How to Use the Cruise Control Feature - Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV

Uploaded by cadillac on 22.11.2010

bjbj Cadillac Features and Controls Videos 2010 CTS Cruise Control Operation Video Script
2.0 Video Audio [Music sting] FULL SCREEN TEXT GRAPHIC: CTS Cruise Control Operation
REFERENCE/GRAPHIC: To operate the cruise control, first locate the cruise control buttons located
on the left side of the steering wheel. Demo steps. Press the ON button on the steering
wheel to activate the cruise control system. The indicator on the switch will illuminate
when the cruise control is enabled. When you get up to your desired speed, press the set
button and then release it. Split screen showing foot being removed from accelerator and IP
showing cruise control light coming ON. Remove your foot from the accelerator. The cruise
control light will come on in the instrument panel cluster after the cruise control has
been set to the desired speed. Demo steps. If the cruise control is set at a desired
speed and then the brakes are applied, the cruise control is disengaged without erasing
the set speed from memory. To resume the speed, ensure the vehicle speed is 25 miles per hour
or greater, then press the +RES (pronounce as plus resume ) Resume/Accelerate button
briefly. The vehicle returns to the previously selected speed. Demo steps. To increase vehicle
speed, press and hold the RES (pronounce as plus resume ) Resume/Accelerate button until
the desired speed is reached. To increase vehicle speed in small increments, press the
+RES (pronounce as plus resume ) Resume/Accelerate button and release it. Each time this is done,
the vehicle speed increases by about 1 mile per hour. Demo steps. To decrease speed, press
and hold the SET- (pronounce as set minus ) Set/Coast button until the lower speed
desired is reached, then release it. To slow down in small increments, press the SET- Set/Coast
button and release it. Each time this is done, the vehicle speed decreases about 1 mile per
hour. Split screen showing foot depressing accelerator and IP showing cruise control
light ON and vehicle speed increasing, and then decreasing. TEXT: Use the accelerator
pedal to increase vehicle speed. If you need to pass another vehicle when cruise control
is set, use the accelerator pedal to increase the vehicle s speed. When you take your foot
off the pedal, the vehicle will slow down to the previously set cruise speed. Split
screen showing foot depressing accelerator and graphic of Cruise Control switch with
OFF button highlighted TEXT: There are three ways to end Cruise Control: press on the brake
pedal, press the Cruise Control Cancel button or press the Cruise Control ON/OFF switch.
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Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 Document MSWordDoc