Mac OS X Leopard Overview : Mac OS X Leopard Spotlight

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.07.2008

Finding things in Leopard couldn't be any easier. Basically, with the assistance of
Spotlight, you're not lost. Spotlight's right up here in the top right hand side of the
corner, or the top right side of the screen. It's a magnifying glass. So, just click on
it and it'll bring up a text field. Now, let's say you use an application all the time that's
not on the dock and you don't feel like searching for it in your applications folder. I want
to open Quick Time. I can just type in Q-U-I, I didn't even finish spelling it yet and it
brought it right up. I brought up the top hit, which is Quick Time Player and then there's
actually a couple of other applications, Quick Time Player and it also brought up Quick Books,
which is close enough. There's also system preferences for Quick Time. Documents containing
the word "quick," or actually, Q-U-I. There's folders and images, and there's PDF documents.
It even brings up web pages, music, movies, presentations, all kinds of things. And it's
all right here, super quick. Now, let's say I, I wrote a paper, I wrote a paper and typed
in "Mac is the best," and I can't find it. I don't know what I saved it is. I can't find
it anywhere. So, I can come all the way up here to Spotlight. I can type in a couple
of words from that document. Say the Mac is, alright, I'm already seeing it right here
in your documents folder. Actually, I saved it in my documents folder and I remember saving
it as "Test." Okay? So, I'm going to click on it to open it. There it is. Unbelievable.
And then there you go. It couldn't be any easier to find anything in Leopard.