.
Even if I'll get old in the future, I want to say to him,
"What do you do now? Let's play together!"
I hope we're such friends eternally.
Heechul > Shindong
Shindong is...
a little ... so...
and versatile.
He has a big body, but he dances very well.
He has a talent of the music, too.
He arranges music for SJ.
We sometimes use those music at TV program.
He eats well... he eats a lot.
He is more delicate and tenderer than anyone.
As he's a mood maker, he always says in this way,
"Next corner is..." "Hello everybody! We Super Junior..."
He always makes up an good atmosphere.
Shindong is necessary for SJ.
Shindong > Eunhyuk
I'm gonna talk about Eunhyuk.
He is good at anything and is skillful.
He sings and raps well, and makes rap himself.
He can do the choreography, too. He is really great.
He's a member necessary for our team.
I like him thirteenth among 13 members.
Eunhyuk > Donghae
Donghae is the closest friends.
We've been friends for about 10 years, so we know each other well
When I am in trouble, he is reliable as a friend not as a member.
We talk about personal problems each other.
Donghae is a hard worker.
He always makes efforts whether he's on stage or not.
I should learn much from his efforts.
He is a model member for all of us, I think.
Donghae > Siwon
I am Donghae.
Siwon is...
a good person, as you know.
He has a strong sense of responsibility.
He's so considerate.
He rather sacrifices himself than hurts someone.
He does his best anytime.
He is really gentle.
Don't run away!
Siwon > Kangin
Kangin is really good person.
He takes care of others well and he's kind to others.
That is his first good point, and may be his weak point.
...I think it's his good point.
Kangin > Yesung
Yesung is the same age as me.
There're older members such as Leeteuk, Heechul and Hangeng,
Yesung does much for members to communicate smoothly.
While making the album, he worked very hard.
Yesung, you are necessary for us. I like you!
Yesung, FIGHTING!!
Yesung > Kyuhyun
Hello, I'm Yesung.
Our MAKNAE Kyuhyun is...
and thinking a lot about songs.
There've been many good singers in SJ, such as Ryeowook, originally.
After Kyuhyun joined us, the music of SJ grew up and improved more.
Kyuhun > Ryeowook
Ryeowook is...
one of very tender members, I think.
When I joined SJ, he was very kind to me
He cooks for us after we're back from work.
Because I am the youngest member, I have to cook as he does.
But I couldn't cook very well,
so he says "It's alright, I'll do it"
and he cooks instead of me.
He's a good friend and is a senior member.
Ryeowook > Hangeng
I am a member of SJ-M...
Hangeng is a leader of SJ-M.
He is very cool in China,
and he takes care of us very well there.
One day he took out Chinese dumplings and sweet and sour pork for us.
... It was around 2:00 a.m. ...
He told us to eat them, because we seemed hungry.
I was thankful for him at that time.
He's very gentle. Please support him!
Hangeng > Sungmin
Sungmin is one of the precious members.
He's tender like a girl, and he's like a younger brother to me.
He usually learns guitar and writes music. He's a hard worker
And he has talents.
Sungmin, I always support you! 加油!
Sungmin > Leeteuk
Leeteuk is our leader.
He has a strong sense of responsibility. He is the mainstay of SJ.
He has patience and is cool.
He is a leader we need always!
I love only you^^