2012 Down the Bay Race on Nanuq

Uploaded by Jondeutsch5 on 31.07.2012

It's going to be light air.
Definitely not this boats conditions
but I think that we've learned a lot on the Key West Race and we're going to use lessons
learned on that race to keep the boat going.
We're going ... we're going to stay on the western shore to pick up the sea breeze. Hopefully early in the afternoon
and we're going to make the most out of what we can do. We're going to keep the boat moving. We're going to be smart. We're not going to make any dumb decisions.
Most importantly we're going to have a good time.
We were a little slow off the line.
but we quickly got out and tacked over to port tack got some clean air and now we're
right up there with the rest of the fleet.
we're moving in
we are doing almost 5 knots in 6 knots of breeze which for this
boat is we're moving so
We are
just outside Annapolis harbor probably got six miles to go to Thomas Point light.
And we're on port tack in 6 knots of breeze. The breeze is
pretty much out of the southeast.
and uh it looks like it's building in the bay so it could be an interesting afternoon. We'll see.
So we're making
6 1/2 knots here in 8 knots of breeze.
pretty much abeam of Thomas Point light here.
and uh...
we are on port tack headed straight down the bay.
At this point it doesn't look like we're going to be tacking any time soon. And uh...
we made a little bit of play out to the left side of the course here
to catch a little bit of breeze line and it seems like it's really, really helping us out.
and we put the screws to the guys that stayed inshore.
we're expecting the breeze to come back east a little bit.
And maybe we'll be able to crack off onto a beam reach.
And uh.. the boat will really light up.
We'll see what we get in a couple hours.
so the wind is picking up. We're back into the top range of our Number 1 here. humming along here. Heeled over about 25 degrees. We're making about 6 knots over the bottom.
..... here a little bit ago.
We're doing about 190-199 somewhere in there. Heading straight down the bay.
We've been picking boats off left and right. And we're finally into Nanuq breeze. Life is good onboard Nanuq. Dinner was delicious.
nobody eats like Nanuq does.

we're getting close to sun down and I think we've got about another hour or so.
and uh... girls coming up on the shift change
It's going to be the brothers
and the ladies
and uh... talkie John.
the next hour or two are going to be the critical moments of the race here as far as we've gone so far.
expect the wind to kind of die and go
to the east a little bit. So hopefully that should be good for us. We like beam reaching...
We're just hoping the wind stays strong through the night and we're going to fight it out
It should be a good evening.
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