Christmas Pudding Recipe : How to Serve Christmas Pudding

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.10.2008

Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you
how to make holiday pudding. Okay so it's been about twenty minutes, fifteen minutes
or so. So I'm just going to take, and move it off the rack. And we'll just set it down
on the cutting board here. And I've got a bread knife. What makes a bread knife a bread
knife is the serated edges. It makes it easier to slice through bread or in this cake, in
this case pudding, which is really not pudding, it's bread. So we're just going to take and
we're going to slice, first of all slice this end piece off. And then I'm going to slice
the piece end. Because I'm going to use this piece as like a cap for the end. Because it's
already crispy. So I can always put this piece on. And because the width of the loaf is pretty
much the same the whole way, if I put it back on and wrap it back up it will keep it moist
on the inside. So you just cut off a little piece like this and, once I get it off my
hands, you'll see we've got out cranberries and our pecans all neatly mixed in here. And
it's got a nice, like soft, really soft actually, center on it and it's going to be delicious.
So, anyway, well I hope you have fun making your Christmas or holiday pudding, as much
fun as I did. And I know I'm going to have fun eating it. And watch for my videos on
Expert Village. Until then, have a wonderful time.