ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity Unboxing - What's in the Box?

Uploaded by RitchiesRoomTV on 11.06.2012

Today we have the Transformer Pad Infinity from Asus, we’ll take a look at the retail
pack and what you get in the box. On the front of the box we can see a picture
of the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, the Title just above it and the Asus logo on the
bottom right hand corner. over here we have the HDMI logo and on the other side presumably
a colour panel for your device and ours should be grey as per the tick. Along this long panel
we have a picture of the transformer Pad Infinity on its side presumably to show you just how
thin it is. On the bottom of the box we have the Specs
panel which includes the Model and Serial number along with some other identifiers and
at the bottom of this panel we find the specification details. Today we have the TF700T, grey version
that has GPS, 1 gig DDR 3 RAM, a Tegra 3 T33 processor, 64 gigabyte capacity, with wireless
b g and n, Bluetooth 3 and a 2 and 8 megapixel camera, running the Android OS.
Also on the back panel we find some registration and company details.
Lets take the lid off and see what we have inside. On the underside we can see a layer
of foam presumably to protect the tablet from within. Now the first thing we see in the
box is the Infinity tablet, wrapped in plastic. When we take the plastic off we find a very
thin but sturdy tablet that has a plastic strip on the back were the camera is and this
we’re told is for optimized GPS reception. Directly below it is the keyboard dock. Lets
take that out of the plastic and when we handle that it also feels very sturdy in the hand.
Underneath the dock we can see the small documentation slip including a user guide and warranty.
A cleaning cloth is also provided by Asus, I think this is a great inclusion for the
screen and the overall unit. Underneath that we can see the power supply
and USB cable which connects to the power supply unit and to a PC.
That’s its really, pretty much only what's needed to get started. The real magic begins
when you turn on the Transformer Infinity. We'll take a look at that in another video.
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