Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Kitty Puppet

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This is a fun puppet to make for that animal lover in your family. The little kids that
just have to have a cat or a dog. For this little guy I mixed white and black paint until
I got gray and painted my spoon. Once you paint your spoon you want to let it dry. I
let it dry over a little clay pot because it's just two little places it touches. And
then, after the paint is dry, you'll want to seal it with something like Modge Podge
or another sealer. You can use varnish if you want, but it takes longer to dry. And
then you can either be brave and draw your cat face on it right away, or you can outline
the bowl of the spoon on a piece of paper and make yourself a cat face. There are many
different kinds of cat faces as there are cats, but the little almond shaped eyes and
just a little bit of eyebrow. And remember a little kitty's nose is kind of like an upside
down triangle. And then the mouth usually comes down and looks like a double fish hook.
And then you have the whisker pads and whiskers. When you're satisfied with the eye on paper,
then go ahead and look at that, that's what I need to do, and transfer it with pencil
to your little puppet. After I had mine on with pencil, then I went ahead and used a
very fine paint brush and put it on with black. But, it's just as easy to use a permanent
market that's a fine tip. After I had drawn my kitty face, I figured out what I wanted
for kitty ears, and I drew them. I had to do my kitty ears about four times because
every time I did it, they kind of looked like little devil's horns and I didn't like that.
But, once I had what I liked, I took them and I cut them out, put them on my black felt
and traced them and then cut them out again. Then I took the little pieces of felt and
on the back, I put my tacky glue and attached the felt and let it get good and dry. And
then, to make his arms and legs, I simply took a gray pipe cleaner and cut it in half,
and then I cut another piece for the tail, and then I had front legs and back legs. And
you can take these and put it on the back of the spoon, and put some hot glue on it,
and hold it, and then bend it around. If you're using paint that has been sealed, your hot
glue may come off. So, you're actually better off using a tacky glue. But again, that's
going to take some time to seal. One way you can do that is to tighten the pipe cleaner
in front, wait until that glue has set and completely dry, and then you simply untwist
your pipe cleaners and bend them the way you want. So, once you have the arms and legs
on your little kitty, then you want to give it some paws. I found these little buttons
that look like kitty paws, but you can also put a bead of glue in the end of a bead and
push the pipe cleaner through till it just about touches, and it will glue and be secure.
And then you can have a paw made out of a bead. And then, of course, that finishing
touch is that little tail in the back. So, if you have patience and wait till things
are dry, you will have a very cute little kitty puppet for the cat lover in your family.