What is LearningSpace?

Uploaded by OUlearn on 11.03.2010

Welcome to LearningSpace, The Open University’s website that gives you free access to our
course materials. LearningSpace allows anyone to study at their
own pace and for free. LearningSpace is open to anyone, anywhere
in the world. You’ll find materials to suit you even if
you haven’t studied at higher education level before. Course materials are available
from introductory and foundation level, through to undergraduate and postgraduate.
Courses span 12 topic areas: Study Skills;
Arts and History; Business and Management;
Education; Health and Lifestyle;
IT and Computing; Law;
Mathematics and Statistics; Modern Languages;
Science and Nature; Society;
Technology Across the 12 topic areas there are over 500
study units including subjects such as climate change, creative writing, Spanish and business
decision making. Study units are open to everyone. However,
register for free and you gain access to a variety of additional features.
You can set up your own profile and personalise your LearningSpace homepage;
Print out course materials and download in various formats for use offline
Online, study units contain multimedia such as video, audio and animation
You can tag or label content to make it easier to find later and use the tag cloud to find
popular subjects…
You can rate and review study units…. Write notes in your learning journal or even
create a video-blog to share your thoughts You can assess your own progress as you go
along using interactive quizzes and sample answers.
Your activity report will show you how much you have learnt
Go even deeper into the subjects, using our free learning tools
Brainstorm and make connections between resources and ideas using Compendium knowledge maps
Discover new ideas and people as you make meaningful connections between your ideas
and the world’s in Cohere. There are other ways to meet fellow learners
such as forums, that connect you with learners from across the globe, in over 200 countries
Video chat with other learners and join a learning club or create your own!
LearningSpace is open for you whenever you want to learn.
Just visit www.open.ac.uk/openlearn