Homemade Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Recipe : Ingredients for Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

Hey everybody, my name is Jay, and I'm talking on behalf of Expert Village. On this clip
I'm going to be talking to you about the ingredients that you're going to use for the actual pumpkin
pie mix that's going to go inside the pie filling, that's going to be the pie filling.
First and foremost you're going to need a pumpkin puree. I've got a fifteen ounce can
here of pumpkin puree. It's a hundred percent pure pumpkin. Basically what this is is that
they roasted pumpkins, usually small pumpkins, not the big Jack-o-lantern ones, so if you're
hoping on doing that at your house, you can go ahead and grab the small ones because they
have more meat in them and they're more flavorful than the big Jack-o-lantern pumpkins everyone's
use to. You want to wrap those in foil, stick them in the oven, roast them, and take the
meat out, and they'll be pumpkin puree, basically what's in the can. And you need fifteen ounces,
usually two small pumpkins will be fifteen ounces. We're going to need sweet and condensed
milk. It's going to say that right on the can when you go to the grocery store, guys,
sweet and condensed milk. There's evaporated milk and different other typeof milks, use
sweet and condensed, please, a fourteen ounce can. Also we're going to be using nutmeg,
which is the whole nutmeg. I've got, these are actual huge nut looking things. There
is ground nutmeg, but I would prefer having this fresh, whole nutmeg, and what we're going
to do is grind it up with out little microplain grinder I've got. Also we're going to need
ground cinnamon, and you're going to need two egg yolks, for the actual pie mix. And
that is going to be essentially everything we're going to put in the actual pie mix.
Now on the next clip I'm going to show you the ingredients for a topping I'm going to
put on top and I'll show you that here on the next clip. Thanks.