Love So Divine (English Sub Español)

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Korea Pictures presents
A KiHweck ShiDae production
Benedicamus Domino!
Deo Gratias!
Love, So Divine
Where did you go?
Hey, the wall is quite high.
I fell!
I saved sheep that got lost.
What's this?
Sheep from faraway, huh?
Right, sexy Russian...
You know what I think?
As soon-to-be priests
we shouldn't neglect Russian sheep.
We're acolytes today remember?
Yeah, sure.
What about our ordination in a month?
Yeah, sure.
Let's go.
Wait up!
Kwon Sangwoo
Kyushik, have you tried a whisky mac? Kwon Sangwoo
- A total blessing! - Shut up and run! Ha Jiwon
Kim Inkwon
Slow down! Executive Producer Soma H.Z. Chung
Producer Yoo Intaek
Line Producers Jung Sookjung, Nam Jinho
Seminarians Only No Trespassing
Directed by Huh Inmoo
Where's the hole?
Boy, that was close.
Did you forget that Pope sanctified this himself?
If you break it
You could get expelled.
It isn't that easy to get kicked out of a seminary.
That's your expertise. I'll take your word for it.
- Let's go. - Hands off!
You take the censer.
He's so full of himself!
Didn't you tell me Pope sanctified it?
Why is it so fragile?
Need a hand?
Don't worry about it. It's nothing.
All you do is work your butt off.
I did well last year. Trust me.
By promising to clean up their septic tanks
I converted so many which I did for two months.
- What if I don't do well? - You get expelled.
Don't worry. Just follow my lead.
There's a five-and-dime store up ahead.
There you turn to other way.
Go straight, and then...
- Turn right, and go straight. - So I take a right turn?
- No, you go this way. - Isn't this way right?
- Go right and... - You're saving it to sell?
Every little bit helps! About 30 steps...
Am I talking to the wall?
So bitter!
It's liquor.
Check her out.
That's what you call a blessing.
You're late. How come?
Don't forget why you're here.
It's not what you think.
Where's Father?
He'll be here soon.
Look at those tools.
What if he hits us with them
Let's see.
What'd you study in the seminary?
About the ecclesiastical court when Council of Trient ruled.
After the ordination
I'm going to study how medieval philosophies
- influenced the modern church. - I see. You?
I've been studying
how female Russian followers influenced Korean theology.
After the ordination...
Women from Southeast Asia...
My main interest of study is female followers.
Sounds very global.
- Did you eat? - Pardon?
Go to the kitchen and eat.
Blessings won't do you any good when you're hungry.
Never skip meals, okay?
Benedicamus Domino!
Deo Gratias.
The ordination is due soon.
Please watch over me. Deo Gratias.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
Please leave. This is House of God.
Why don't you...
My Lord!
So salty!
That's Holy Water! Leave!
Excuse me?
I can get into trouble for this.
It was an accident.
I'd never seen her before.
- Really! - And you kissed her?
Fine, I'll keep it to myself.
- A beau means trouble! - That's right.
What were you thinking?
You've been so good until now.
Shame on you!
That's not it!
What? She flew all the way here to cause troubles?
No way! She can't stay here.
Take her right now!
Father, forgive me.
The ordination is in a month.
I'll get expelled if I return now.
- What? - I can't, and I shouldn't.
I mean... I'm going insane!
- You're going insane here? - No, you misunderstand me.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
I didn't mean to kiss her.
- You kissed? - Uncle Nam!
- My head is splitting. - Yang Bonghee, you!
You ran here from America? What a waste of money!
- I came back to get married. - You wish!
I already talked to your mom.
Come with me. Cover your belly button!
I'm not done with you yet.
Come on.
Come on. Hurry.
What was it like?
The kiss! It was your first time.
Hey, Kyushik.
Did you use your tongue?
Was it good? How was it?
Did you kiss her first?
Come on, tell me!
Smoking cigarettes here?
Should we smoke pot then?
- You're not old enough! - You are new, who the hell are you?
Who am I? A seminarian to become a priest!
A seminarian? We're all students then.
Keep your big nose out of our business, okay?
- How dare you girls... - Damn!
My mom told me it was okay to cause troubles at church.
Got a problem with that?
- Sundal! - What?
- What? - Come here.
- They're smoking here. - Are they?
Look, the blessing is leaving.
- Hi! - Hi!
Consider yourselves lucky.
- Can I get a ride? - Hop in.
- Thanks. - Excuse me? Excuse me!
Where on earth is she?
Excuse me.
- I have something to tell you. - What is it?
- It's... - I'm busy. What is it?
Oh, I get it.
Sorry. I'm spoken for.
Let's go, driver.
Hey... Hey, wait!
We need to talk.
Get in!
I said I was busy. Get in! Now!
You're so bossy.
What is it?
- This morning... - Hold it for me.
- What? - Hold it
Hold it still. You're making me sick.
Drive well please.
How are my eyebrows?
Exactly the same.
This morning... The kiss...
You know this place, right? Take me there.
- Excuse me? Pay up! - The taxi fare!
- You were surprised, weren't you? - Yes, big time.
Didn't you miss me?
Let's break up.
Forgot what you told me at the ballpark?
'Like a closer in baseball I'll close your dating world. '
I'm like a relief pitcher for you
rather than a closer.
Are you okay?
Excuse me?
- Excuse me? - What?
Yes, I've been dumped. Satisfied now?
You know what? He doesn't deserve you.
Still interested in me? I told you I am spoken for!
- I was... - I'm just saying...
You see the opening, huh?
Don't even think about it.
Do you have any idea what trouble you put me in?
What are you talking about?
- This morning... - This morning what?
- The kiss! - With who?
You can leave in the morning.
Men are all pigs except your dad and priests.
Uncle, lend me some money so I can go back.
The airfare?
Every penny here belongs to God.
That's a lame excuse!
It's not. Would a priest lie to you?
You think your mom will take you back in? Save the electricity and sleep.
What a waste of time...
Think of me as a maid for a month.
The airfare is $1,500. Pay me $50 a day.
Out of the way!
- What? What do you want? - Don't be so mean, Sister.
- Father? - Sister?
Is that your pick-up line?
- About sister Bonghee... - I am a seminarian!
- Her staying in the church... - Where's the world going?
- It's against the rules. - A seminarian...
attacking a woman?
She's not even baptized.
God has a plan. That's why he sent her to us.
What's wrong with you?
It's been hell since I met her.
- My future is doomed. - The year of snakes, right?
'He pushes things ardently but nothing bears fruit. '
Shin Sundal, Thomas!
Fortune telling is only for the weak-minded.
He's at it again.
I don't care...
Who the fuck threw?
- Didn't you go to school? - We're on suspension.
Watch your attitude, asshole.
You're pushing it, girls.
No swearing!
Stupid asshole...
It's natural for seminarians to serve the church!
The bell rings at dawn lately. Who rings it?
Isn't it refreshing?
- Father! - Don't ring the bell!
Farmers need to sleep tight.
If it happens again I'm converting to Buddhism.
Be it temple or church what counts is that you pray.
- You mean that? - What were you gonna say?
See you later.
- Sure, I won't be long. - Okay, Father.
Here comes the van!
Bonghee's helping us with the kids.
Slow down. What's the rush?
The limit is 60 km/h here.
Slow down.
Take the wheel!
Don't like they way I drive? You drive then.
I don't have a license.
You call yourself a man?
What does that have to do with being a man?
It's not because I couldn't
but I didn't need to.
Right, you're a seminarian. You don't need a car for dates.
I understand.
Slow down, will you?
It's mine. Fuck!
Don't use such a word. He doesn't like it.
- Man up there? - He doesn't like that either.
I don't need a lecture from a man wearing a skirt!
Pretty Bonghee likes such words.
Shit, fuck, shit, fuck...
Stop it.
Or I'm gonna spank you before God does
Sister Bonghee!
That's too much exposure in front of House of God.
The sunlight is God's blessing.
And I'm just absorbing it with my whole body. Is that a problem?
Aren't you afraid of God's judgement?
I'm more afraid of you. Leave me alone, will you?
Stop looking!
Confess your sins.
I have hatred in my mind.
Go on.
I can't say who it is...
but I run into this person often lately.
Who's that?
Kids almost had an accident because of her yesterday.
And she made a profane scene in the garden earlier.
She spreads devil's words
to heavenly kids.
Shit, fuck, shit, fuck...
Bonghee should confess not you.
I confess my sin for hating her for acting senselessly
in the presence of God.
I deserve penance.
Penance? But it's not a grave sin.
It is. As a soon-to-be-priest,
I deserve to be punished.
Bonghee's to be punished.
I have an idea. Try to get her baptized.
Father, that's too harsh. Give me another penance.
Teach catechism for her to be baptized.
Consider it a part of the training.
Father? Father?
Who knows? She might agree easily.
You don't know her. She's not human.
No woman is.
They are God's blessings.
It can't be that difficult.
It's like setting up a blind date.
A blind date?
What's most important is
how to introduce both parties.
That's the key. Our Lord is Mr. BMOC.
- He's cool. - Cool!
- Freaking cool. - Freaking cool!
Blow him out of proposition.
What a beautiful day!
Excuse me? I got you something.
Why are you being so nice to me?
This is like a ticket to heaven.
More like toilet paper.
If you read the first ten pages
God's words will touch your...
Got it!
You were doing it wrong.
The success of a blind date depends on the person setting it up.
Put yourself in her shoes.
Would you say YES to a shabby-looking man?
'Bonghee, God is Mr. BMOC. Wanna meet him? '
Catch my drift?
Good job!
Looking good.
God looks way better than me.
Like you've seen him in person!
Good Lord! You gave it to me.
Take it off.
There you go again pouting.
Take it off now!
A rosary is not a necklace. It's for prayers!
What are you, an Indian giver?
I will make her repent!
Not that I care if she goes to hell.
She's a lost sheep. Guide her well to heaven.
I got an idea, Kyushik.
You have to give her what she needs the most.
The answer is HEAVEN!
Wandering for god!
- You're on your own! - Where are you going?
We should've worn something else.
We're not here for fun
but for a call!
And this outfit works in HEAVEN. Show me your teeth.
Keep an eye on your sheep! Take care of her.
I'm going for fallen angels!
- Wait! - Oh yeah!
Mr. Matrix!
Wanna meet hot chicks?
Here he is, girls.
God, you have style!
It's Zen style that's it lately.
- Where did you buy it? - At a shop named Virgin Mary.
- Where's that? - He won't tell us.
- The style is everything. - Come on, let's drink.
- I can't, I have a cold. - Excuse me...
You're so funny.
Bottoms up.
- It's okay. Go ahead. - Drink up!
- Men are all pigs! - Let's drink.
Drink up!
- Let's drink. - Drink up!
Sorry. I hope you meet nice guys.
- What? - What's going on?
- What? - I'm dizzy, let's go.
You're not him.
He isn't a shit like you.
Your ugly face disgusts me.
Let me handle her, Bro.
- Hey! - Who are you punks?
Are you nuts?
- Why'd you hit me? - What?
Please don't be mad.
She's mentally disordered.
We will leave.
- Not so fast! - Bro!
Let go of me! Get her! Bro!
Get her!
Get her!
- Stay with me. - Find them!
There they are! Come on, they're running!
You can't even run?!
You good-for-nothing thick heads!
On the double, morons!
Go that way!
It's a dead end! Look before you go, asshole!
- Not there? - No, Bro.
Bastards, hurry up!
Give us a room quick.
Look at her. I don't think you need to hurry.
Hourly or for the night?
Hours aren't gonna be enough.
Trying different things? Too much is never good.
You thought you could run from me?
You bastard.
Go away!
Hey, Hey.
- Did you take me here? - Because you were...
Why do you follow me around? Still have a crush on me?
Don't flatter yourself.
Without me
you could have gotten into a big...
Don't tell me you can't ride a bike.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Whose bike does she think it is?
Slow down, dude. I feel like throwing up.
Why'd you drink so much?
By the way Don't call me dude.
Sorry, dude.
Why don't we walk?
Okay, it's not comfortable anyway.
What are they doing?
Freeze & Melt game
- Don't you know? - I don't know
Say Freeze, and you stop. Say Melt, and you run.
Didn't you play it when you were little?
I feel sorry for 'IT'.
It's like one-sided love.
I can't believe you actually stopped!
- What? - Get on! Or you wanna walk?
My head!
Where's Kyushik?
He's quite busy lately with missionary work.
- Using his good looks? - Me?
- Good looks... - I'm going to village head's.
He's serving you dog stew again?
I don't know.
Father, let me carry it for you.
It's too heavy for you. Shall we go?
List of duties Baptizing BongHee X
Practicing an epithalamium?
Tie my hands in bed tonight.
I ate something and I feel so strong.
Go away.
What's that?
Neither religion nor romance is meant to be forced.
There she comes.
Why don't you ask her to join the choir?
Go ahead. You want me to? Fine!
Watch me!
Sister Bonghee
Do I start from tomorrow?
- What'd you say to her? - Just some honeyed words.
By the way... She asked for some videos.
5 new titles each week
R- rated horror and action flicks.
You can't watch them at church.
Okay, no problem.
And a case of wine.
Wine for mass? Are you nuts?
Don't wanna baptize her? Don't wanna be a priest?
- And... - What now?!
She was walking home through the woods,
thinking how hungry her kids might be.
Right then, a tiger jumped out of bushes.
Give me the cake or I'll eat you.
- That's boring. - What are you, a cat?
The tiger opened its big mouth.
She was so scared
but threw the cake to the tiger.
While the tiger was eating it she ran her heart out.
But at the next hill...
Give me the cake or I'll eat you!
Kill the tiger!
Bonghee, they're asleep.
You have choir practice.
Let me sleep some more.
Should I wake them all up?
You are too wicked to be a priest.
- That's the best they can do. - Amen.
Not suitable for a wedding is it?
Thanks for helping out with the kids.
They're here!
- What are they doing? - He's so cute.
- On the right! - No, he's better.
- No way! - He's ugly.
No, he's more cute.
Who the fuck hit me?
Watch your language, girl.
You're a priest. Don't touch a woman's butt.
I changed your diapers when you were a baby.
- You're embarrassing me! Go, Father. - Okay.
- This is my brother. - He's good looking.
I, Yang Bonghee...
whether happy or sad...
until God separates us
I swear to love you forever and ever.
- What are you doing? - What are YOU doing?
I asked what you were doing.
I put on the dress so it wouldn't get wrinkled.
Must be a reject. It ripped too easily.
Watch out for the bride.
You'd make a great wife.
You can cook and clean. You can sew too.
God loves one who prays well more than one who cooks well.
Except God...
Don't most men like girls who can cook?
Jinho didn't like what I cooked.
You think he dumped you for that?
If so, you're better off without him.
You don't get married for good meals.
For sex!
That got me wondering.
Seminarians don't get married.
- How do they resolve their desires? - Ouch, I got pricked.
Stop playing naive. Tell me.
You aren't impotent, are you?
Oh God!
I'm so sorry. That was it.
I'm done.
Wishing the bride and groom a bright future,
an epithalamium will be sung. Please welcome the choir.
* When the night is
* silent and calm
* I put my hands together and pray
* Oh, this holy night
* you're in pain
* longing for the grace
* like a long-awaited rain
* Send him a woman
* He has never held a woman's hand
* in his life
* Look into his innocent eyes
* Send him a woman
* Just by looking at her
* his face turns red
* He's as soft as silk
* Praise them
* That beautiful couple
* I wonder
* what makes them happy
* Please bless them
* with everlasting love
* I'm jealous but alright
* You are now one
* cherishing each other
* Please love me too Send them only love
* the world is more beautiful than ever
* So is their love
* We can't even dream of it
* I will You are in trouble
* Let's keep it to ourselves Please be nice
* You will be forever
* together
* Amen.
Been a while. What a nice surprise!
Good to see you again.
It's been almost a year since you became a priest.
I've never seen you in plain clothes before.
Is that so?
Honey, who's he?
- She's my fiancée. - Hi.
We're getting married next month.
Not everybody can be a priest.
But how could he do that?
Get in!
Don't ask. Just get in!
This isn't for your private use.
I know you're depressed and upset.
I was wondering what place would make you feel better.
And I found one.
Come on!
Looking at 10 million people how does that feel?
Do you see any? I only see the buildings.
Come on, you believe in God who is invisible.
No wonder you can't see your friend's heart.
It's just that...
He happens to love someone else.
- We shouldn't. - Why not?
- Because we're different. - How different?
You are not God after all.
- Pretty. - It's not an accessory.
You see her everyday. Why carry her picture?
Aren't you tired of her?
You get tired of a guy you love if you see him everyday?
My dad got me this when I got into the seminary.
He couldn't be happier.
I had my parents' photo in it.
But my dad took it out
saying it should be someone I love the most
and replaced it with this one.
Then I realized.
So I prayed right away to God and the Virgin Mary
that I was sorry I forgot whom I loved the most.
- Say, Ah. - Ah!
Let's get one.
Give us one please.
- Here you go - You look like grandpa.
Never had it before.
- Say a blessing! - After I'm done!
This is good.
Why a long face?
Are you mad that I ate it?
You said you wanted one.
What's this? It's been flickering.
A gas gauge! We've run out of gas!
This van is a gas-guzzler!
Sister Bonghee!
Sister Bonghee!
It's pouring down!
Go away!
You're gonna get sick!
Go away!
Pull yourself together!
You can't force love!
What do you know? You've never been in love!
The air is good out here. It's not an acid rain.
What do you see in him?
Why so curious? You will never date.
I can't help it.
About this time last year
there was this pair of shoes I was dying to have.
But no shop carried them.
Jinho took me to a baseball game on my birthday,
and gave me a present.
It was those shoes, right?
- Just a sheer coincidence. - It's destiny!
One that bonded us together!
It wasn't strong enough.
Tell me.
You still miss him?
I loved going to baseball games with him.
I'll get over him.
I should.
I should.
I'm confiscating this. This won't help you.
I'm starving.
You carry food on you?
Deo Gratias!
Is it Latin?
What does it mean?
'Thank you, God. '
Nothing important.
- It's like a secret code. - A secret code?
When confessing your love,
if someone hears you it's embarrassing.
So I whisper only to God's ears
that I love and thank him.
Deo Gratias?
Deo Gratias.
She's still very feverish. She won't eat.
Didn't I see this coming!
An illness disappears when you suffer enough.
- That's right. - Let's go if you're done.
I'll be right with you.
Give what's needed the most?
You do the dishes then.
See you.
Today’s Game LG VS KIA (14:00)
I didn't know you liked baseball.
Of course! It's my favorite sport.
What's this all about?
Nothing! Try to have fun!
What are you doing?
Our team is losing and you're not cheering?
Someone fixed them.
But I don't like them any more.
They're too tacky.
Out of courtesy, I put them on.
But I'm throwing them out tomorrow.
- Should I get baptized? - Really?
That's all you have to say?
Aren't you happy I'm getting baptized?
You're getting baptized. Why should I be?
You know what? Sundal told me everything.
You're becoming a priest thanks to me.
Shut up!
Thank you, God.
Thank you!
I should memorize all these?
I don't think you can make it this time.
Is that reverse psychology?
Demonstrate it for me.
I can do it if you can. Come on!
I know the whole bible by heart.
I know. Try it anyway.
Prayer of contrition.
Do it. Eyes closed!
Stop yelling at me.
Lord of heaven I've committed many sins.
Now I atone before you.
With love for God I swear never to betray again.
Please make your blessing completed, Amen.
I couldn't find some beads.
So I replaced them with my pearls.
Take it.
This, this, and this... Memorize them by tomorrow.
Finished already?
What a lazy teacher!
We're out of candles.
Go get some.
He turns me off. I wish he dropped dead.
He teaches bible really well.
His name, Kyushik, is so corny.
I know this guy who is as irritating as him.
I like pork, and he likes beef.
I like domestic cigarettes but he smokes only imported ones.
We have nothing in common!
What's worse is that...
I like him but he likes my friend.
So what?
If you like him, grab him. Steal him!
Bonghee! Yang Bonghee...
Where is she?
Can we start all over?
Good for her.
Really good.
- What are you doing here? - I lit candles.
I couldn't sleep.
Why? Anything wrong?
Jinho came by today.
Do you think we're good together?
Jinho and I?
Why ask me that?
As you know I've never been in love
So don't ask me.
Where did you go?
You're pouting again?
- Come with me. - Where?
Come on, you'll find out.
- Are you done? - Okay.
Go ahead, Father.
Wait! The lighting ceremony begins.
Get ready.
One... Two... Go!
I think I'm better at lighting
street lamps than preaching.
You think so? Then you light up the rest.
What do you think? Nice, isn't it?
We've been temping to pay for these street lights.
- It's nice. - Isn't it?
You know what?
I was never this afraid when we were in the seminary.
What if I really become a priest?
- Father, let me carry it. - It's alright.
Announcement of Ordination Kim Kyushik, Peter Shin Sundal, Thomas
It's just around the corner.
Introductory Catholic Catechism
Eightth, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Ninth, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.
Tenth, Thou shalt not cover they neighbor's house.
Don't get confused like that on the real test.
Let's call it a day.
Your ordination is soon, right?
It just came to my mind.
You won't see me get baptized?
I'll be going away, so...
Let's rehearse.
Rehearse what?
The baptismal ceremony!
- You're kidding. - Hey!
You're not curious of your first pupil's baptismal ceremony?
You will baptize when you become a priest.
Practice makes perfect, right?
In the name of
the Holy Father
the Holy Son
and the Holy Spirit
I baptize Sister Yang Bonghee.
You look better with it down to here.
We're done.
This is enough.
You can't move. I said 'Freeze. '
You and I are frozen.
So is The Virgin Mary.
God is frozen too.
Nobody can see.
Nobody can hear.
If you have anything to confess to me...
Now's the chance.
Have you shoplifted?
Have you been a flasher?
Do you like me?
I have one.
I can't get baptized this time.
I won't be able to see your ordination.
I'm going back to America with Jinho.
Good for you. Really.
- You always wanted to go back. - Think so?
You belong in America.
That's good.
Really good.
Don't step into my heart.
Let me ask you.
Priests are not allowed to love only one person, right?
I know that.
I've committed a sin.
Please forgive me.
If I do penance for it...
These feelings...
Can they be as pure as they were?
Having done so much for our church,
they're going back to school soon.
Please give applause to these two seminarians.
Come on
let's go.
Would you look at this?
- Why so polite all of a sudden? - Just because.
What's this?
There's this guy I like,
but he doesn't seem to be interested in me.
So I wrote a Dear John letter.
Take a look.
And what?
I am bad at spelling.
See if there are any typos will you?
Don't wanna be embarrassed.
'Lf you don't go out with me'
'you are Deo Gratias... '
- How do you know this? - What?
Bonghee said that behind your back when you walked by.
Deo Gratias... Deo Gratias...
So I asked her if it was a curse.
A curse?
You know she hates you.
So I thought it was a curse.
But she wouldn't tell me saying it was a secret code.
A secret code?
When confessing your love,
if someone hears you it's embarrassing.
So I whisper only to God's ears
that I love and thank him.
Deo Gratias?
Deo Gratias.
You're not coming back, right?
- Bye, Father! - Bye
- Stop playing hooky! - Bye!
- Call me when you graduate. - Bye!
Shin Sundal, Thomas Show us your ability
Be a good pastor.
So nervous!
Worse than when I first saw porn.
Don't be nervous, man.
We passed the training with flying colors.
Is this how it feels at the altar?
Tell me honestly.
You think I'm good enough to be a priest?
Yes, you're good enough to be a spoon.
- A spoon? - Priests are like spoons.
You can eat without a spoon using chopsticks or hands.
What's important is the meal not the spoon.
I've committed a sin.
That's not a sin. It's love.
God is proud of you
more than anyone else on earth.
My proposal is still good.
Go. I know you're busy.
Kim Woojin, Paul,
in evidence that you dedicate yourself to Christ
long for heaven
and serve for people and God...
Are you willing to make an oath of celibacy?
Deo Gratias.
- Shin Sundal, Thomas. - Here.
Shin Sundal, Thomas
in evidence that you dedicate yourself to Christ
are you willing to make an oath of celibacy?
Deo Gratias.
- Kim Kyushik, Peter. - Here.
Kim Kyushik, Peter
in evidence that you dedicate yourself to Christ
and serve for people and God...
Are you willing to make an oath of celibacy?
Will you make an oath of celibacy?
My father said it should be someone I love the most.
And put this picture in it.
I told God I was sorry to forget
whom I loved the most.
I told you it wasn't for drinking.
Haven't you learned anything?
What are you doing here? I thought you were going back.
What are YOU doing here?
Doesn't look good on me does it?
I look better in frock.
You have no idea how uncomfortable it is.
Going up and down the stairs...
Going to the bathroom...
Riding a bike with you on the back...
Above all, it's too hard
to approach you with it on.
Don't cry.
I thank you for having graced me with this frock.
Deo Gratias.
You look like an old man.
Let it loose a bit.
Why didn't you wait a little longer?
I have something to tell God.
I have one more too.
Wherever I am, however I am. I always love you.
Deo Gratias.