IPL League of Legends Update - Episode 9 ft IPL Face Off, Pulsefire Ezreal, Taipei Assassins, DDR

Uploaded by IPLLoL on 29.06.2012

Welcome to League of Legends Update.
An almost news show about League of Legends
I might be Buddy Hutton or I might be Poopy McCrappypants depending on what our graphics
director Eric wants to do with my lower third
On today’s episode we have TheRedBaron with a Competitive Spotlight
Nick Allen with community news, makes fun of people
and Hatperson takes Twitter suggestions because we got tired of thinking up crap for him to do
Now first some news
We are announcing our next tournament
The IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown
will be held August 11th through the 12th
If you have an issue with that name, here is a list of other names we rejected.
League of Legends servers have been experiencing some outages lately
but we got some footage from the Riot Server Room that may explain why
When the League of Legends servers go down, we here at Update kinda struggled to find safe competitive activities.
It’s kind of a problem.
Son of a b**ch!
Come on, daddy needs a new skin!
Son of a B**CH!
Now let's go to some guy named James who's going to talk about the League of Legends
Hey guys this is James Reilman and the big question heading into the Season 2 Championship
is how the relatively untested Asian teams will match up against the more experienced
Western teams
Depending on who you talk to, Taipei Assassins is potentially the best team in the world
with their claim primarily the result of their mystery
The standard for NA and EU competitive LoL has long been a slow farming game
And part of what makes TPA look so impressive is their early aggression, with Lilballz's devastating
Alistar and Toyz roaming early out of the Mid Lane
While Western teams focus their attention on winning the Top Lane, TPA frequently four
man gank bottom to snowball their AD Carry
Their team synergy during fights has been astounding with strong positioning and coordinated
timing to chain their high disable comps for kills
Stanley has shown great versatility in the Top Lane with non-standard picks and double AP comps
While Bebe and MiSTakE have the looks of a top tier Bottom Lane with Bebe being one of
the few ADs in the world who could challenge Doublelift for the top Vayne spot
Their double AP teams could struggle in fights against tanky initiation teams like M5 with
Genja on Urgot
Or their up close and personal style could struggle against late game sustain damage teams
such as TSM's Karthus with the kill protection to negate TPA's burst
With everyone training and playing at such a high level, one thing is clear
The Season 2 Championships are going to rock
Thanks James
Now let's go to Nick Allen, who smells like a homeless person
Hi I'm Nick Allen, and this is Community News
A new team calling themselves Team USA has popped up, led by the former TSM Top Lane,
The Rain Man
Along with himself, Rainman has recruited four Europeans to the team
not because they are good at LoL
but because nobody in North America wants to play with him
The eSports Management Group emerged this week
sporting an exclusive deal with Counter Logic Gaming
The marketing firm quote
"Creates programs that expertly benefit both the client and the sponsor"
Well, nothing benefits sponsors more
than a team that never wins tournaments
In recent weeks, Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, or DDoS attacks
have become increasingly more common
DDoSing, has been affecting a lot of the popular, influential streamers
and Travis
I'm Nick Allen, and this was Community News
Thanks Nick
Now let's see what craziness HatPerson has come up with
We're taking suggestion on Twitter on things I should do every week
Lightblind suggested that we play LoL with a DDR pad
Not quite sure how this is gonna work out
but let's roll with it
So we're actually gonna go ahead and play with The Ryze for this little experiment
All my buttons, mapped out to the pad
I'm only gonna be using the mouse for just movement, auto-attacks or things like that
Keyboard, not used
Ultimate on down
Okay we just loaded
I already blew my Flash, awesome
ehhh... great
Steal the kill! Steal the kill!
Oh Trynd got it OK!
Hit me up on Twitter
Follow me @HatPerson with any crazy sketches or experiments
or terrible ideas that you might want us to do here on LoL Update
Hopefully, less torturous
Thank you AJ
Congratulations to last episodes giveaway winner, Daniel Heidari.
This week we are giving away all the fun stuff we gave away last week
A Razor Mouse Pad
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