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Hi, I’m Joe Pierson. Welcome to Michael’s first Craft-N-Chat. We’re gonna show you how to
make some great projects to make. Now one thing to remember is, we’re going to be the first
Tuesday of every month at 7central time, so I hope you’ll keep tuning in and seeing all the
projects we make each time. Isn’t it fun sometimes to just think about “wow, we’d like
to make something kind of relaxing.” And Isn’t it fun to find that little bit of zen? Well, you know
what? First of all, I’m going to show you how to make some soap. Well, you know a long time
ago, they all had to make their soap. Well, it’s come a long way and we really have some great
products in your Michael’s store. It’s going to be over in the general crafts department. Now
we have some kits and that’s what we’re doing here tonight is actually gonna come from a kit.
Now this one of them. Art Minds is actually Michael’s brand. That’s our brand name. So
these kits are a Micahel’s Kit. And everything you need to get started on making the first soap
is in this kit. So then, I know you’re gonna get hooked on this. And you’re going to be able to
go down the aisle, and in just a few months we’re going to have a great new aisle that’s full
of all kinds of fun things. A bunch of different kind of molds. Some fragrances. Some different
colorings and actually some things like lavender and things like that that you can add to soap to
really make them personal. You know what’s really fun? Think about just
making some soap, wrapping them up in some little bit of tissue paper and giving them as a
gift. What a great way to just kind of ahhh… but nice and cleansed.
Let’s get started. I wanna show you what we’re gonna do. Now this soap comes in a bunch of
different kinds of soap. The soap that actually comes in one of the kits is just a glycerin soap.
You’ll see it’s just clear. But we also carry like open stock in soap, this is actually goat milk
soap. This is really nice. It’s a white soap. One of the things about this soap is that it is made…
that it has the right kind of suspension in it that everything won’t fall to one place in the soap so
if you’re wanting to layer it or you’re wanting to put lavender or something like that in it, it’s
really nice because it’s made to suspend what you’re actually gonna put in there.
So, two kind of ways to make the soap. You can either melt it in the microwave… all the
instructions of everything you need are gonna come in that kit and what’s really nice about
this is there’s really some great how to pictures to show you everything that you need to do to
make the soap. If you don’t have a microwave, you can also do
it in a double boiler. So, you wanna follow your instructions on the package, make sure, read
through them all first. It’s always good to read through everything before you make something
until you get done and its like oh yeah I forgot that step. So, be sure and read through all your
instructions. Different molds come in the different kits and there are also open stock
molds that you can buy. The other thing we have that also comes with the kit are your
colorings. So one of your kits, which is really kind of fun, this is that, I’m going to show you
that again. This is that tie dye kit. This is great for the teenage kids to make. So the teenagers
or the tweens will love to make this. You know, just be careful with younger kids, mom, they
like to do this too but you just want to make sure you help because it does get very hot in
the microwave. So I’ve melted some clear soap. And I want to
show you, this mold, actually I’m going to turn it around, I want you to see. It actually is
dimensional. So you can take the soap. Let me put this down here so you can see it. You can
take the soap and put a different color in it at one time and then go back in and fill it in with
another color your goat soap goat milk soap is going to be opaque So it’s going to be, its going
to stay very thick and white. Where as the glycerin soap is going to always dry clear or
what every color you put in is going to change it.
So what I’ve done, is I just took a little bit of soap, I’ve melted it in the microwave, and then I
added a little bit of color. A few drops remember, sometimes more is not better so
start out with just a couple drops until you see if you’ve actually likened the color of the soap
and then of course you can always go back and ask you know you can always add more colors.
So I want to be sure that while I’m doing this if there are any questions that you have out
there, please be sure and just type them in and we’ll be able to get those and they’ll tell me
what it is that you’d like to know. I wanna be sure and help you with this project.
So I poured my blue soap inside and let it harden, you’ll be able to tell when it’s
hardened, or sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, because of course patience is not one of my
virtues, I put it in the refrigerator. And so the refrigerator will speed up that you know that
time to where the soap will get hard. So what I’ve done with this, it’s been poured, I’ve
actually had it sitting around for an hour or so and then I took my clear glycerin soap, here I
wanna show you how it’s gonna look, so it just melts like this and I’ve just done it in a
measuring cup and now what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna take and I’m just gonna pour
it over all the way up to the very top ok that you can see and now I’m just gonna set that
aside. Now sometimes you’re gonna see some
bubbles, ok, but you can blow on them a little bit and have them disappear you can take a
tiny pin if you want to but it doesn’t really make a difference anyway because it’s going to dry
clear anyway. Now, one of things to think about, a lot of
people just wanted to know if this is for sensitive skin, if you have really allergic,
sensitive skin, I would really read the package over carefully and it might not be something
that you wanna use, so look at your ingredients. And maybe you wanna test it, just a
little bit on your hand before you use the soap all over so you make sure you’re not allergic to
it. So I’ve got this one poured in here and I’m just gonna try and I’m just gonna set this aside
now again, I could put it in the refrigerator, but I’m gonna just set it aside But I wanna show
you something else that’s kind of fun. We took just some solid colors. Here’s, look it.
I’m gonna pull it aside here so you can see some of the other things we’ve done with the soap.
This is the tie dyed soaps so this is what came out of that one kit. And what you’ve done with
that is when you’ve put the soap into the umm mold, there’s a stirring stick and you can just
put a few colors in just kind of swish it around a little bit, you can add another color if you want
to. Again, remember, all the instructions, are in the kit. Be sure you read through them all. But
what we did here is then I took one of the solid colored pieces of soap and we made these, we
cut ‘em up. We just used a sharp knife, and look, we cut ‘em up, and now what I can do is I
can take just another plane mold, and look I’m just gonna sprinkle ‘em in here, they can stand
up, they can sit down, they can do jumping jacks If you want ‘em to, but look what I’m
gonna do, I’m just gonna set ‘em in there, I’m gonna take my soap, that I have my clear soap
again, and I’m gonna pour it over , see if you can see this, I’m just gonna pour this now over
that and what’s really kind of cool about this… I’ve got one kind of sticking out there so we’re
just gonna kinda push it down in. Now while I set this aside, Can you knock out, now Oh! Oh!
We were talking about, someone wanted to know about the air bubbles. You know they’re
kinda, they’re kind of sensitive like I was saying, you can blow on them and that will kind of
dissipate some of them and you can just blow them off to the side, you can also take like the
little stick, you know and punch them if you want to. You can also take your mold and you
can kind of just tap it up and down a little bit ok? Like you do with cake batter, exactly. Like
you do with cake batter. Now, depending on how long it stays in your
mold, depends on how long you wanna dry it. If you decide you want to just set it aside, it’s
probably going to take half an hour to forty-five minutes. Maybe even longer, depending on the
temperature for it to really dry and you're gonna be able to tell when it’s ready to pop out
of the mold. This has been completely dried. You’re just
going to turn it over and kind of release the air in it and you’re gonna get your perfect bar of
soap. Ok? So now what we’re gonna do with this. Look how fun this is, I wanna show ya. It’s
gonna come out of this, they call this confetti. Isn’t this fun? Something else you can do with
all of them. Any kind of plastic toy, or foam pieces, or actually some people actually put
money in it if you believe that you can put down into the soap… and of course the soap…. as you
use it.. as it washes away. Then your little, your little critter whatever it is that you’ve put in the
soap has become available and you can just throw it away.
Here’s, I wanna show you how easy this cuts. This was just another piece. We tie dyed this
Now I’m gonna tell you, when we were doing the tie dye kit. We really kind of played around
a little for a little bit. Because it seemed like it was better to pour a little bit of soap, go ahead
and put in little drips of the coloring and mix it and let that sit a little bit and then go back and
ad another layer. Now if you wanna actually make layered soaps, like if you wanna do like
red white and green for the holidays, what
you’re gonna do is pour one, like you’re gonna pour you red soap first , you’re gonna let it
totally harden. You’re gonna get it good and hard. Then you’re gonna go, you’re gonna pour
your second layer on top of that. You’re gonna set it aside or you’re gonna put it in the
refrigerator. You’re gonna let that harden, and then you’re gonna go and put your last layer on
there so when it pops out of your mold, you’re gonna have those wonderful stripes So you can
see, there are really fun things that you can do with the soap.
This is actually one of the little pieces. I want you to see how easy it is when I move this over
here . Because you you’re going to cut this with a sharp knife. Can you, I don’t know if we can
see here. So see, it’s just gonna slide through. And that’s what we made our little pieces with,
ok? And look, we just cut them up. You can make them as small as you want. You can cut
them out in shapes. What’s really fun is if you cut them really thin, then you can cut it up with
a cookie cutter, like a really short little cookie cutter, and you can make some really fun soap.
So I think, this is a really clean idea to do and I think the kids would love it, so mom, you really
can’t make a mess. So let’s go on to our next project, I really
wanna show you some things we have to make. You know it used to be that when you kind of
thought about zen and kind of being quiet and all of that, for a while the little sand, zen
gardens were so popular. So I wanna tell you some of our thoughts on how to make little zen
gardens. Set this all aside here. Gonna set this. Ok, I’m just gonna bring you on over some. I’m
just gonna set these down over here. Ok . This is the first fun little garden we’re gonna
make. And I wanna show you this, I ‘m gonna show you the parts and pieces. This is our fun
little garden. And you know you can just make the sand all smooth. And look, we even made
our own little rake so you can make your designs in the sand, you know you can just sit
play in the sand all day and you don’t have to go into work. Ok, well I’m not going to be in
tomorrow. Ok, so lets show everybody, I wanna show you how I made this. This was actually a
boxed frame that we sell. It’s over in the new wood, in the summer wood department. Oh I
have one over here. Get all of our other goodies over here and show you. This is
actually, I left this on, I want you to see how this is. This is also a Michael’s brand. It’s down the
aisle where all the new spring wood is. The summer wood.
You can put paint on the front, you can decoupage or collage, or whatever you wanted
to do, but we decided to turn it over and we made it into what we used as our little garden
so over in the fun wood department think of all the other kinds of fun things that you can do
with it and it’s also you can also find it in the every day wood that’s down you sometimes we
have the special summer wood that we get in and then you have the every day wood so over
in the art department, there’s actually one that’s canvas that you can use. So lots of
different things that you can use. Maybe you can use the lid of an old box that you wanna
make one out of. You know, you can kind of just, skies the limit with however you just want
to make it. Now, this little, you can, we decided to put little
feet on it. We didn’t want it to sit flat on the floor. These are called doll heads and the
reason they are called that is because they have a flat surface on them so when you’re going to
glue them on to something, you don’t have that round surface to worry about. And they also
have a hole in them So if you wanted to put then on then end of a dowel rod for a finial, you
could use it for that too. We love it because they make great feet.
So what we did, we used wood glue and we glued them on to our box before we painted it.
And then we just went and painted it. This is a beautiful tangerine color, which is the bright
color for this year. Now if you want something a little more… maybe a little more soothing, then
you can certainly paint it a less bright color. But we thought this was really pretty. So we’ve
totally painted the whole entire thing, including the back. You know, I kind of have this little pet
peeve about when you make projects and you don’t finish the back. I hate to give somebody
something where I haven’t completely finished it so you might want to make sure that it looks
nice. So we’ve completely painted it. You can use any color that you want to. We used some
Martha Stewart orange paint, but again make sure that you glue your, it’s better to glue these
on than to try to glue them and hole them separate. So just glue them on the whole way.
Now the glue we used was. These were the great paints that we used, the turquoise, this
one is called, it’s fabulous, I think it’s marmalade, it is, it’s marmalade. So we have
marmalade and we have beach glass. What great colors. Would you like to be somebody
that sat around all day and made paint? I think that could be fun. We’re also using the Martha
Stewart crackle. This is called weather crackle. Now, there’s kind of a couple little secrets to
the crackle. When you’re going to put it on to whatever surface you’re going to put it on,
you’re going to have your color on first. Now, let’s back it up a second with this. All the
instructions for everything you need to know about using the crackle is certainly on the
package. I totally think you should read through all your instructions before starting,
especially if you use something like this. So what we’ve done is that we’ve had it painted.
I’ve lost my pellet paper, here it is. So, we have taken the weather, now one of the things that’s
really important with this product, I’m just gonna put it out on a pallet, piece of pallet
paper. And I’m gonna take my paint brush. Now here’s something really important. When
you’re putting the crackle on, the thicker you put it on, the bigger your cracks are gonna be.
MMkay? So of course the thinner you put it on, you’re gonna have smaller cracks. Something
else you have to remember, when you’re putting it on, put it on, and just go , just go one
way with it. OK? So we’re gonna put our weathered wood on … ok. Well you know, Joe
does make booboos, and I did do a booboo. Because I needed to put the other paint on it
first. So! We’re gonna tak our blue paint. Ok, well I think I probably just got fired from this
one. So here’s what we’re gonna do: Ok, and of course the paint isn’t opened either. So
we’re gonna use our turquoise paint. We gotta get it all together. See there’s room, even those
people who’ve been, who’ve been painting all this time, have already made booboos. So, I
already have the crackle on, I have painted it my color, I have put my crackle on it… ok, when
I put my crackle on, what I want to show you is, I want you to put it on going just one way.
Let me move this, I want you to be able to see this. Ok, I want you to take the crackle and I
want you to just brush it on one way. I don’t want you going back and forth like this. Ok? I
don’t want you to overwork the crackle. So one way with the crackle. And then when it dries,
ok? That’s when I’m gonna go and put my other paint on it, so see I had to learn something
today too. So we’re gonna take our other brush see I didn’t pass crackle 101, but
I’m pretty sure that I have passed it now. Ok, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take our
other color. Same thing. Now this may not crackle all right now while we’re watching it.
Ok? And so I’m gonna just put this on if you can see
this. Let me move this out of the way so you can see this. Ok, the paint, the first paint that
we put on, the orange paint, it needs to be, this is just, someone wants to know. The orange
paint needs to be completely dry. OK? Really good and dry before you put the crackle on.
Again, all those instructions are on your box, so you certainly want to watch that.
Now, I don’t know if you can see because we’re gonna just keep we’re gonna put our crackle on.
Again, I don’t want you going back and forth like this and all this with the crackle. I want you to
just put it on one way. So I think we have another question. So someone wants to know,
if I put the paint on thicker, will the cracks be different? So yes it will. The thicker I put on
this paint, ok, the larger my cracks are gonna be. Now again, this is gonna. I can already see
it working on here so I’m gonna put this over here. I want you to see, see it’s already starting
to kind of crack right here. So I can go back and now I’ve put a much thicker coat. Ok
So now we’re putting our paint on top of our crackle. Ok, one of the things we have to
remember, which I really am getting a bit fired up over this one. Is that you can’t go back over
it again. Ok, so when you put your crackle on the first time. Oh, I’m gonna get letters about
this, I know I am. When you’re gonna put your crackle on the first time. You’re gonna put the
really thick coat of paint on it. Ok, now I want you to look over here so you can see, can you
see how it started to crack? So as it gets dry, the cracks are going to get different sizes. Over
here, you can see, I’ve put it on thicker, I really wasn’t supposed to put that second coat on, so
it’s like don’t do what I did, but you can already see where it’s starting to crack. So we put
crackle all over our entire frame, So you want to go ahead and put all of it on there and set it
aside. Ok, they think I’m funny, that’s good. Funny
that Joe doesn’t know how to put the crackle on there.
Ok, so what we’ve done, this is a fun little project so I’m gonna set this aside cause I
wanna show ya. We did some more fun things with this, we actually decided that we needed
to make our little rake. So this is twelve inch copper wire, ok? And we just found this is
actually over in the jewelry department, you can also find different colors of it in the floral
department like where all the strings and the other wire are. Now make sure that you have a
wire cutter , not your good scissors. That you’re gonna cut the wire with. So what we did is that
we cut four pieces and they look like they’re about six inches long, and then I put these
together and took another piece of wire and I wrapped it around tightly around here. That is
gonna make our tight piece to our rake. Somebody’s laughing at me again, I can hear
them. This is the top part of the rake, so I’ve just sort
of separated it out our little rake pieces and then I took my blunt nose pliers and just bent
them all down, just about the same gauge. ust take the rest of the wires and twist them
together. If you want to grab a piece of wire to bind them together at the end, it makes them
look nice. So I have my four pieces of wire, I put them
together with another piece of wire around here. You’re gonna need two pliers here.
You’re gonna need a flat nose plier and a wire cutter. And I’m just wrapping it around there
and I’m gonna take and I’m gonna bend this over. It’s really sharp where I cut it, so you
want to make sure that you bend it down in there. So I took the other end, I’m going to cut
it off and wrap another piece of wire around it so that it’s nice at the end.
It’s soft enough to bend, but you need to tuck the ends under with your needle nose pliers. So
look what a cute little rake we have for our garden. Now the sand that we use, you can find
over in the floral department. We also have sand that you can find in the kids department
that comes in fun colors, so if you wanna make one for the kids, that’s great too.
So we just put our little loose sand in here. We have some great little polished stones. There
are lots of things that you can look at. We have great things on Michael’ So there’s our
fun little zen garden. I’m gonna set this aside. This is a beautiful square vase that we’ve filled
with the sand. If you want to use colored sand, you can, but we thought this was a nice little
natural look. This is a beautiful little ceramic candle holder. Now this is going to be found in
the aisle where all the summer, ceramic pieces. You want to put it in the sand. Now these are
the best things ever made. These are the electric votives. These are great for weddings
and things because sometimes you can’t have a open flame at a hotel or somewhere. These are
great. So look what we’ve done. We have just a nice little candle holder that you can set aside
and enjoy. Look at how fun this is. Over in the floral
department, there’s all kinds of filler. There are crystals, there’s kind of crystal blobs, there’s all
kinds of glass pieces, but these are some really pretty little rocks. We just put them on this
tray. Again these are the great little electric votive candles. Maybe you want two or three,
we thought it looked pretty with six. Put it on a counter or in your entry way. Or it could make
a great gift to give someone. I want to show you our fun yin and yang sand garden that we
made. This is just a saucer from a flower pot. So what
we did to make these nice lines in there and keep them to stay nice and clean. So what we
did was put a piece of cardboard in there and poured the two colors and look how pretty that
is in there. Remember, the sand comes in all different
colors. I think you’ll enjoy the sand gardens that we made.
Now down in the floral department we have all kinds of plain polished rocks. So we just took
some paint pens and here’s some zen tangle that we did, some pretty little designs. So I
always liked it because I’d leave it out in my garden and let my kids send me a secret
message. This bowl is also in our summer ceramic things that we have at michaels.
Now I want to show you this fun little butterfly garden we’re going to make. If you have any
questions be sure…. Type them in. Even if it’s not something based
We’ve got lots of goodies here, you know we thought it was kind of fun. A month ago we
were doing some trend shopping and butterflies and birds. Put a bird on it! This is a fun little
butterfly that you can do as a doorway hanger, we wanted to make it and put it just in a
window so here’s what I’m gonna show you. We have these butterflies, they’re in the floral
department. They come in lots of different colors.
We have another question and do I love it. Somebody wants to know if you can use glitter
instead of sand. Oh yes! I would love to see your glitter zen garden, so I really think you
should post that for me to see tonight. The butterflies come in different colors, in a
package and on a wire like this. We’re going to pull the wire out, we’re going to cut it with the
wire cutters to get that out of the way. I’m using a very sharp tool like a bead reamer. The
butterflies that we have, the body of them is plastic. So I’m going to, very carefully, push the
tool through the butterfly and wiggle it around to make the whole big enough to get my
monofilament through there. I’ve got that made pretty well, now I’m gonna
show you what I’ve got started here. This is called transite, and this is actually at the
beading department at Michael’s and it’s like fishing line, it’s just clear line and it’s for
suspending things. You can hang it from a curtain rod or any
number of things. We’re going to use some beads to keep the butterflies separated with
some beads in between them. Make sure you cut the monofilament as long as you need,
because you can’t make it longer after you started.
It also doesn’t tie very well, so I put a crimp bead on the other side. So I took it and I’m
going to run it back through the crimp bead again. So now I’ve made a loop with my crimp
bead. I’m gonna take my flat nose pliers and I want to leave this loop long enough to go over
my dowel rod or wherever it’s gonna go. So the first thing I did is put the monofilament
through one of the butterflies, So I put the beads and another cramp bead so now what
I’m gonna do is take it and that butterfly I put the hole in. I’m going to run the filament
through it so that we’ve got our second butterfly so what you’re going to to is wherever
you want to place it, you’re going to place another cramp bead. So here is the start of this
curtain. We also carry tiny butterflies so if you want to intermix. So let’s take a look at our
butterfly curtain. So we used some of the little tiny butterflies. We put different butterflies
and just separated with the different types of bead sand look how pretty it is.
It would be great in a little girl’s room. You can use it as a curtain or hang it as a door hanging.
So I just know you’ve got some great questions that you want to ask. So this is exciting because
what’s going to happen as soon as we’re done is the second episode of the Craft Masters is going
to be on. Right now at 7 central. The other thing is that we want to hear back
from you all the time. We like to hear from you. And we love to see the projects that you make.
You can put them on Michael’s facebook, you can put them on michael’s pinterest. But next
month, 7central, the first Tuesday of the month, we are going to be back here with another craft
n chat. Be thinking about the questions you want to ask, or maybe there’s something that
you’d really like to see us do so we would love to hear your ideas if there is a craft that you’re
wanting to learn how to do, I’d love for you to send us that information.
So I’m Joe Pierson. So I want to see you back next month, first Tuesday of the month. Maybe
Michael or Cathy might be here talking to you too. So have a great evening and be sure to
share your projects with me.�