Mahabharat - Episode 09

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Pleased with Kunti and Madri, Sage Kindam
blessed them with sons...
and so, the two queens had to beget sons
Sage Kindam's story marks a crucial point in the Epic
He blesses the queens...
with sons so that they can fulfill their duty...
but the Sage and his wife have yet to fulfill theirs
The queens were happy to receive the blessing...
but their story does not end here
They have yet to go to Hastinapur...
because Satyavati is getting
- My respects - God bless you
Did you...
Yes, l did call you
Hasn't Pandu had enough rest?
Please call him back, l'm restless without him
As you wish mother
Ask Dhritirashtra to send a personal message to Pandu
As you wish mother
Send for Pandu before mother asks you to do so my lord
Why Gandhari?
Don't you want Pandu to rest a little?
He can rest here too
Besides, his prolonged absence doesn't look good
l am afraid that you may get too used to the crown
l have sacrificed seeing...
not thinking my lord
You, too, have not given up thinking
Have you forgotten what Shakuni said?
What did he say?
That the crown should be mine
Such things should be forgotten lord
You are so attuned to sounds my son
Even a normal person would see less
A long life to...
you and your husband
Please be seated
At this moment l'm my mother's representative
Mother has sent a message for the king
She has asked him to call back Pandu
ls this a message or an order?
A message from an older person is an order my lord
Ask Pandu to return
Look at the king's pleasure at being called back
lt is were not the Queen Mother's order...
he would have stayed back
Learn self control Madri
My mind is not a deer that l can
control it with an arrow
Life is for living
But there are certain rules to living
And one rule is that...
we must return on getting mother's order.
You always side with the king
We are both born to side with him
The tiger seems near, kill him for me my lord
What has the tiger done that you wish it killed?
At least have your lunch my lord
After l return
l had sent the arrow after hearing the sound O Sage
You have no right to use such a weapon if...
you can't differentiate between sounds
You have crossed the limit of your rights O King
You should be punished
Forgive me O Sage
O king you have ended my dynasty
So, l curse you
You will die the moment...
you embrace your wives
Why this sudden silence Madri?
Something tragic has happened
The king, too, has not returned
Something tragic has happened
l had used the arrow on hearing the tiger sound
But when l reached the spot l found that...
my arrow had killed Sage Kindam and his wife
Sage Kindam? O my God!
l did not mean to kill him Kunti
l know that my lord
A king of Hastinapur is incapable of killing a sage
But an accident has taken place
l am now responsible for a Sage's death
No my lord you are not responsible
l am the killer
You were to have lunch...
but l was tempted by the tiger skin
This death is mine
l am responsible
l must do penance
Since l am also responsible...
l will join you in the penance
Which means...
l am left all alone
l did not expect this Madri
l allowed you to share my life
And now in this moment of crisis...
you have both left me out
That is not so sister
You are our strength...
our courage, our honour...
our identity
Why then do you say this?
Victory is the king
King Pandu is coming straight here on his return
He has returned very quickly
But why is he coming here instead of going to Mother?
is he suspicious...
that l may not return the crown to him?
Why do you think so my lord?
A king is always worried about the state
maybe that is why he is coming here first
Welcome him with open arms
l'll have to welcome him
l'll welcome him
as well as bless him
How was your stay in the forest?
-Something tragic happened -What?
l have killed Sage Kindam
Was it murder or accident?
You cannot kill and...
you cannot control accidents
Only Vidur has an answer for such problems
Wear this crown and ask Vidur this question in court
Grandshire will be there
There is no problem so why a solution?
Of course, there is a problem Gandhari
Here brother
Wear this
You will get a solution only in court
Let's go
Whatever you may say...
a death has occurred...
... and that, too with King Pandu's arrow
But it is not murder
Pandu did not do it knowingly
So, it is not a sin
And if it is not a sin then why a penalty
This is a mere accident
lt is an accident and so penance is necessary
Had it been murder, it would have been the death sentence
l agree with Vidur
As the King of Hastinapur
l pronounce sentences that...
l should renounce the world as a penance
l wish to be an example for my people
You were the only witness
Had you wanted to, you could have kept quiet
But you did not
For you are the Law and the Law giver
lf you disrespect the Law...
so will your subjects
Your decision will be remembered with honour
Now, in my place...
my elder brother
will rule Hastinapur
Okay my brother
lf God desires it, so be it
Come brother
You are like my father
l give you this Kingdom
l salute the King of Hastinapur
ls it true that Pandu is...
renouncing the world?
Yes mother
And you said nothing?
lt is not for me to say
Why such a great penalty when...
Pandu is blameless?
This is King Pandu's judgment
l am asking for your judgment Bhishma
l am bound by the King's judgment
And if you were not bound?
A mother should not be so weak
You should be happy with this judgment
Pandu has shown that the Law is greater than a king
Pandu has done what was expected of him
Bless him
l have already given
all my blessings to you my son
God knows...
when l'll be free of Hastinapur's debt
Come Madri
What's this?
Why are you surprised my lord?
But these clothes?
Anything wrong with these clothes Madri?
No sister, in fact, they match our lord's clothes.
Do not take this lightly Pritha
You are elder. Explain it to Madri
There is nothing to explain my lord
Explain Kunti...
that l killed the Sage
So, l must so the penance
Why should you follow me to the forest?
What did Seeta tell Lord Rama?
We are your wives
You cannot do any penance without us
Can you deny this truth my lord?
My lord, did we not, with the Fire God as witness...
promise to share your joys...
and sorrows?
Our relationship does not end at the palace
We will come with you my lord
You are incomplete without us my lord
For your penance you have to be complete
Lord Rama's penance was incomplete without Seeta...
and so is yours without us
Okay my brother
Bless me so that...
my penance is successful
A mother will always bless her child
But son...
what will happen to her?
lt is my mother...
who is the inspiration behind this decision
You are going
but why are you taking them along?
What will l tell
their fathers?
That l have sent their daughters...
into the Forest?
Look at Ambalika my son
How will she, a widow, live without her son?
ln the same manner...
as l will live without both of you
Our lord was not willing to take us
but we insisted
But why my daughter?
Because we are merely his shadows
We cannot live without him
Okay my son, go...
and God willing you will, one day...
return home
Victory to the king
Do not leave us my king
We will not let you go
l am grateful for your love...
but go we must...
because we must do penance for our sin
Allow us to go
Why this chariot?
lt is necessary
Maybe not for you...
but it will take Kunti and Madri
to the forest
May you live long
May you have sons
That Life is blessed...
which shares joys and sorrows
The palace and the forest...
both are the same for it
Come Shakuni
Why are you sad my king?
Pandu's going away has saddened me
This is the moment we were waiting for
Now this crown is all yours
The injustice done to you...
is now over
lt is rightly said
that justice takes its own time
Congratulations King Dhritirashtra
Now you will rule while...
Pandu stays in forests
Where to Pandu?
l am going to Brahma's World
Take me with you
l am sorry to say that you are...
not allowed there
Neither are you a Sage nor an Enlightened Man
You are also childless
You cannot enter
unless you fulfill your Ancestral Debt
What thought is that my lord
which is more important than your wives
That thought...
is hell
A living...
terrifying hell...
in which every moment of my life...
is burning like dry wood
l am your wife my lord...
and so, entitled to half that hell
Tell me my lord
Do you remember that day...
when we all went horse riding?
Both of you had agreed to give me sons
if l won the race
What if l win?
What do you wager?
lf l win l'll take sons -that, too, five
Two and half sons each
No. Kunti is elder
She will give you three and l will give you two
What if you lose?
l'll take sons if l win l'll give sons if l lose
Heard that sister? Heads l win, tails you lose
Now you cannot fulfill that promise
Why my lord?
That is Sage Kindman's curse
l am cursed to live
and die childless
There is a solution
A solution?
Pleased with my service
Sage Durvasa had given me a spell
whereby l can call upon any God
lt is a seduction spell
Then use that spell
lf the spell can
really seduce Gods
then call Lord Dharamraj
this child is a part of me
He will be a Man of Ethics
and Truth
He will steady in battle
So, O Kunti...
name him Yuddhistir
Accept my blessings my king
A prince has been born in the Kuru clan
A son has been born to Pandu
He's name Yuddhistir
Please send him our congratulations
Yes my king
l conceived before she did
As God wishes!
Now call upon the Wind God
Like this stone whoever faces him in battle...
will be broken
Great warriors will fear him
So, O Kunti...
name him Bhim
He has broken the stone
He is very strong
Let's call him Bhim, a terror to his enemies
ln the hermitage, Kunti gave birth to Bhim while...
in the palace, Gandhari gave birth to Duryodhan
But these lineage do not stop here
Kunti is to give birth to Arjun
and Madri to Nakul and Sahadeo while...
Gandhari will give birth to 100 sons and a daughter
But there's time for that
So, let us leave Kunti and Madri at the hermitage
and Gandhari at the palace...
and go to Mathura
where the central figure, the Great Hero...
of our story is going to be born
His name is Vasudeo Krishna
Shri Krishna
Sometimes we forget...
the world belongs to the Lord
He carries the world
on the edge of his weapon